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CIVILIAN CONTRACTORS: You Blew the Benefits of Having a 6-Figure Job

Because You Are Stupid

They say money can’t buy class or brains and if their is one profession that can prove that – it has to be contracting.

If you have ever worked as a Civilian Contractor then you are fortunate enough to have witnessed some of the funniest crash and burns that have ever happened to anyone with half a brain and a 6-fig job.

Despite some fool getting the once in a lifetime opportunity to make 80 to 200 grand a year tax free they somehow manage to discard their brain in favor of doing brilliant things like buying a 400K house despite the fact they never made more than 35K a year in the states (or UK, Australia, South Africa, ect).

The funniest part to me is these guys have heard the same Contractor Fail stories a million times, yet they think if they make the exact same mistakes it will somehow work out great for them. This is pretty much the equivalent of crossing the freeway wearing a blindfold expecting not to get hit by an eighteen-wheeler because you said “I wont get hit by an eighteen-wheeler”.

Personally I stopped warning my fellow contractors not to do certain things (that are common sense anyway) that will surely lead to their demise. Why? For starters I shouldn’t have to tell a grown ass man not to do things like marry a hooker or buy two Ferraris.

Its also extremely entertaining watching someone make the same mistake over and over again. Sort of like watching people run into a door 3 times that has a big sign on it that says “push to open”.

I have listed 7 of the most common and funniest Civilian Contractor Fails that end up completely destroying what could have been a sweet 6-fig life.

Blow a 6-fig Job Over Booze

“If you drink alcohol you will be fired” – sounds pretty straight forward doesn’t it? I mean, drink and you loose your job, don’t drink and you keep your job. Well apparently this isn’t clear enough for the average contractor because getting shipped home for hitting the sause is probably the number 1 reason civilian contractors get shit-canned.

Seriously folks, how stupid do you have to be to do the one thing that will get you fired from a job making more money than you ever have in your life? Even better, why don’t you get drunk and walk around the base so some snitch can report you or show up to work the next day smelling like Robert Downey Jr.

If a certified alcoholic like me can not drink for a few months then anyone can hold back on the devils water.

Good call Genius – you just blew a 6-fig job over a can of Budweiser.

Buy Expensive Cars

So for the first time in your life you are making big bucks. Hmmm… what is the most intelligent thing that you can do with your money?

Put it in a 401K? – Nope
Help your family out? – Nope
Save it? – Nope

How about buying a 100K car that you will only drive for 1 month out of the year? – Hell Yes!

I know like 30 people that have bought Mercedes, BMWs, Porches, Doge Vipers and even one guy that bought 12 cars on ebay. Before becoming a Civilian Contractor these guys have never owned a car that cost over 30K, now suddenly it seems like a fantastic idea to buy a 90K 7-series BMW because they have what is basically a temp job.

If they could drive the car around every day and still make the same salary I would almost understand. But as a Civilian Contractor you only get like 1 to 3 months off a year, so your brand new Porsche sits in your moms driveway collecting dust depreciating wile you are working in Iraq because you cant get a job stateside that pays 1/8 of what you make overseas.

Good call Genius – you just blew half a years pay on something that lost 30% of its value 4 seconds after you put the key in the door.

Be an Asshole to Everyone

Yep, you are high speed low drag, you are the man, you can kill someone with a Ritz Cracker 27 ways – so why not walk around with your chest puffed out and be rude to everyone? What if some of the guys you work with are nice to you? Screw that – be an even bigger ass to them.

These arrogant jerk-wads are probably the only group within the contracting world that I really hope will get hit by a bus while on leave.

The only reason why people overcompensate like that is because they are immensely insecure. They are basically grown men in the body of a 13 year old skinny pimpled kid with no friends.

They know that they don’t have any redeeming qualities that would make anyone like or even feel sorry for them so they figure: “why not save myself the hurt and just make everyone hate me”.

You know what I do when one of the “bad asses” pulls the “I will tell you how great I am and generally be rude and arrogant to you” routine on me?

I point out a cute girl and challenge them to talk to her. That pretty much shuts their pie hole up except for the excuses why they won’t do it.

Good call Genius – you just blew getting in the loop for future jobs because you are insecure.

Make 100K a Year But Still be Broke

Yep, it is hard to believe but 50% of all Civilian Contractors who make 100 to 200K a year tax free still live paycheck to paycheck (and the 50% figure is conservative).

This is what happens when a regular Joe ends getting a fat 6-fig contractor job:

1. Buys Tons of Crap They Would Have Normally Never Bought.
Buy a new laptop even if you already have one that is less than a year old – check. Hit the “buy now” button on twice a day – Check. Buy tons of clothing from the Old Navy website – Check. Buy a Breitling watch that you can only wear during leave – Check.

2. Finance an Expensive Car
Same as above but you finance your Viper at 19% APR

3. Buy a Huge House
I hear this one all the time. Some guy that has lived in a 600 dollar a month apartment his whole life decides to buy a 400,000.00 dollar house on the lake. How will he make the 5,200.00 dollar a month mortgage when he stops contracting? Exactly.

Good call genius – you blow 99.999% of you 200,000.00 dollar a year salary, you are now poorer than you were when you were making 20K a year in the Army.

*Note: Many times the contractors wife is the one burning through the money wile her Civilian Contractor husband is working 15 hour days living in a tent in Afghanistan.

Let Your Wife Have 100% of Your Pay and Never Check Your Joint Accounts

I used to tell this to every new contractor I met: “tell your wife you make 30% less than your actually do, put that 30% somewhere secret and check you joint accounts everyday to see if she is draining them out so she can pop-smoke from your marriage with a duffel bag full of cash”.

And I always hear the same reply: “My wife would never do that” or “I cant hide money from my wife (like its unfair to her or something)”.

If I had a bottle of Southern Comfort for every time the wife of a Civilian Contractor has maxed out every credit card and emptied the bank account and left her husband I could get drunk 8,329 times.

Seriously, your wife is all alone and is extremely lonely for 11 months out of the year and has nothing but money and time on her hands – what do you think is going to happen?

Good call Genius – you blew 4 years salary because are naïve and believed “my wife wouldn’t do that to me” good call!

Marry a Bargirl

This is my favorite Fail thing that contractors do, there is so much drama from someone doing this that I am guaranteed to be amused for several years.

So you keep hearing about this wild place to go in leave – Bangkok! (or the Philippines, Romania, ect). After the 10000 time one of your fellow contractors says: “Dude, you can get ANYTHING you want there dirt cheap, it is the most awesome place in the world – I am going to buy a house there” you book a ticket to the Land of Smiles with plans of having 2 weeks of debauchery.

During your 2 weeks you meet a lovely Bargirl that “doesn’t like what she is doing but has to support her sick father” and fall in love. You take her shopping at Siam Paragon (and wonder why the local folk snicker when you walk by), you buy her a new hand phone (“my HP no good, too old, you buy me new one”) and generally welcome your role as a walking ATM.

You are heartbroken when you have to leave, but at least your new Bargirl girlfriend will be fine – you will send her money every month. You get back from leave and show everyone the pictures of your new love on your laptop wile they say: “hell yes dude, she is hot” but behind your back they say: “I think I hit that on my last leave”.

When her brother (her current Thai husband) gets in a motorcycle accident or her dads cow gets sick you stand in line at the IZ Western Union for 4 hours to send her money for the bills.

All this time the few sane and experienced South East Asia travelers are telling you: “dude, she doesn’t really love you, in fact she resents and probably hates you”. And your response: “she is different, she really loves me, she even quit working at the Go-Go”.

Fast forward 3 years…

You are miserable, after giving her parents 3 months pay for the dowry, 10,000.00 dollars for a wedding that only served rice and chicken, sending her 80% of your paycheck every month and the constant demands for more money along with paying 50K for a house in Issan is making you want to walk into the Red Zone naked waving an American flag and a picture of George Bush.

Dude, you married a hooker, what else can I say.

Good call Genius – you are blowing all your money and sanity on a whore you married, NASA must be recruiting you hard.

Punching Someone Out Over Nothing

You don’t take any crap, if someone talks smack knock that fool out. Yep, so what if you will loose your 180,000.00 thousand dollar a year job because someone made a snide remark to you. You have your honor to defend, and that’s more important than paying the bills and eating. Don’t back down dude, don’t let someone punk you out.

Good call genius – you blew a 6-fig job so you can be an unemployed “tough guy”, at least you will have all the time in the world to watch UFC in your trailer.

In Conclusion…

This article was way longer than I intended but once I started thinking about all of the stupid shit contractors do it was hard to stop. I can think of at least 50 other Civilian Contractor FAIL! stories but I forced myself to cut it short.

Feel free to post your Civilian Contractor FAIL! Stories

~James G
James is a Veteran Civilian Contractor who has worked in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for way too long. He spends his off time in his homes in Indonesia and Virginia getting drunk, shooting guns and writing poorly written articles.


  1. true dat true dat!

  2. Yesiree,

    All true. Started out angry, then had to admit I have seen EVERY single thing you mention.

    What you forgot was: getting injured…being talked out of filling out an accident report…working until you can no longer work because of the pain…then going to Kuwait, getting MRI’s…yesiree, you are f-ed up, you need surgery.

    Then having the AUDACITY to believe that if you are HONEST and tell it like it is that “you will be taken care of” and get your needed surgeries.

    Well, I guess that makes me a f-ing fool because the goddamn OALJ are on the take from our lovely brethren that are making SEVEN OR EIGHT figures for their work in Iraqistan of Afghanisfukinstan.

    F-ing Riot isn’t it?


  3. Well the article is more about Civilian Contractors shooting themselves in the foot – not getting screwed over by their company or insurance carriers.

    I have been hearing allot about AIG not making good on benefit payouts over the past few years. But I do feel for you brother, hope you recover and get back to work.

    “CULOS” – LOL!

    ~James G

    • Thanks for your kind words,

      When I FIRST arrived I had to work with a man who did not check his bank account…he was the lowliest hound dog EVER…She even sold his boat and car and served him one RnR as he got off the plane!

      Another poor soul had his wife (while his 2 teenage daughters were living with her) start sleeping with her own FIRST COUSIN, and doing more cocaine than Scarface…off of his money! He left shortly thereafter to reclaim custody of his daughters…never heard from him again.

      So many stories. Damn, I worked hard and kept my head about myself. I have ALMOST fallen into some of those pitfalls (tempting when you have worked for very little most of your life), My difference was I had $30,000 worth of student loans.

      This was the first job that I had right out of college (graduated when I was 35) and I knew the only way to get out of debt and build a retirement account was to stay. I used to say a mantra when given some shit job just because I knew my job better than the ones in charge (not bragging, I have a very specialized degree).

      My mantra was “Life is not Fair, and Nobody Ever Promised You a Rose Garden.” I said it a hundred times a day while pouring chemicals in a full chemical suit in 130 deg. weather in a frikin sandstorm no less!

      Yes, I did my job, got injured, and am now unable to work in ANY job, much less a physically demanding one!

      I am just keeping on keeping on.

      Oh Yeah, Don’t forget about the devout Christian carpenter who divorced his wife of 15 years (with 2 children) after his VERY FIRST TRIP to Thailand. “She’ll take it ANYWHERE!” he told me. “I love that woman!” lol

  4. BeenThereDunThat:
    My mantra was “Life is not Fair, and Nobody Ever Promised You a Rose Garden.”

    That’s a good mantra – trust me I have said it a few times myself

    Yep – the guy that divorces his wife after 30 years because he met some 19 year bargirl was one of the stories I wanted to add.

    ~James G

    • This is my mantra:
      “You cannot tailor make your situation in life, but you can tailor make your attitudes to fit those situations.”

  5. yeah, you can loose all of your money from marrying a green card humper also.

    it happened to me, I guess the matress strapped to her back when we met should have told me something. hahaha.

    Just have some fun, dont bring any ladies back to the states.


  6. LoL – Don’t feel bad Tomahawk, you are not the only Contractor who lost all their bread because they married a woman that was less than honest about her real intentions

    But not all foreign women are bad by any means, but like all groups there are some bad apples, sometimes the whole bushel is bad but guys can find a nice one if they are smart and keeps their head on.

    ~James G

  7. LOVE it! Came over here from Sipsey Street and I will definitely be back.

    You know what I noticed, though?

    A lot of the points that you made are SO totally like the phenomena that hit a lot of poor kids who work hard, train hard and get out of college with a pro-sports contract. Doesn’t matter what kind, B-ball, football, baseball… whatever. They end up with a million dollar three year contract and the next thing you hear, they are in jail or in drug rehab, their multi-million dollar house is in foreclosure and their poor Mom and siblings are still living on food stamps and shopping at Goodwill.

    You think that maybe all employers should offer mandatory classes in ethics and $$ management to new recruits / employees?

    Best wishes to all here. Keep hangin’ in there and Semper Fi.

  8. Yep, it’s the same syndrome (I think there is a clinical name for it) – In any group that is mostly male and has people who suddenly come into money the FAILs are pretty much the same.

    In my opinion it isn’t the responsibility of the defense contractors that hire guys to give a pre-deployment course on money management or the other personal problems contractors may face (but it would be a responsible thing if they did).

    Honestly most of it is just common sense, but hey every contractor eventually screws up something in their personal lives, I know I have. You just have to learn from your mistakes and not do the same stupid shit over and over and over again.


    ~James G

  9. BWHAHA!!!
    Met plenty of great contractors then there’s “those guys”. The over ‘roid Lords of the gym who get paid an enormous amount of cash and rip on everyone and destroy relationships between the military and the contractors. If more of those “those guys” read this they might start getting that “is someone talking about me” feeling and fix themselves.

  10. Yep, the steroid “I am a bad-ass” contractor types are a bunch of douchebags

    ~James G

  11. This would be funny as shit if it wasn’t so damned true. Hell, I’ve been guilty of a few myself. You seriously hit the nail on the head on this one.

  12. Dam I am glad I read this and here I am going to be a knew contractor. I better put that money in Fort Knox lol, buy a chasity belt, and buy stock in Budweiser for when I get back huh.

    • Actually, just send me your money and I’ll keep it for you. Invest a couple of bucks in a good pair of jerk socks, and a prescription for some good pain killers.

  13. Hello,

    Long time no check…update…Fired my first lawyer in my DBA case for gross mismanagement..he didn’t do anything! Hired a new lawyer from the highest recommendations…10 days later he is in jail for FRAUD! Now on third…hoping it will work out…I need A LOT of surgeries.

    The Roided gym rat..ran into a few of them…Military and contractor alike!

  14. Yeah, money goes to Civilian Defence Contractors and if they can’t get hero worship like my husband/ex-husband well they dump you pretty quick. They want to spend their money on whatever comes up next. Got the proof too.

  15. is there a number i can call or app i can fill out to join?

  16. This article was interesting, but not surprising. However, I am one of the RARE wives left back states that was doing the right thing. My husband (soon to be ex) left our home 5yrs ago to take a job that he did NOT need to take in Kuwait. We were doing well…not rich, but doing well. He took the job because he was running from an affair that I found out about. Now fast forward 5yrs and 2 affairs later (1 w/a housekeeper in Kuwait & 1 w/another contractor). He drank the kool-aid over there and is now listening to the other guys over there; which if he’s not careful, they are going to cause him to lose every dime he has because of their piss poor advice.

    My husband met up with some 26yr old desert tramp from Burundi and believes that he’s in love (she even claimed to be engaged on her facebook page). For 5yrs I did right by him, yet he calls me evil, bitter, and vindictive. What’s evil and vindictive is if I had taken ALL of our money (I have access to everything) and entertained other men the whole time he was gone or if I had just walked away for our home and other responsibilities and left him wondering WTF? But I didn’t nor would I have done that. Instead I took our money and remodeled our existing home, paid off ALL of our bills, supported our teen sons who are now adults, and handled our other finances responsibly. He was recently home (Aug 2009) laying out all that he needed me to do to the house while he was away and between Nov 09 till Jun 10 he gave that desert tramp damn near 30K and then got mad at me when I told him that he was being stupid because that her only purpose in life was to get with a contractor that has more money than sense. Sure enough, when I told her (via email) that she would get my husband the way that I got him 23yrs ago…BROKE…she dumped his arse. He’s a 23yr investment for me and there was no way in hell I was gonna let her walk into my life and live like a princess after I laid all the ground work. With that power of attorney he left, I LOCKED down every account that I could find. I told him & her that until the ink was dry on our divorce papers, I will NOT allow him to give her another dime of OUR money.

    Now here I am 44 and fabulous and soon to be single and well taken care of thanks to his stupidity. Half of his military retirement, his retirement from a previous job before he started contracting and half of his social security along with his 401K from his contract job leaves me pretty well set. The nerve of him to throw away 23yrs of happiness over a piece of arse…and to a woman from the 10th poorest country in the World non the less. Now he’s lost his family & his fling. Oh & did I mention that he’s 60yrs old and all while he was gone I had to fight off his “called friends”? Also, he is the ONE who is divorcing me.

    So James while your article was a good read, not all wives are back here in the states doing their contractor husbands wrong and spending up their money. Those contractors are doing their fair share of f’ing up perfectly good relationships all on their own.

  17. Angry in the Arctic:

    We have the same story, only my golddigger is stateside. I got his divorce petition throwing out though so mine will stand; now, I am just praying I get spousal support reliably.

    • I hope I get mine responsibly too. This civilian defence contracting needs to come down and the gold digging whores they find online need to grow up and go away.

  18. First off, thanks for the work you’re doing OCONUS. Secondly, I want to thank you for these articles, tons of good info in here.

    I’m currently waiting on CRC dates for my second trip to the sandbox as I write this. The last time I was over I got a little too used to spending the $$ I was making. I had a cushy gig in Bahrain, never knew you could spend $500 in a bar at one time! I now have a big TV, new laptop and late model 4×4 crew cab truck but live in a $400/mo apartment because of it. This will be my saving grace and chance to pay everything off (although, its not that bad. I’ve got $12k in debt, including the truck).

    I’m an IT Contractorous Douchebagnus, all I’ve ever been. I went into the money out of school though and got into contracting in CONUS. Hell, who can blame me, most everyone else I knew was flipping burgers and I was working a helpdesk for twice their pay. However, I’d like to transition to the security side of contracting one day, its in my blood with multiple family members being in law enforcement and the military.

    Got any recommendations? Weapons and hard work are nothing I haven’t handled before. I used to work construction and I carry a .45 daily that I’m a fair shot with. Not afraid to get my hands dirty by any means, better than sitting on my ass in an office chair. Sure the money is damn good, can’t disagree with that, but I can only handle so much “Have you rebooted your machine yet?”

  19. Hello again,

    Just an update. In FOUR lawsuits right now.

    Found I have TWELVE herniated discs in my back.

    My right knee, which I WON on a DBA case turned arthritic due to waiting years for surgery (surgery was delayed too long, scared what is going on in my spine!).

    it has been years since I injured my back, going through the Appeal process…suing my first lawyer for malpractice!

    I hurt, hurt, hurt! Spent Three Years in Baghdad and came home with MRI’s in hand from Kuwait…it was an open and shut case! I was injured in a zone of special danger! Why aren’t you covering my bills AIG???

    I hate this system and one day, one way or another I will have my due!

    More than one way to become broke from working overseas James!

    goodbye for now…

    Been There!

  20. Great article, with one exception- many a contractor’s downfall is that he cant keep it in his pants while on the FOB, whether it be with another Contractor, Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine. It’s all fun and good until you get caught, or she cry’s foul because you have moved onto another “fine piece” you cant keep your hands off of. this is not limited to the fairer sex, but also includes “messing around on the internet, downloading porn, sexual harrassment, assault, and other no-no’s. seriously no piece of a$$ is worth the drama, the trouble or my job.

    • My fiance tells me that it is a big no no to have sex while on the FOB and that its literally impossible. I laughed to myself. Are they allowed to have the opposite sex in their living quarters and are there actually rules that state that you can be fired if caught? I guess i would like to know just how easy is it to mess around??

  21. I am engaged to a contractor worker and I have to agree with a lot of you. He was previously married to a woman that he met over there and as soon as she got everything she needed and moved to the states she divorced him and now he pays child support for 3 children and she is contantly still demanding money and uses the children as a ploy to get even more money from him. It is aggrevating and recently he has become distant and I think I have heard every excuse there is for why he could not connect to call or write. I can understand if it were always like that, but he was very attentive and would call at least once if not a couple times a day. Now its when its convenient. He sends money, which I care nothing about because I am well educated and have a excellent job. I think what I am seeing now is that his job puts him in a position that he thinks that money will solve everything. He has been there for a very long time and it unbelievable that he has nothing saved. So iam begining to wonder if I should just take whats left of my heart and be on my merry way. It is very difficult to just walk away, but some days I feel as though I do not have a choice in the matter. My trust in him is slowly dissolving and our relationship is hanging by a string. I am very devoted to him and would of stayed by his side but as they say you never know what you have until its gone I guess. If you have some advice I would appreciate it. Thanks

    • Walk away and save your heart.

    • I know I’m a bit late on this but I figured I’d reach out to you anyway Susan. Girl, you need to listen to the advice of the others and I will Co-sign what they have to say. If you haven’t done so already, YOU NEED TO WALK AWAY NOW! Guys like him & my ex are walking FINANCIAL DISASTERS they will wreak havoc on your heart and ruin you financially while they are at it and try to blame you for it all. Those contracts don’t, won’t, & can’t last forever. Most of these guys cannot maintain all of the foolishness they’ve been up to for long. So they are either forced to stay over there & self destruct or come back to the States (or where ever they are from) and become shell of their former selves. Girl end this now…no matter how badly it hurts, get out while you can. Save the best part of yourself for someone who will appreciate you. There are a lot of good men out there. You don’t have to settle for this fool just because he has a six figure income.

      • Angry in the Arctic:

        I agree with you 100%.

  22. Hello Susan,

    If you read above…you can see my story. I am an injured EX-contractor who is getting ready to pass his FOURTH year fighting for benefits.

    My advice: WALK AWAY NOW!

    If he has been doing this God knows how long and doesn’t have a good savings account already..he is not worth your time or energy. Sounds like a moron who could never make it in the “real” world.. Do you really want to hitch your saddle to that?

    If you feel him “pulling away” TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS! You are probably 100% correct.

    Just walk away…

    Hard to do, but for the best in the long run.

    Good luck to you.

    Sincerely yours,


    • Thanks for your response. It is just very frustrating considering I really thought he was a terrific guy. I guess contractors have a bad rap? lol anyway, i completely told him how i felt and he all of a sudden became ver very attentative. I am sure thats a red flag, who knows. my eyes are wide open now…thank you

  23. I am now not getting my spousal support reliably and having a rough time but I have more than my ex and the decompression/investment specialist. Pretty soon, I may not have a phone. Bill got too high for me to pay but I still have more. Self-respect. I will support my troops but I will never support a Civilian Defence Contractor. They have more money than brains and a lot (not all) have “potty” mouths.

    I can’t wait until Maintenance Enforcement takes my ex’s passport. I am waiting to see how he is going to pay for that huge house. Oh well now he is planning to move to Belgium to work at SHAPE. They can have him and so the new wife. He can beat her around because he is so insecure.

  24. I am now not getting my spousal support reliably and having a rough time but I have more than my ex and the decompression/investment specialist.Pretty soon, I may not have a phone.Bill got too high for me to pay but I still have more.Self-respect.I will support my troops but I will never support a Civilian Defence Contractor.They have more money than brains and a lot (not all) have “potty” mouths.

    I can’t wait until Maintenance Enforcement takes my ex’s passport.I am waiting to see how he is going to pay for that huge house.Oh well now he is planning to move to Belgium to work at SHAPE.They can have him and so the new wife.He can beat her around because he is so insecure.


    You obviously are not a very educated person as you can hardly put together a cohesive sentence. For you to condemn ALL contractors who are more patriotic than you sitting at home getting money from a man risking his life to support you shows what a waste of space you really are.

    As for the comment “potty mouth”…FUCK YOU. Get a life and stop judging others.

    The amount of money I earned in Baghdad would easily be surpassed in a similar job in my field here in the states if we included the overtime, benefits, ability to ACTUALLY use the health care we paid for, etc… which would come from working in the states…without running for a bunker to avoid being killed by IDF almost everyday!

    There is nothing easy about working in a WAR ZONE…you should try it sometime instead of complaining.

    I have a very specialized college degree in my field and I could have easily taken a job here in the states but chose to go overseas to support the troops. For you to blow off all of our self sacrifice is wrong.

    Hope you lose everything, maybe then your lazy butt will get off of the couch, stop eating bon bons, and go to work for yourself!

    • I am agreeing with you on this one beentheredunthat! It is important to have your own career as a woman and not depend on a man soley for support. In my situation, I have my career and he has his. Even though I am torn between what to do I also have to respect the fact that that is the career that he chooses. If he told me to get out of my career because he didnt like it i would tell him to stick it where the sun dont shine. I went to college for 8 years and earned 3 degrees. I will support myself and yes he does send me money but I never ask for it, he sends it on his own. I dont shop with it, I actually have paid off bills with it and managed to save some for when he returns. He doesnt know that I have saved it, but he will. I am just having a hard time swallowing my feelings and how he makes me feel. Its always so back and forth and upside down. lol

      Anyway, I am off of my soapbox now, but KUDOS to you on pointing that out on the getting your own job thing. NEVER EVER DEPEND ON ANYONE to take care of you but YOURSELF…anything else just becomes a plus. That is just my take on it.

      Take care.

  25. Been there done that. I do work and if I could sign up to go support my troops, I would be there in a heart beat.

    If anyone can delete my post, it would be much appreciated especially since I am an uneducated idiot sitting on my couch eating bon bons.

  26. I guess I was tired and my comments were not expressed appropriately; but, anyway I do have my own career and I am not sitting on the couch eating bon bons. I am on unemployment but I am looking hard for a career position. Who in the love of god would live off of a man, anyway? I wish all Civilian Defence Contractors that don’t allow the money to get to their heads and BeenThereDunThat, you sound like one of them that didn’t allow the money to get to your head so to you I admire, respect and support the work you do and troops that do go into a war zone. My point is not all Civilian Defence Contractors are like that and a lot (NOT ALL) like to throw their weight around and brag about the money they make.

    I apologize for what was definitely inappropriate comments. I won’t post on here anymore as it seems like as has been said, I cannot express my point of view intelligently.

    Good luck to all Civilian Defence Contractors.

  27. you forgot to mention the douvh bags that spend all their cash on tats…….. i know of this one fat ass dog handler that keeps getting fired getting a tatto of freedom fighter across his chest…….. what a douch

  28. I get a kick out of the ones that get fired from these positions because they have a need to get mouthy with military people and their supervisors.

  29. To the individual that is looking:

    Here are companies you may want to consider.

    Atco Logistics out of Alberta, Canada
    Geos International Consulting out of London, UK
    Thales (worldwide)

    Atco Logistics is probably the better company.

  30. Good article, and in this fast lane you hear tons of stories. The psychological part of being life threatened is a factor for some very dumb decisions. Rest assured not all are brainless rockstar wannabes. If investing since day one you could early retire after 7yrs. Call it winning the lottery under your own terms. No mortgage, no debts, no kids, a loving wife, with more than needed $ in retirement and savings.
    Off to live the good life while the economy is in the tubes, cya

  31. Opposite end of the spectrum: You are one of the smart ones and one that I would go high and hot water to support.

    Thanking you and your family for your service and for you risking your life.

  32. Opposite to Opposite end of the spectrum: I worked in Baghdad for three long years. This was my retirement plan so I invested most everything in the stock market for what I thought was long term…unfortunately it was RIGHT at the cusp of the bubble. Came home injured to an uncaring & unsympathetic & crooked Defense Base Act system which I am still fighting for surgeries 5 years later after having to sell my damn stocks with huge losses just to live. Sometimes life just bites you right in the butt.

  33. beentheredonethat: Sorry for what happened to you. Couldn’t you go another route to give you life back on track and just move on and forget civilian defence contractors and post somewhere else on the Net about civilian defence contractors. For some people it is worth it. For others that let it get to their heads, it isn’t and it destroys families and homes.

    I AM THE CONTRACTOR HERE DARLING! When did you risk YOUR life for a paycheck?
    I am 100% disabled and have not worked in 5 YEARS thanks to my injuries & I AM THE ONE BEING SCREWED! Don’t you think people considering this life deserve a chance to know the risks?
    Anyone coming home needs to KNOW that the insurance companies & OUR OWN DAMN ATTORNEYS ARE OUT TO SCREW US! If someone had told me all of this when I first came home, I would have been taken care of in a timely manner!!!!

  35. wow beentheredonethat: My ex husband did. I supported him 100% only for him to abandon me and me to lose everything I had. You are working in a war zone. I think the risk are self explanatory.

    You sound angry. I know in Canada Civilian Defence Contractors get nothing and once the job is gone – nothing. There is no insurance, no health insurance, no pension plan, nothing.

    I know my ex husband spent a fortune on other women (now married to a woman he paid $1,000 for 12 hours of service), bought a house he can ill afford and then got fired for mouthing off.

    I hope you win your fight with the insurance company though. I won’t be posting in here anymore. Have a great day. Hope you feel better soon too.

  36. It’s hard to come by experienced people in this particular subject, however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about!Thanks

    The author of this site is very knowledgeable and as an ex wife of a civilian defence contractor, I have found this site helpful and amusing at times.

  37. I have just returned from my second deployment in AFG, and am considering heading to Iraq on the new contract expected to come up in May. I think you should do a piece on what dumb things our women are doing in these places. As a 28 year old female with a doctorate, I found myself having to “play mom” way too many times when young women made some very foolish and naive mistakes. They should not be left out of this discussion.

    Ladies (and I am using the word sarcastically), it is not alright to deploy to the ME and then walk around on the base in sun-dresses. It is not ok to fuck everyone you work with. Leave the crying and drama at home…etc, etc. Stop getting yourselves pregnant in a war-zone.

    I have seen our guys do some dumb shit, but it’s not just them…

  38. How do I become civilian contractor? All the info online are not useful and a lot of scammers

  39. I understand his statement, but I am currently a former military contractor of 6 years and I have a house that I doubled my profits on in two years flat. I do not take expensive vacations and really just work and keep to myself. I only went one time to Thailand in my life and will never go again. I do not have a Wife or Kids and plan on keeping it that way, There are way too many issues in america, I was making $60k a year before the market crashed in 2008 and now some honest and smart people had to run back to afghanistan to work. Sucks but this is our fault for letting america get this way. Thanks!!

      Kevin(Quote This Comment)

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