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10 MINUTE TACTICAL TOOLBOX: Skills You Can Add To your “Tactical Toolbox”

in Only 10 Minutes a Day


“Skills You Can Add To Your ‘Tactical Toolbox’ in Only 10 Minutes a Day” is our new monthly column where we will present a tactical oriented skill that you can learn in about a month, practicing for 10 minutes a day just about anywhere.

Like most operators, tactical enthusiasts and everyday guys the day is never long enough. If any of you guys are like me you are lucky to hit the range one or two times a month. And taking an entire weekend or week to take a class is a once a year luxury.

So over the years I have learned to pick up random tactical related skills by compacting them into bite-sized bits that are flexible enough for me to practice whenever I have 10 to spare.

Most of these skills aren’t “sexy” like scaling a building wearing black with an MP5 – but in my experience they are essential skills that all prepared individuals should learn.

Myself and the other writers here at DVM will all be writing theses articles drawing from our respective professions and experience.

So every month starting tomorrow (Tuesday, April 06) we will present a tactical skill along with a step by step lesson plan that you can learn over a 30 day period in your spare time. Our goal is to help you add 12 solid skills to your “Tactical Toolbox” every year.

~James G


  1. This should be good, I look forward to it!

  2. Thanks man

    I was doing my “10 Minute Tactical” thing today I realized that I could take all my lesson plans and write some articles

    ~James G

    • You’ve hit the ball out the park! Inerldibec!

  3. Great idea thank you!

  4. I am really looking forward to this series of articles. Great idea!

  5. Can’t wait. Thanks DVM for this resource!

  6. Wow, great idea, and so often overlooked. We’re all in this crap together. This is fast becoming my favorite site.

  7. Outstanding idea. Agreed on real classes are becoming a luxury item, just can’t come up with a lot of money for that stuff anymore, meanwhile always trying to learn. Maybe someday if I learn enough, I’ll be as cool as that fat guy in BDUs with the Snickers bar pouches…

  8. Good shit, I am looking forward to tomorrow!

  9. Awesome idea, nice first article.

  10. Thanks dude

    ~James G

  11. The stairs article was some great info, whens the next article due?

  12. hit it up

    • +1

  13. Great article. The more you know the less you need and the more effective you are.

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