Black Powder Red Earth – PMC Comic Book, yes – comic book, not graphic novel


Back in the day like many of you who grew up before video games and 400 channels on TV, I was an avid comic book reader. Believe it or not you could almost guarantee seeing a prepubescent James at any comic convention held during the summer on the east coast. But lately not so much, as my time is more limited and tastes has changed from big-titted anime broads and the Punisher blowing everything up, to smarter and more engaging comic stories. I also have sex now and that broke into 99.9999% of my comic reading time.

Due to the above it has been a while since I have found a series that was good enough for me to put down the vagina for a bit and pick up a comic instead. The last good one I read was Transmetropolitan, and that set such a high standard in the “entertaining and smart” category I can rarely get past the first three pages of other comics these days.

So when I first heard there was a comic about PMC’s plying their trade in a future Iraq I prepared myself to be disappointed and possibly angry. Even having the pre-conserved notion that it would make me sad, I went ahead and ordered the Black Powder Red Earth series from Amazon because I found an Amazon gift card that was about to expire.

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SYDSHATY: How To Write a Damn Letter

This article is the first from the new category “Shit Your Dad Should Have Already Taught You – SYDSHATY


*Or email, cold text/IM, or however you kids correspond with each other.

Running DVM and somewhat being known on the interwebs I get a ton of messages every month. Most are asking me for a job in contracting (for the one billionth time people I am not an employment agency). To general questions and advice to mad hate mail furiously typed from some dudes moms basement in New Jersey.

The thing that strikes me the most is how horribly formatted and written 99.9999% of all these messages are. They basically scream “I am lazy, give me, give me, me, me, me” and “I will not even bother to take the time to write you a proper letter”.

These letters read like shit and have zero formally as if they were texting someone from their fantasy football league. This is astounding to me considering they are almost always asking for something from me. It’s not like I sent an email or message to them first, they are basically sending me a “cold call” message or email.

I don’t even have to read these to know they belong directly in the trash can. Just one skim at a solid block of text signed with only the first name of the author means it gets no more of my time. Quite frankly it’s is a bit of a “fuck your face” that someone is completely unwilling to take the extra nine minutes to properly write a letter when contacting me.

To me this is just another example of how our society has decayed into a narcissistic, skinny jean wearing cesspool of people who “deserve” something without having to work for it.

Regardless, let me jump off my soapbox and throw some advice to you gents on writing a *cold letter.

*”cold” meaning you are contacting someone without previously speaking to them.

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Mobile Scout James Price

2015 DVM Training Center Class Schedule


The 2015 DVM Training Center Class Schedule is out

We have a bunch of great opportunity’s for you to learn a variety of skills lead by Senior Instructor James Price and a team of highly experienced instructors who are active professionals in the protective industry.

2015 Courses:


Click Here for More Info >>>

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Barbarian belt

Introducing the Mean Gene Leather Barbarian Belt and the 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy One

mean gean leather barbiran belt

Gene Higdon from HSGI fame is at it again. His latest venture “Mean Gene Leather” is combining the old with the new with a unique approach to tactical belts. His flagship belt the “Barbarian” Belt combines Leather with a Cobra Buckle. Yup, you heard that right, a leather cobra belt.

The “Barbarian” Belt is Constructed of 2 layers of unsplit “Top Grain” leather for strength and finish. It is sewn together with 277 Bonded nylon threads, has 1” nylon webbing throughout the length of the belt to provide minimal stretching and a 3/4″ integrated leather belt loop sewn onto belt, as well as an internal belt loop for the tail of the 1” webbing. Available in Black and Chocolate Brown and in 1.5” and 1.75” widths. All belts come with Black webbing, stitching and Cobra Buckles.

I just got mine in and have been wearing it everyday despite running out of memory on my phone 6 times due to all the ladies giving me their phone number after seeing me wear it. I cant wait to see how it looks a year from now because I know this baby will only get better with time (just like the author).

John Wayne would kick your teeth in if he saw you wearing a gun on a nylon belt

John Wayne would kick you in your teeth if he saw you wearing a gun on a nylon belt. Do not anger John Wayne, never anger John Wayne, you would not like John Wayne angry 

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Mean Gene Leather Barbarian Belt:

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A 3rd World Icon: The Bongo Truck

James "ARCHER" Price in Iraq next to a Bongo used to drive around Baghdad lo-pro

James “ARCHER” Price in Iraq next to a Bongo used to drive around Baghdad lo-pro

“Welcome to the Middle East, now throw your shit in the Bongo; I don’t have all day”

These were the first words I heard after a grueling 18 hour flight half way around the world for my first gig Security Contracting overseas. Besides immediately being annoyed by this little troll-looking shit with stains on his shirt and dirty sneakers, I didn’t know what the hell a “Bongo” was.

So after a “Hey Yoda, what the fuck is a bongo?” he begrudgingly pointed at what looked like a minivan that had been shrunk, had the rear 2/3 chopped off, then had a pickup bed from an old Datson PU welded to the back of the front 1/3. After tossing my bags in the bed and squeezing in between Yoda and another new hire, all I could think was “You are not in Kansas anymore young man”.

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The Post-Apocalyptic World Sucks Balls

“Sweet, I can’t wait until the SHTF and America is just like this Mumbai slum” – Said no one who has actually been to a Slum in Mumbai

“Sweet, I can’t wait until the SHTF and America is just like this Mumbai slum” – Said no one who has actually been to a Slum in Mumbai

Question: If you really want to live in the post-apocalyptic world then why don’t you just move to Pakistan?

Answer: Cuz It sucks balls there.

With 5000 “friends” on Facebook I see all sorts of “tough guy” nonsense flash across my news feed every day. Lately I’ve been seeing this “would you survive the post-apocalyptic world?” Q&A tests where you answer some mind-numbing multiple choice questions and, BAM, you can proclaim that you and Robert Neville will rule the wastelands.

This is of course followed by “Fuck Yeah bro, I’ll be shooting and looting in the post-apocalyptic world. It’s gonna’ be awesome” by whoever took this test. Next comes a legion of other people also saying something to the effect of “I can’t wait for this to happen” to “it is only a matter of time before it collapses and it can’t come sooner” in the comments below.

Now obviously this is just internet bravado that has spilled over from forums to Facebook, but there are quite a large amount of people in the tactical/prepper community that honestly believe there would be nothing better than to have the SHTF and the US plunge to some sort of Mad Max style post- apocalyptic wasteland. In fact, I am sure many of them are reading this right now as they relax during their post refractory period after jacking-it to Night of the Living Dead.

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dead 2

The Problem with Most H2H and Tactical Training: You only get one chance to see if it works


This Guy Has Taken 23 Tactical and H2H Classes

I was recently coaxed (bribed) by a friend into attending a H2H (Hand to Hand) seminar in a fighting style that I won’t name here and I’ve never trained in before. It was taught by a nice enough fellow who confidently spouted out the benefits of learning a “street proven” way of defending yourself at the beginning of the class.

Throughout the seminar he was very attentive to all the students and made sure everyone understood what to do after he showed us a bunch of techniques to fight and/or disarm people.

And then we started practicing all of the moves he taught us at 1/2 speed.

With no actual contact when punching or kicking.

After the seminar I asked the instructor how many real fights he has been in, only to be met with a blank stare…

It reminded me of another class I was coaxed (again, bribed) into attending a year ago that was led by an instructor teaching a tactical pistol class. Like the H2H seminar above, it was also taught by a nice enough dude who was not a bad instructor, despite being somewhat inexperienced (but he was an NRA certified instructor!). Now, before you hear me complain, let me make it clear this was not an entry level “how to shoot” class, it was supposed to be a class that would teach you how to shoot in a shootout.

And then we started running through all of the drills he taught us at 1/2 speed.

At paper targets.

After the class I asked the instructor how many real gunfights he has been in, only to be met with a blank stare…

My issue with the above way of training is this: the only way you will find out if what you learned will work, or if you will even be able to remember it under stress – is when you get into a shootout or some meathead comes at you with a broken pool cue the first time.

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DVM D.A.R.T/La Cima World Missions IRAQ KURDISTAN Humanitarian Aid Mission 1 – Mission Report and Photo Essay

Here is the mission report and photo essay for our mission to Iraq Kurdistan that you all generously funded – We will add some more pictures as we organize them but this will give you a good idea of all the people we were able to help with your support

Check It out here:

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CIVILIAN CONTRACTORS: Newbie’s, Respect, and the Contractor Circle of Trust


Being a newbie at a job site sucks!

You will be known as the “new guy” for a few weeks, don’t take it personal. You are in the time immortal judgment phase of your new job. Your reputation starts on day number one. You better ask yourself right now…How do you want to be known?

“The most valuable thing you own is your reputation.”

To put it mildly, contractors are a cantankerous and cynical bunch who will judge you quickly and harshly. They’ve seen all types of wannabes and bullshit artists come and go and you are the fresh meat who just got off the bus for your first day at school.

Your actions and what comes out of your mouth will be put on your permanent record. The world of contracting is a very small one and a person’s reputation precedes them.

Now, I know I can’t help everybody. Some people are just retarded and won’t listen. But that’s good news for you, if you are not completely retarded and you are someone who can follow advice. You might have a chance to move ahead.

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IMG_1692 (2)


NOTE: Not all the guys going wanted their pictures posted (due to their jobs) so we blocked them out 

After 7 months of waiting, saving and getting gear ready, I jumped on a plane last week for the trip of a lifetime. Being semi-employed for months and generally bored with life and restless in Australia, hearing about Death Valley Magazine’s DVM Expeditions maiden trip to Cambodia was the sort of thing that would probably keep my mind off my various first world problems and dilemmas.

Landing in Phnom Penh International Airport on Tuesday 4 March and heading on my way out of the visa application area, I was held up and vigorously questioned about my passport and visa. (“Where you live? Where you go? Why come to Cambodia? Where you live?”) I figured maybe I’d have to have an even more vigorous chat in a closed room when a second immigration officer came over and smiled at me.

Suddenly my passport and plane ticket stub were given back and I beat feet to baggage reclaim and past the howling tuk tuk drivers and forex kiosks until, with some relief, I spotted Thomas D Moore, survivalist, ex- military contractor, U.S Army Pathfinder and star of the hit survival reality show “Dude, You’re Screwed!” and another guy on the DVM Expeditions tour, Mike, waiting for me.

We traveled by tuk tuk, a motorbike or scooter hitched to a four seat passenger trailer, to where James Price, ex- military contractor and editor in chief of Death Valley Magazine, was holed up with our fixer, Vanessa and New Yorker Maurice, the third man joining us on the Expedition.

James Price, Thomas Moore, our local fixer Vanessa and all of the guys going on the DVM Expeditions Cambodia #01

James Price, Thomas Moore, our local fixer Vanessa and all of the guys going on the DVM Expeditions Cambodia #01

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