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OLD SCHOOL MAN: Motorcycles, The Old School Man Way

“Helmets are for pussys” ~Brando

Besides owing a Forest Green Mustang and a Gas guzzling SUV all Old School Men own a Motorcycle. In fact, it is hard to think about the classic Old School Man without thinking about motorcycles.

James Dean, Peter Fonda, Marlon Brando and Steve McQueen… hell, even Indiana Jones knew how to ride and he isn’t even a real person. And they didn’t ride a motorcycle because it was trendy or they wanted attention. The Old School Man rode a bike because he loved the feeling of freedom that riding a bike gave him.

But like all aspects of being an Old School Man you have to be careful with the way you present yourself. If not you could easily end up looking like a douchebag, or even worse, like a male stripper – and not the type who strips for women.


When riding a bike the old School Man dresses like he normally dresses every day. If he wears leather he will choose a simple black or dark brown leather jacket, the classic single breasted style is his choice.

He does not wear a double breasted motorcycle jacket; the Old School Man doesn’t wish to look like an extra in the Road Warrior or someone that Charles Bronson would have shot in the Seventies.

And (I shouldn’t even have to mention this) Old School Men do not wear helmets with a spike on the top, it looks retarded. Nor does he wear Harley Davidson branded clothing. The Old School Man doesn’t feel the need to brag about owing a bike, that’s not the reason why he owns a motorcycle.

The old School Man knows if he is not in a real biker club or gang then dressing like an outlaw biker is a poser thing to do – people copy the Old School Mans style, the Old School man doesn’t copy anyone.

Also, no one thinks a guy pulling into the IBM employee parking lot wearing a leather jacket with “Ride Free or Die” written on the back is a real biker gang member – what they are actually thinking is he is a douche.

FULL LEATHERS ARE, How should I say… not manly

Walking into Applebees wearing full leathers only makes you look like someone who thought he was walking into the Blue Oyster Bar. Seriously, why are you wearing full leathers for an 8 minute drive across the suburbs just to eat riblets?

Wearing full leathers is a tricky thing to do without looking extremely gay, so unless the Old School Man looks like one of the guys from ZZ TOP he doesn’t even bother trying to pull this one off for fear of getting man-raped.


It doesn’t really matter if it’s a Cruiser or a Sportbike, but the Old School Man knows with each style of motorcycle comes its own etiquette.


Solid Black, gray, forest green or silver, Period. Don’t even ask if you can choose blaze orange, yellow or purple or put stickers on it.


The Old School Man Says: “Don’t be one of those ass-holes who owns bike that is so loud it shakes the leaves off of trees – no one thinks you are cool”

There is an exception for this, if the old School Man is in a biker gang then owning a loud bike is fine. But I am guessing that you are not in a biker gang so keep the noise at a reasonable level.


These are probably the first thing that popped into your mind when I mentioned Motorcycles + the Old School Man. Back in the day the only choice an Old School Man had when choosing a cruiser was a Harley, Indian or Triumph – and in no way would he ride a Japanese motorcycle.

But these days owning a Japanese cruiser isn’t a sin like it used to be, in fact no one really cares anymore because owning a Harley has become a bit of a cliché. Besides, its not the bike that makes the Old School Man, the Old School Man makes the damn bike, dammit.


Yes the Old School Man can own and ride a soprtbike, but he must follow a totally different set of rules than the cruiser riding Old School Man. First of all with a Sportbike there is an age limit of 45 years old, an old guy riding a sportbike looks as stupid as an old guy driving a convertible corvette.

When an Old School Man rides his Sportbike he rides it the same way he would ride a cruiser. He does not do juvenile things like popping wheelies, burning out of a 7-11 parking lot or putting 286 stickers all over it (Unless he is Tom Cruise).

The sportbike riding Old School Man does not wear loud riding leathers with orange and red stripes down the arms and a huge full color logo on the back (Again, unless he is Tom Cruise).


Unless that is you in the picture above or you are Jackie Chan then keep the dirtbikes in the dirt and not on the road.

Pocket Bikes and Mini Bikes

If you drive a Pocket Bike then you should just go full-on gay right now because you will never be an Old School Man.

In Conclusion…

If you are a man and you don’t know how to ride a motorcycle then for fucks sake dude go take a class, you are embarrassing other men.


~James G
Founder – Editor in Chief

James G is a Veteran Civilian Contractor who has worked in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for way too long. He spends his off time in Indonesia and Virginia getting drunk, shooting guns and writing poorly written articles.


  1. Hell, I rode a bike straight out of the vaginia.

  2. Same here – But mine had a Sidecar


    The 45 year age limit for motorcycles only applies to sport bikes; the Old School Man can ride a Cruiser straight into the grave

    ~James G

  3. A sidecar!? Whuf that had to hurt. LOL!!

  4. It was no problem for her, mom was an Old School Woman – 20 minutes after I was borne she was back on the tractor plowing the farm

    ~James G

  5. Yesterday we attended the 80th birthday of Jack K, a true Old School Man. When he was just a whippersnapper at 68, he was riding back from Sturgis on his Harley when a truck ran him off the road, and flipped his bike about 7x.

    After life-flight and several surgeries, the ornery old goat rehabbed himself by learning to run marathons.

    30yrs in the Navy and 20 teaching college, he finds most men half his age just too boring and already half dead!

  6. That’s because most men half his age are boring and half dead

    ~James G

  7. The Old School Man does NOT ride a $50k over-pimped, under-powered, discovery channel man-strosity.

    The Old School Man DOES chop, cut, extend, rake, lower, section, strip, paint, customize whatever bike he has, or can reasonably procure, to meet the immediate requirements of his AO.

  8. Every Old School Biker wanted to be Chino . Lee Marvin a much Bigger Badass than Brando. No pretty lil leather uniform for me. But thats my loud mouthed POV.

  9. the problem with this is, there was no school when old school came about.
    meaning, there are no old school men. guys from that era are just what they are. those of you whom try and define it , really cant, because the attempt makes you non old school.

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