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INTRODUCING: La Cima World Missions

I would like to introduce the DVM readers to La Cima World Missions a Humanitarian Aid NGO that helps children in the 3rd world. La Cima World Missions is run by a friend of mine Dr. David Sperow, an American Dentist that has dedicated his life to providing medical care to impoverished children and people in the 3rd world.

Dr. David isn’t the sort who leads from the rear, he packs his backpack and hits the field tromping through jungles (urban and wilderness) in the 3rd world. This is truly a man that “talks that talk and walks that walk”. He is a no Bullshit guy that I am honored to have as a friend.

For those of you here that do not know me personally I NEVER vouch for people, EVER. Nothing personal against the folks I am friends with but I am Old School, if I vouch for someone I do it for life. And I personally vouch for Dr. David and give my word that he is a stand up guy.

So why am I telling you all of this?

Because I would like to ask the people who read DVM to skip a couple cups of coffee or one Big Mac and donate 7 bucks to Dr. Dave and La Cima World Missions today.

That’s it – 7 bucks

7 bucks is fucking nothing, and the pocket change you donate to Dr. Dave will go directly to helping children. How much of an outstanding person will you be today if you do something unselfish like helping poor children in the 3rd world today? And all you have do is give a lousy 7 bucks.

I have always believed the folks within the Tactical Community are great people that will bend over backwards to give a fellow warrior a hand.

So I am personally asking you to help out some kids, all for the price of 2 cups of coffee at Starbucks.

Be an Outstanding Warrior today and throw La Cima World Missions 7 bucks.

Click here to go to the La Cima World Missions Website and donate 7 bucks (the donate button is on the right hand side)

~James Grey


  1. If you donated you deserve credit for being a fucking kick ass warrior

    So after you make your donation write “7 BUCKS” in the comments

    ~James G

  2. 7 BUCKS

    ~James G

  3. 7 BUCKS

  4. 7 BUCKS

  5. 7 BUCKS

  6. I don’t know how to express my gratitude. Thanks again James and thanks to all of you that are making a difference. I am humbled to a loss for words (and I usually have plenty to say).

  7. 10 BUCKS

    Thanks for the info on this James. My Fiance is entering Dental School soon and wanted to do Dr’s Without Boarders. I am going to send this to her.

  8. 10 BUCKS!

    As of today I’ve officially stopped eating Twinkies for breakfast, so I now have some extra scratch to give to a good cause. Ain’t no way in hell you’re making me give up my go-juice.

    Keep up the good work James.

  9. 7 BUCKS

  10. 7 Bucks.

    A small sacrifice that if multiplied thousands of times, can do a world of good. God bless the gentler warriors, too.

  11. Awesome Job Guys!

    You all rock, shit like this makes me proud

    ~James G

  12. I second that James. It’s stuff like this that makes a difference that is real and tangible. The money that came in today will buy medicine and supplies that will keep someone alive tomorrow. James is right, a few bucks worth of antibiotics or a couple of Quick Clot sponges can literally mean the difference between life and death for so many. Without people like you all, people like us can’t do much. It’s a team effort to accomplish the mission of leaving the world better than we found it.

  13. I don’t have a credit card :/

    But I’ve filed this away for future reference. When I’m making money I usually tend to spend a bit of it on causes and organizations I care about…you guys will get my donation soon.

  14. $7

    • Thanks Todd G, Martin S, Andy, Gray Ghost, Fred Foobar, code24, Chris Brown and Rick !

      ~James G

  15. $7

  16. Thanks Andrew !

    ~James G

  17. 10 bucks

  18. Shot out to MikeH ~

    ~James G

  19. 10 bucks

  20. Tahoma – you the mother-fucking man

    ~James G

    • No, James. You’re the man. A site like yours has been sorely needed. Now, on top of all the common sense you’ve been dispensing, we’re going humanitarian.

      P.S. I’ve burned my Multicam hat. You owe me 19 bucks. ha ha ha

  21. Was able to give a little more than the seven bucks; I looked at the gallery of the South American work and saw the two little kids, brother and sister, standing on the road… guess I’m a sucker for kids in bad circumstances. Just wish I had a lot more to give now but life sucks in that way, so just gave what I could.
    Thanks so much for sharing this link. Maybe you could put a permanent link somewhere on your page? Those guys have my total respect.

  22. Thanks julian for giving a bit more, don’t be shy dude you can say how much

    Sure, I will work out a way to keep attention on this

    Tahoma – You should have video taped it, lol

    ~James G

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