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URBAN SURVIVAL: Lethal Force While Defending Yourself and Your Family

How I “C” my “A”

This is your family 20 months after you use deadly force to defend them

I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on the internet, read the following:

Nothing in this article constitutes, or is meant to constitute, advice of any kind. If you require advice in relation to any legal matter you should consult an appropriately qualified lawyer.

By reading past the line below you agree to the above, our Disclaimer and agree to hold harmless DVM and its authors. This article is for educational and entertainment purposes only.


So you are sitting in your basement playing Gears of War on Xbox live, your wife and kids are upstairs sleeping, it’s about 3:30 AM (your wife is one of the cool types who doesn’t complain about her husband’s gaming habit). Right in the middle of playing wave 20 on horde you hear glass breaking and your back door opening.

You go right into warrior mode; you grab your kit (body armor, rig, ect.) and your AR-15 and slowly start waking upstairs. You open the basement door, you click your surefire on and you find yourself staring at 2 guys wearing ski-masks and carrying pistols.

They take a step towards you and you zap em’, 2 in one guy and 6 in the other – see you in hell fuckers – your family is safe now, you did you job as protector of your family.

You pick up the phone, dial 911 and tell the operator you just “fucking blasted 2 mother-fuckers that were in your house”. The police show up and you tell them everything that happened while standing in your front yard calmly eating a sandwich in full kit while the local News 7 films the body’s being carted out.

Fast forward 20 months…

You are eight months into a 6 year prison sentence getting man raped every night by your cell-mate, your wife and kids are living in a spare bedroom in your elderly moms house, you are bankrupt from the legal bills and because the “victims” families have sued you for everything and won, your daughter has strep throat and your wife can’t afford to take her to the doctor so she suffers in pain.

Ok – the above is a bit melodramatic, but guess what guys: it happens

Here are some examples of what I would personally do to prepare myself for the above situation:

I Have the biggest scumbag criminal defense lawyer, who I am on a first name basis with on speed dial

Most tactical enthusiasts I know can pick up the phone and call 30 different people if they have a firearm, nylon gear, and knife or H2H question.

Oddly they don’t have the name of a single criminal defense lawyer in their “tactical rolodex” despite spending tens of thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of dollars on gear and training specifically geared towards killing someone.

When it comes to Criminal Defense Lawyers you want a killer, a fucking legal ninja with a copy of Anderson’s Business Law in one hand, a fake tittyed trophy wife in the other hand and a wall full of Certificates of Appreciation from people like Idi Amin and the Burmese Government.


Because you don’t want someone who plays by the rules or is a “nice guy” when you and your family’s future is on the line. You want the most ruthless bastard that will do everything possible to get you off no matter who else gets hurt.

Put it this way: would you bring a chrome plated .32 Davis automatic with ball ammo or a 40. cal Glock loaded with black talons to a gunfight?

Ruthless SOB Lawyer = Glock

I found my criminal defense lawyer by asking my cop investigator buddies who is the lawyer they hated the most because he keeps getting the people they arrested off even though they are 100% guilty by exploiting some arcane legal president or by confusing the jury with so much nonsense they are unable to even follow the trial and just want to get it over with and go home (think the OJ trial).

When I got the name of a good evil criminal defense lawyer I set up an appointment to do a “meet and greet” with him, a 30 minute appointment cost like 150 bucks. After then (to this day) I send him a card on every holiday just so he remembers my name and do a yearly phone call (that bastard charges me – lol).

Now if I ever have to call him at 3:30 AM after I smoked some fool he will remember my name.
Are you scoffing at spending 150 bucks? If you are not willing to make sure that your family and your virgin ass-hole will be ok for the equivalent of ½ day at the range then you deserve to spend the next 6 years holding someone’s pocket (*1).

Don’t Say SHIT!

I have worked with ex-cops in Iraq, the US and a few other countries and I think they are good guys who had a thankless job. But if you kill someone in self-defense in your home they are not on your side – now don’t get me wrong… They are also NOT against you ether by any means.

They have a job to do – they have to document, report everything they saw or heard and investigated. That may not always be in your… how I should say… “Best interest”.

If I was forced to defend myself with deadly force in my home I would call 911 and say: “hello, I am at 123 Acme Street, my name is James G and I have been involved in a shooting involving armed intruders in my home, please send the police and an ambulance”

The next person I would call is my Lawyer and let him know what happened

Then I would place all of my weapons and kit in a pile indoors – I don’t want the police accidentally shooting me, nor do I want to be photographed by the media looking like a SWAT team member. I would also put on a suit blazer.

When the police showed up I would say: “I was forced to defend myself, that is the only statement I would like to make at this time until I speak to my lawyer” and generally be polite to the cops who showed up.

Just to make thing clear: I am not saying that the cops will fuck you or anything; in fact… all of my cop buddies have no problem with a homeowner defending their families and themselves in their home.

But if I came out of my house saying “Hell yes son, I smoked those fools like Emeril Lagasse smokes ribs – BOOYAKA!!!!” and they were later asked what I said after the shooting wile under oath in court they would have no choice but to tell the truth.

And that probably would not be good for me

“This was the most horrible thing I have ever done, I will never forgive myself for shooting an armed meth head that broke into my home at 3:30 AM”

You know what my scumbag lawyer told me to do if I was ever forced to shoot someone in my home?

IMMEDIATELY piss my pants

Apparently when the police show up after I used justified lethal force in self defense I don’t want to be high fiving my neighbors or doing back-flips, or even be calm and composed
I should be bawling my eyes out with pee filled pants because I am so terrified by the intrusion and devastated that I was forced to take a human life – “It was the most horrible thing man, ohhh god please forgive me!, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” (repeat X100 in the fetal position) until the medics take me away.


That is just what I have/would do to prepare myself if I ever had to use justifiable lethal force. The above is just opinion and rambling; get a lawyer for proper legal advice.

(*1) When in prison a “bitch” (a man who is owned by another man for sexual purposes) will be forced to hold the guys pocket as a sign they are “property = man Raped every night.


~James G
Founder – Editor in Chief

James G is a Veteran Civilian Contractor who has worked in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for way too long; he has traveled to over 50 countries chasing fortune and glory. He spends his off time in Indonesia and Virginia getting drunk, shooting guns and writing poorly written articles.

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  1. Great Article As Always!

    Love the Saul pic from Breaking Bad!

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  2. Breaking Bad is the best show sense The Shield

    ~James G

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    • Last episode of the season was epic!
      Walter really made a great play on Gus and Mike by killing that nerdy chemist guy.

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  3. I had a video of Massad Ayoob speaking on this to a gun magazine and he said pretty much the same thing, adding that you should say ” I want him arrested” even if he’s dead. Reason being juries will hear that and sense only “bad” people get arrested they will be more inclined to find you innocent. I will post the video if I can find it again.

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  4. Besides pissing in your pants you should just refuse to talk until you see your lawyer. I’m guess you have seen the YouTube videos about “Don’t Talk to Cops, Part 1” and “Don’t Talk to Cops, Part 2”.

    Part 1. Mr. James Duane, a professor at Regent Law School and a former defense attorney, tells you why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police.

    Part 2. An experienced police officer tells you why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police.

    If you haven’t you should check them out.

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  5. As always, a fantastic article James. Thank you.

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  6. Good points on all James, great article. I came across a book a while ago called Hardcore Self Defense. It is a pretty decent read and covers a lot of what you just said. It and articles like this is a sincerely sad commentary on our current “Justice system”. (Unless say you live in Texas)

    I have nearly gone through the wringer after having defended myself after intervening in a domestic (man beating the crap out of his girlfriend). The only thing that saved my arse was that the girlfriend in a fit a clarity sided with me. And me keeping my mouth shut and rendering aid on the guy I beat up. (which is a good point, criminals beat someone up and laugh and joke, good citizens try to help them out showing regret for what they HAD to do)

    As for talking with the cops and home defense. It isn’t the cops, you didn’t do anything that they in your situation wouldn’t do themselves. They are simply tools of the criminal justice system. They write their reports and it is the prosecutor that ends up bringing the charges against you. Now prosecutors, many are decent guys. Some actually dislike crime and criminals and try to put as many people behind bars that deserve it as they can.

    Most are politically ambitious snakes that depending on their political leaning sway what they do. So if you have an anti gun nut that doesn’t like the fact that you took your combat assault rifle (AR-15) and took the life of two poor individuals just looking for some bread to feed their family (it doesn’t matter that they had your computer in one hand and a 9mm with the serial number filed off in the other) They were downtrodden and looking for work, dammit. And you shouldn’t have that gun to begin with.

    This doesn’t even go into the crap that can happen in civil law courts where anyone can literally take anything from you despite having been cleared in criminal court.

    These are unfortunately the waters we choose to swim in gentlemen. Act accordingly, keep your mouth shut, get the biggest asshole on the planet to be your lawyer. (keep a legal defense fund stashed away). And prepare, think about a plan of action that you will employ.

    Now take a look at that again and focus on how it will be perceived by others, especially a jury. (I know, I know, we shouldn’t let our actions in self defense be guided by people that know nothing about it.) Everything is going to be taken into account, from the weapon that your use, from you grabbing your gun before calling 911, to you remaining calm on the phone. Calm = steely, steely = killer, killer = bad.

    For me my gun is a basic Remington 870 5 shot. Plane jane simple, no side saddle, no pistol grip, no 8 round benelli, no tricked out AR. Something that if an average citizen had a gun, this might be it. Why? because if you roll out of your bed with a tactical shotgun or rifle it will be perceived by those that don’t know, like you are looking for a fight.

    If you are looking for a fight, you must be a bad person. And though I have dozens (seriously it is becoming an addiction) of tactical lights, I grab my Coscto brand LED light. That is not affixed to my gun, and so as to not confuse the jury with how the strobing effects a persons eye when in use, and being ready to disorient a person so as to shoot them easier. My gladius stays on my kit.

    Also the first two rounds that come out of my shotgun are bean bag rounds. To show that it was not my intention to kill or maim an individual. Just to end a threat. (adjust your tactics accordingly if you use these.)

    And then render aid, even if you don’t know how. Just grab a dish towel and plug up the hole in their chest so that you at least can be perceived as to trying to help the worthless piece of crap that broke into the wrong home. I would say cry and wet your pants.

    But the prosecutor is going to look into your life, and if you have a background like myself (be it EP, PSD, law enforcement, weekend warrior whatever and what have you) they are going to see that you have a familiarity with guns and violence and it was merely an act. And if it was an act then you have something to hide. You know who hides things? criminals hide things.

    If you want to say things say something like “I told him to put the gun down, why didn’t he just put the f*cking gun down” Yell it, scream it, repeat it. Or “I had to”, “he left me no choice” etc. Reduce your perceived options to result in one logical yet unfortunate and tragic result.

    Yell at the medics “Is he going to be ok” Make sure others hear and see you say that. (witnesses) Look sullen, as if you didn’t want to do this etc. Other than that, keep your mouth shut, when they say “anything that you say can and will be used against you” They freaking mean that. Wait for your attorney and keep your mouth zipped.

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  7. They teach you to ask for the ambulance first (and possibly not even the police) at Front Sight.

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  8. Excellent! There need to be more articles like this, in more venues, as this info should be well known by all who may need to use a gun in a civilian – as opposed to combat – scenario. Leave the witty, gritty one liners to Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson and de Niro and limit your own words.

    Having a lawyer is great, and if you are a member of a serious gun-rights group, like Gun Owners of America or the Jews for Preservation of Firearm Ownership, ask your main office if they have legal contacts in your AO. Many of them have referrals set up for lawyers who specialize in such cases, in fact, Ayoob has testified in such cases.

    One more aspect – to those who have never had to shoot another human being in combat, you may find that the ‘geez I am SO traumatized’ act, may not be all that hard to portray.

    For most of us, assuming we are not psychopaths, staring at a dead body leaking large amounts of blood, into which we have just fired a half dozen rounds of our ammo of choice, does NOT lend itself to such pithy thoughts as ” Yippee Ki Yay, muthafukkah”.. even when totally justified, even when there is NO alternative, there is still something genuinely gut-wrenching about watching the life drain out of someone. In battle, some guys puke, some get the shakes after, and they do not even have to think about legal crap.

    Of course, that is why sniping or bombing are a wee bit less stressful on that level, but the cops won’t be understanding if you whack a wannabe home invader while he’s still 400 yards out….

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  9. Good article, James. I am a lawyer, but I don’t play one on the internet.

    Incidentally, I was attacked in my home by an out-of-control acquaintance about 12yrs ago, and I instinctively busted the guy up fairly sufficiently. My wife called 911 for an ambulance while I was standing there wondering what I could do to keep the guy from dying.

    He was turning different colors, his eyes were bugging out, and he wasn’t breathing for a while. Well, he came to with a brisquet of ribs broken, and as he was being loaded onto the stretcher, I had to re-enact the whole thing for the paramedics to convince them this was NOT a case to call the police on.

    Just self defense against a person I knew and I did not intend to press charges. Thankfully, they didn’t call the police, and it was just one of those things. (However, one of the medics wanted me to teach him how I broke this choke hold I was in before it all hit the fan) :)

    I second the Mas Ayoob teachings. He has a lot of information on the subject, and the one Ayoob Stressfire class I took stressed the legal survival as much as the gunfighting.

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  10. James, once again another perfectly balanced article that helps us learn and snicker along the way.

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  11. I’m a psychologist and teach Firearms Carry in MN – there are a host of psychological reasons not to speak with the police. Like the 5 stages of grief, you will experience emotions post shooting, including elation, and you don’t want to be talking to the police when you’re happy and smiling because you have just won a gun battle.

    Also, think of the scene from My Cousin Vinnie where the sheriff reads back the kid’s statement in court. “I killed him?” sounds entirely different than “I killed him.” just from the inflection of the sheriff’s voice.

    Also, I give my students a card that reads (insert standard legal disclaimer and get the verbage cleared by a criminal lawyer in your state):

    “My lawyer has told me not to talk to anyone about my case, to not answer questions, and to not reply to accusations.

    I refuse to speak with you, other than to identify myself, until I consult with my attorney. If I am not under srrest, I want to leave. If I am free to leave, please tell me immediatly so that I may go about my business.

    Call my lawyer if you want to ask me questions, search my person or my proprty, do any tests, do any lineups, or any other I.D. procedures. I decline all of these things without my lawyer present.

    I choose not want to waive any of my Constitutional Rights.”

    Side 2 has phone numbers for 3 criminal defense attorneys, my brother and wife.

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    • I am not a lawyer but I’ve heard that if you chose to remain silent you have to reaffirm that choice if you say anything later. For example if you asking to use the bathroom or talk about anything for that matter infront of LEO. Safest thing to do is to remain silent until you have a lawyer pressent.

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  12. I’ve heard the statement “I want to cooperate with you guys (police)…but I’m pretty shaken up at the moment, and I need some time to steady myself” works pretty well.

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  13. James, another great article. Makes me glad I live in Texas where we have a strong Castle Doctrine. No messy legal entanglements from defending your family from an intruder.

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  14. Love the pants pissing part.

    I will one up that and shit myself on camera.

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    • Or would it be acceptable to just cover the floor and the bodies with diarrhea?

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  15. Good article James. I agree with most of what you wrote. Although I don’t do criminal defense as a general rule, I’m the 3:30 AM contact for friends, family, etc. My standing orders are: “My lawyer has advised me not to say anything until he gets here.”
    So I second the say nothing until your mouthpiece arrives.

    As for the 911 call, “shots fired” is enough to get the proper serious response in gear without saying anything unfortunate.

    Rick – that’s an excellent card

    Now, purely as a joke and not meant as legal advice for anybody (I am not your lawyer, you are not my client, etc.):

    Always put an extra “warning shot” into the ceiling

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    • thanks

      The card does a couple things…

      It puts it “in writing” which makes it better for your lawyer later, plus it’s easier to hand it to the cops that try to remember what to say/how to say it.

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  16. YES! A great lawyer who will answer your call is more important that a great gun (or about any gun for that matter, you can always hack up bad guys with a katana).
    Thanks, James.

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  17. Besides pissing in your pants you should just refuse to talk until you see your lawyer. I’m guess you have seen the YouTube videos about “Don’t Talk to Cops, Part 1″ and “Don’t Talk to Cops, Part 2″.
    Part 1. Mr. James Duane, a professor at Regent Law School and a former defense attorney, tells you why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police.Part 2. An experienced police officer tells you why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police.If you haven’t you should check them out.  

    This is an excellent contribution to this post and I was ready to post the links myself until I scrolled down and saw your reply.

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  18. Glad you guys liked the article

    ~James G

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  19. As someone who is a law enforcement officer, and who teaches firearm courses I have to mention some things.

    Follow your State laws, and you should be able to survive the judicial system. With that being said, surviving should be your first priority. You must decide whether you want to survive the attack and deal with the judicial system, not live and not deal with the judicial system.

    Invoke your right to remain silent under the fifth amendment. Under no circumstances, with the exception of calling 911 & reaffirming you invoking the fifth amendment, are you not to talk to the police. Experienced police officers will appreciate this. Police officers, and investigators that want to better their careers will play on your emotions in order to improve their record.

    Have a really good lawyer with a strong background in criminal, and self-defense, already retained. Call this lawyer as soon-as-possible. This may be a few days before you can and does happen.

    Never, ever, say anything to anyone regarding what happened between you and your attacker before, during, or after the trial unless with your lawyer.

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  20. Man, we’ve got the Castle Doctrine here in Texas. Someone breaks into your home late at night you are not going to be prosecuted. Additionally, the Castle Doctrine applies to your private vehicle. As long as you’re not a felon or prosecuted for DV, anyone can have a concealed hand gun in their private vehicle. You don’t even need CHL, although I’ve got mine. Texas, unlike places such as the People Republic of California, does not force some requirement to “retreat.”

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    • Good stuff to know. Just realize that you may have to fork over several thousand dollars in lawyer fees even if you’re within the law.

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  21. Just yesterday two men broke into a house here in Houston. Nothing strange there, except that a 15 and 12 year old was in the house. The 15 year old took his fathers shotgun, and put some buckshot into one of the individuals. The other one fled.

    In Texas – End of story.

    In California – Kid goes to jail.

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  22. James,

    Great article. If you carry a gun for a living, you definitely need to have a good attorney. Mine specializes in civil rights violations and she is well known (and feared) in law enforcement circles. The bottom line is “DON’T SAY ANYTHING!!!” Refuse to answer questions (any questions) until you speak with your attorney. Don’t fall into the trap of conversational small talk. (“Hey, while we’re waiting for your attorney, I just need some personal information so I can get my report started. What’s your full name, etc, etc….) Resist the temptation to defend yourself and to justify your actions. The system is stacked against you. If you say nothing, then nobody can testify in court about what you said. If you were just involved in a deadly force situation, you are most likely in shock. People under stress say the craziest things. Anything (and everything) you say may be used against you in a court of law.

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    Something worth looking into.

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    • Good idea. Your local union, if you have one, will usually have profesional supplemental insurance in case they can’t defend you. There is also insurance available under home owners insurance you can elect to have.

      It’s unfortunate we can’t be like Texas where if you’re found in the clear criminally, you are shielded from any civil liabilities.

      The stars are bright, and big at night!!!

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  24. James,Great article. If you carry a gun for a living, you definitely need to have a good attorney. Mine specializes in civil rights violations and she is well known (and feared) in law enforcement circles. The bottom line is “DON’T SAY ANYTHING!!!” Refuse to answer questions (any questions) until you speak with your attorney. Don’t fall into the trap of conversational small talk. (“Hey, while we’re waiting for your attorney, I just need some personal information so I can get my report started. What’s your full name, etc, etc….) Resist the temptation to defend yourself and to justify your actions. The system is stacked against you. If you say nothing, then nobody can testify in court about what you said. If you were just involved in a deadly force situation, you are most likely in shock. People under stress say the craziest things. Anything (and everything) you say may be used against you in a court of law.  (Quote This Comment)

    Good point about the lawyer. You might not want to get a lawyer that knows the inner workings of the government which might have the mentality of plea bargaining. Instead, get a lawyer that HATES the government with a passion, and willing to make it a Supreme Court case out of yours.

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  25. The fools who break into my house leave their human rights on the door step, from then onwards I am the decision maker, fuck them they will most probably die from massive blood loss.
    We will take care of the paper work later, till then my Wife and Children will sleep soundly.

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    • That’s awsome you read an entire article only to basically say, “fuck them they will most probably die from massive blood loss.”

      That’s going to really help here, and in court.

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  26. Food for thought- Some laws are written where you right to self defence is an affirmative defence to say, murder. Just like insanity is an affirmative defence. There may be a trial where you can affirm your defence even when you have done everything right.
    Also I remember an article from a gun rag years ago (about the time of the rise of the Wonder Nines) that spoke of how the opposing laywer could se you firearms name against you. For example the Colt Cobra vs. a S&W Detective Speacial or the Mossberg Persuader vs. a Winchester Defender. Similar platforms, just one has a sinister name. I gues weirder things have swayed a jury.

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  27. As a object lesson in how things can get ugly quickly, the following is from an article about a recent event where a self-defense shooting turned into a 1st degree murder charge. As of today, the murder charges have been dropped, but the shooter is still being held in jail on gun possession charges. (I don’t know that there was any guarantee that things would go that way for him, though.)

    As you read this, consider what the shooter did “right” and “wrong,” and where it got him.

    (This from a 7/16/10 Washington Post article. There’s also a 7/21/10 follow-up article.)

    Arrest documents provide an account of what occurred just outside a house in Wheaton about 1 a.m. Wednesday. The suspect, Larry Lamont, 27, is accused of firing multiple rounds at the victim, Marcus Duffin, 27, who had a gun trained on the third man, according to the documents, which were written early in the investigation and rely heavily on Lamont’s version of events.
    . . .
    Lamont remains locked in the county jail without bond, and he is charged with first-degree murder and use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence.

    It is unclear whether he has retained an attorney.

    But his future may be aided by his level of cooperation.

    At 2 a.m., an hour after the shooting, he went to a police district station in Wheaton, identified himself to an aide at the front desk and said he had just shot someone down the street, according to the charging documents.

    Police arrested him in the lobby. He agreed to waive his Miranda rights and started talking.

    According to Lamont, he was in a house in the 3300 block of Randolph Road when Duffin arrived, looking for the third man, whom Duffin had argued with several nights before. Duffin found him and pulled out a gun.

    “Lamont left the living room, and entered a rear bedroom, where he had previously secreted” a 9mm handgun, detectives wrote in a statement of probable cause to support the murder charge. “Lamont then returned to the living room, only to find that the dispute had moved outside.”

    From the porch, Lamont watched the two men argue heatedly. As he told detectives, he saw Duffin again pull out a gun and point it at the man. “Lamont then opened fire with multiple rounds on Duffin,” detectives wrote.

    After talking to detectives Wednesday morning, Lamont agreed to take them to the scene, and he described the path on which he fled.

    On the path, detectives found the gun they think he used to kill Duffin, detectives wrote. Police also found a second gun at the scene.

    Duffin was hit with at least one round in the upper portion of his body and died at the scene.

    Detectives soon learned that Lamont had a previous drug conviction. And at the time, Wednesday morning, detectives considered it appropriate to charge him with first-degree murder, a police spokeswoman said Thursday.

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  28. AS a LEO in Dallas, ive worked a few home invasions where the owner smoked the suspect. Now keep in mind dallas is second only to austin in liberal BS.

    I remember i was in district court testifying on a unrelated case when i met up with an old trainer who was involved in the shooting. i was sitting in the court listening to this douchebag prosecutor go after the guy who defended his home.

    and just like the author of this article pointed out the guy seemed “to prepared” holding the mans tactical 870 up to the jury. He literally explained every mod on the shotgun, including the extended mag and rail system.. basically trying to paint the guy as a nut job oportunist who finally was able to live out his fantasy and blow this dude away.

    All the cops looked at eachother and were pretty bewildered seeing is how we all own some similar variant of the 870, bc the city issued shotguns are shit and we prefer to patrol with our own.

    Anyway point is if i were johnny civilian i would keep my shotgun as “traditional” as possible, to look like grandpa’s ol hunting gun that you had around just in case someone invited you to go duck hunting. And then you can say that you were home fundraising for the NAACP, PETA, ACLU and donating to the bradey gun ban list, and were forced to defend yourself.

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  29. Great stuff as usual James.

    What about doing what Mas and others have suggested. You don’t want to complete;y shut up for a few reasons. You need to get out that you were attacked and feared for your life, you want to sign a complaint against the attackers, and you want to point out were the evidence may be. After that invoke and shut the F up.

    But the whole theory is if you shut up right way and don’t get those few things out that sets up that you are claiming to be a victim and not a criminal and then making sure that evidence that would help you, say like a dumped gun that the guy that ran away had but when the police find him he says he was unarmed and they never found the gun because you were waiting for your lawyer. As invoking right away usually guarantees you going to jail for at lets until your lawyer shows up and allows your attackers to cook up stories.

    Does that limited interaction (if it is psychologically possible for you to keep you mouth shut after that limited info) really work better? I agree from the state of mind side it is a good idea to have a card to follow as Mas recommends, but can you stick to the script after opening the door a little and trying to shut it back up.

    Suarez recently did an article basically saying the same thing Mas does, definitely say just enough to get the point you were attacked across and point out where evidence is so it isn’t lost.

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  30. My advice is always the same. Somebody wants to rob you. Help them. Start with handing over your weapons. I always keep grenade handy. Hand them your grenade and smile. Just before you hear that loud ‘boomph’…splat” yell “now where did I put that pin”

    but seriously…you can actually quote my books and columns..

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  31. Well shit – I was just in the middle of writing an article on self defense overseas, now I see that you have already written one.

    Maybe I can write it a little differently than your article RYP, or maybe go at it from a different angle like “How to shank a Hippie on Khaosan Road and not go to a Thai jail”

    ~James G

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  32. Im at the Library reading this LOL loudly (gettin weird looks) Good info, love ur writting style,LMAO!!!!

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  33. @ James G – All it takes is enough baht. Mai Pen Rai. >:)

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  34. Hey James,
    I think you need to learn eastern philosophy a little bit.May be you discover inner peace.These wild imanigations…..

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  35. Here’s what we have in Kansas: 2. Kansas removes the duty to retreat from its use of force statutes and adds a general statement that a person not engaged in illegal activity who is attacked in a place where he has a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his ground and meet force with force. Now, as I read this, it means that if I’m at home, I’m violating no legal statutes, and someone tries to break in, I don’t have to retreat and I can meet force with force. That’s our Castle Doctrine. As DET. Rick Hunter once said, ” Works For Me ” .

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  36. I\’m not quite the lawyer you describe, but there are plenty of cops and prosecutors who don\’t like me. Love your blog. Some thoughts on this post:

    “I would call 911 and say: \’hello, I am at 123 Acme Street, my name is James G and I have been involved in a shooting involving armed intruders in my home, please send the police and an ambulance\'”

    Better: “Hello. There has been a shooting at 123 Acme Street. There are two injured men. The scene is secure. Please send the police and paramedics.”

    This way you haven\’t identified yourself, nor that you were involved in the shooting. Saying that the scene is secure will hopefully reassure the cops coming to the house. Reporting the number of injured helps them know what medical resources to bring (maybe two ambulances).

    “Then I would place all of my weapons and kit in a pile indoors … When the police showed up I would say: \’I was forced to defend myself, that is the only statement I would like to make at this time until I speak to my lawyer\’ and generally be polite to the cops who showed up.”

    Depending on the situation and your state, it may be better for you to leave the scene with your firearm in the trunk, perhaps making a visit to your lawyer\’s office.

    I\’m not aware of any law that requires you to stay at the scene, nor to provide the firearm you used to the police. Even if there are such laws, a conviction carries far less prison time than murder.

    Staying there and providing them with the gun both make it easier for them to prove you\’re guilty, even if you\’re innocent. In the scenario you describe, your wife and kids don\’t even know you were home. So you walk out (assuming you\’re sure they\’re safe) and no one can prove you were even there.

    As for talking to the police, saying you were “forced to defend yourself” is an admission that you\’re the guy who shot them.

    You don\’t want to rely on self defense unless you have to. It\’s a far easier case for me to defend if the prosecutor can\’t prove you shot them in the first place.

    For all you know the CSI bozos will conclude the assholes shot each other.

    With that in mind, your 911 call might be best if you dialed the phone, made sure it was answered, but you say nothing at all. Then they can\’t do voice id and put you at the scene.

    Standard legal disclaimers apply. Your mileage may vary.

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