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H2H FIGHTING: The Sand in the Face

I’m blinddddd!!!

Throwing sand (or anything else) in someone’s face may seem like a comical H2H move but it is an effective technique that I have employed on many occasions. Using an object thrown in a persons face to distract them for a follow-up offensive strike has been a documented fighting move as far back as 1898 in England (Bartitsu).

It is an involuntary reaction to close your eyes and shield your face when something is thrown towards or in your face. Some folks will recover faster than others, but generally speaking it will give you a quick moment to exploit where your opponent will be distracted.

Unless you live on a beach or carry around a pocket of sand you can pretty much use any other object in your environment as a thrown item. Common items like your keys, the salt from a salt shaker, dirt or gravel on the ground and even a hat (as used in Bartitsu) will surely distract (causing someone to close their eyes) or even temporally blind them (salt, sand, cocaine).

After they are distracted you can follow up with the Kick in the Nuts.


~James G
Founder – Editor in Chief

James G is a Veteran Civilian Contractor who has worked in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for way too long. He spends his off time in Indonesia and Virginia getting drunk, shooting guns, writing poorly written articles and and throwing sand in peoples faces.

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  1. anybody that smokes can launch a small fire rocket into someones face causing a cool starburst of tiny little stinging sparks,if your lucky you can land a shot close to the eye making them freak out slapping them selves retarded..

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  2. The “Smoke in the Face is a good one, I saw a dude do that to someone in a bar once

    Also squeezing a bottle of water out in someone’s face also works

    ~James G

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  3. Of course, my favorite, the scalding cup o coffee…

    Then there’s spit.

    And yes, the cigarette in the face is a GREAT distraction. Done it once or twice myself.

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  4. Now I am not one for dirty fighting. But I learned the lesson a long time ago that when you are the only one fighting fair you are going to lose more than you win. But I then adjusted and came to the realization that when it gets to the point where a tactic like this is necessary, you are probably already in the middle of a fight it is just that no blows have been thrown yet.

    I tend to use something simple that most people tend to have on them at any given point of the day. Which is merely the change in your pocket. Works great, if you throw it hard enough it can do a little more than just distract and it will give you the few milliseconds that you may need. Or help to reduce your number of opponents if it is more than one on one.

    Good article James, sometimes the simplest things you can do, or the simplest items you can employ can swing the fight one way or the other.

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  5. There is no such thing as “Fair Fighting”

    ~James G

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  6. There is no such thing as “Fair Fighting”~James G  

    Not anymore. It is sad really.

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  7. maybe when i was a kid in school proving i was not scared or i was tougher then the other guy a squared off toe to toe fair fight was always fun,but after getting older and realizing along with age and wisdom so comes pain and soreness,and no matter if i won the fight or not the next day i feelt like shit,pulled muscles, cuts, bruises, sore hands…so now if you push me into a fight im going to do whatever it takes to end it as soon and as aggressively ,violently as possible.hopefully his buddies will be shocked and wont jump in long enough for me to leave the area.

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  8. My dad always told me ..if i showed up for a fair fight ..i showed up to the wrong fight

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  9. We were taught that slapping someone across the face is also effective. They are usually shocked, “like you did not just slap me”. It creates a few seconds distraction for your follow up.

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  10. The “Smoke in the Face is a good one, I saw a dude do that to someone in a bar once
    Also squeezing a bottle of water out in someone’s face also works~James G  

    The ¨water in the face¨ is an excelent tactic, I was a victim of this wet move during a fight and not only did it distracted me, it had some sort of demoralizing efect, perhaps it was only me but who knows

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  11. Pocket Sand!

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