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CIVILIAN CONTRACTORS: Don’t Be a Douchebag to TCN’s

So you think you are Superior compared to a TCN Contractor? Really?

TCN = Third Country National, anyone who is not an American or a National of whatever country the base is in. The largest numbers of TCN’s working on U.S. Military bases in the Middle East (some for as little as one hundred bucks a month) are Indians, Filipinos, Sri Lankans, Nepalese and Pakistani citizens who generally do labor and administrative jobs (Blue Collar Guys and Gals).

So, today I was at the KBR laundry pick-up grabbing my laundry when this “Fat Ass” Contractorous Douchebagnus walked in to pick up his laundry bag filled with XXXXX-Large 5.11’s. At the top of his lungs he yelled “I AM HERE FOR MY LAUNDRY!” (Like the guys working at the Laundry Pick-Up might have thought he was there for a pizza or something) and tossed his receipt on the counter.

That sort of annoyed me but the stupidness with this guy was just starting, when the Indian guy behind went to look for his bag in the mass of bags shoved in the wall he started yelling “NO, NO, TO THE LEFT, NO, ON THE BOTTOM, NO, MORE TO THE LEFT!”

After confusing and flustering the fuck out of the poor Indian dude Mr. fat-boy walked behind the counter yelling “I’LL JUST FUCKING GET IT MYSELF”, the Indian dude was like “sorry sir but you can’t come behind the counter” (the Indian guy was still being polite and calling him sir).

At this point I was starting to get pissed pissed:

– 1. Because I just wanted my fucking laundry
– 2. This Buffet-Rapist was making all Americans look like rude ass-holes

And right when I decided not to say anything and to just let this guy make a fool out of himself he grabs his bag and then goes and pushes the Indian guy out of his way.

I then snapped, I yelled “Get you fucking hands off that guy, what the fuck is wrong with you pal?” – He jumped back and started to say something to me when I said “don’t even act like you are in the right here, you don’t ever put your hands on someone – people get stabbed in a laundry room for pulling shit like that”

So as usual with most Tough Guys when they are challenged he backed off and started making excuses and whining like a little bitch about how he was just trying to help or something. Anyway – I won’t go into the details of what was said but it ended with me taking his laundry bag and tossing it out the door into the sand.

I really wish that I could say this was the only time I have seen a contractor treat a TCN like dirt for no damn reason at all – but I have constantly seen abuse like this throughout my entire contracting career.

For some reason every single breed of the Contractorous Douchebagnus seems to think he is somehow superior to anyone that is not either an American, Brit or Aussie – and if someone is from a 3rd world country they completely look down on them like they are not even a person. They think this despite they are straight-up loosers with GED’s who couldn’t read a book out loud if someone had a gun to their head

This group of Douchebags will say things to TCN’s that they would never dare to say to an American or Brit for fear of being stomped, but they get a case of the “I will talk down to you or just treat you like shit” syndrome when they are talking to a TCN. Personally I think it is more insulting when they talk down or say rude comments to a TCN’s than when they yell or curse at them.

And quite frankly I am fucking tired of it.

Contractors being rude and even physically abusive to TCN workers is and will continue to be a problem on every base in the Middle East until the non-Douchebag Contractor start checking other contractors when they see this unacceptable behavior.

So if you are a contractor and you are not a Douchebag then don’t just keep to yourself when you see this happening – step in and let the people you see being abusive and rude to TCN’s know that they are in the wrong and that his shit-bag behavior reflects on all of us.

No matter where they are from or what their job is they are still our fellow contractors so watch their backs and be a battle buddy when no other contractor will step up. Be the better man.

Or just kick him in the balls, whatever works best for you


~James G
Founder – Editor in Chief

James G is a Veteran Civilian Contractor who has worked in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for way too long; he has traveled to over 50 countries chasing fortune and glory. He spends his off time in Indonesia and Virginia getting drunk, shooting guns, writing poorly written articles and stabbing people in the KBR laundry room

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  1. “anyone that is not either an American, Brit or Aussie”

    once again Canada gets he short shaft 😛

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  2. Fuck yeah! Everyone has a job to do and being a prick probably isn’t anywhere in the job description.

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  3. Stab him or his laundry, I’m sure the khaki whale would appreciate some ventilation.

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  4. Same holds true for Mil spec in deployed locations.

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  5. I like the last option, a kick to the balls. Seem like this guy had entitlement issues and needed to be forced in the right direction. Good article and sound advise.

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  6. couldnt agree more…u know for a couple bucks anyone could record you nowadays. why dBAG’s feel they are never going to be seen or held to accountability is nuts. worse your blood gets pumping trying to avoid some confrontation with some ahole. good on u for standing up for the moralcode of not treating someone like poo, or like your disposable *itch.

    DVM=awesome blog!~

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  7. be a battle buddy,hahah thats awesome.

    but its not just contractors,its like that on the river as well.we deal with a lot of foreign flag vessels. and 90% of the people we deal with speak english as their 4th or 5th language,and my high school drop out speaking with the thickest coonass accent(cajun) you ever heard.calling them dumbasses because they are speaking broken english,burns my ass…i usually give them grunt work after that.

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  8. “So as usual with most Tough Guys when they are challenged he backed off and started making excuses and whining like a little bitch about how he was just trying to help or something.”

    James, perfect. You rock.

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  9. I grew up abroad. Dad worked for State, so I got to see and learn from a lot of different people. All over the world. The people that worked the embassies who were cleaning floors and taking out the trash were some extremely intelligent people. And were generally treated like trash by the so called “somebodies” or worse not even noticed at all. I learned fast that some of the people that think they are entitled to everything are in fact just petty assholes who deserve to be backhanded. And some people deserve to in the very least be treated like people. Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the laundry guy had a Graduate Degree.

    I have always lived by the theory of treating people well until they prove that they don’t deserve to be treated that way. Waitstaff, janitors, garbage men, window washers, butlers, cooks, whatever and what have you. Most work hard and most of them work under what they are capable of.

    Good on you James for standing up for the guy and to the asshole. I have done it myself however it usually ends up with me slapping the hell out of the guy. I can’t stand people that are rude. There is a time and a place for it and people that truly deserve it.

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    • I have always lived by the theory of treating people well until they prove that they don’t deserve to be treated that way.

      Very well said, and solid advice to live by

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  10. “I won’t go into the details of what was said”

    Dude, please go into the details of what was said! This is better than dinosaur porn!

    In all seriousness, I feel the exact same way. Thanks for sticking up for the “little” guy.

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  11. If people were required to work at least one shit job like that in life, they wouldn’t be a dick to those that are in them.

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  12. “buffet rapist”

    That is priceless!

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  13. It’s a sad fact that a lot of people, in a (perceived) position of power or authority will turn into abusive assholes (/ref Stanford prison experiment)

    If people were required to work at least one shit job like that in life, they wouldn’t be a dick to those that are in them.  


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  14. Good for u James! You should have kicked that douche bag in the balls. He was probably wearing Multicam too!?!?! This kind of behavior makes all Americans look bad, this is one of the reasons why a lot of people in the world don’t like us.

    Seriously, the TCN’s on US bases are basically modern day slaves. Their life is bad/rough enough without some ugly American making it worse. I will not tolerate this type of behavior when I’m in country!

    Take care and keep-up the good fight!

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  15. “anyone that is not either an American, Brit or Aussie”once again Canada gets he short shaft   

    Canada? Is that one of those islands near Cuba?

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  16. Being a decent guy is a hallmark of the Old School Man. Not abusing working class-people is what separates the dipshits from the good people.

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  17. Way to go! Col.Grossman would be proud. Sheepdogs don’t just stand there and blend in when somebody needs to be called out.

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  18. If people were required to work at least one shit job like that in life, they wouldn’t be a dick to those that are in them.  

    BINGO. You want to hear the real, bitch ass whining? Hand the fat fucker a wash board.

    Sometimes I long for the day when you could take a slug like this to the halbreds and tear the hide off his back with a cat. Wakey-wakey…

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  19. So unsat and un-needed. And this is the douche that will get to work before I do because he “knows” people. Go run you whale and trip on a rock.

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  20. I had the great assignment in Iraq of being the liaison for our LN workforce and my unit. These people were risking their lives to work for the US for $35/week (IIRC). They were incredibly smart and interesting people and before work every day I was required (by them) to have tea.

    I learned of there military service (SGM in the Iraqi Army during DS/DS, Sgt vs Iran), their jobs before OIF (electrician, student, etc.), and their families. We had a translator who was an IAF MiG-29 instructor.

    Then the TCNs were just as interesting. For instance, there was the former Chittagong, Bangladesh PD Chief Inspector who worked as a firefighter at Camp Doha, Kuwait. We still correspond. I found this all out because I was kind, courteous and friendly. NOT a douchebag.

    I’ll bet this db considered himself to be unprejudiced and as PC as they come! I could tell more, but this should suffice.

    What a moron.

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  21. Yea ive seen this shit all the time. I hate that. You told the same story ive seen a thousand times in numerous countries all over the middle east. Its not always the contractors either. That DFAC Sargent you talk about is most always a repeat offender.

    had this fat ass guard soldier have a fucking bitch fit because a undershirt of his was missing. accused them of stealing it. Im sure those dudes got a lot of other things they can steal rather than stealing his XXX shirt and making a tent out of it.

    It reminds me of when i was working at Jack in the Box….same shit. People think sense your on the bottom of the totem pole your are not entitled to be a human being….fuck that. There is a reason you don’t fuck with service people….want good food? Want all your clothes back? If you are too much of a shitbag to treat lower paid individuals with some respect….at least don’t piss in my cereal bitch….cuz payback is just that, a bitch.

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  22. Hi everybody.

    You’re all wrong. I can tell you for sure, cuz I’m the lad in the pic.

    I’m just an airsofter and nothing else.

    I’ve lost 65 kilos since the pic has been shot.

    Have a good day.

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    • LOL, No way – that’s not you…

      I just used that pik to represent what the guy looked like, that’s why I blotted the face out – don’t worry, no one actually thought that was a picture of the dude I had to check

      If it is you I hope you have a good sense of humor – ha

      65 kg – dang, that’s like a person

      ~James G

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  23. LOL, No way – that’s not you…I just used that pik to represent what the guy looked like, that’s why I blotted the face out – don’t worry, no one actually thought that was a picture of the dude I had to check If it is you I hope you have a good sense of humor – ha65 kg – dang, that’s like a person ~James G  (Quote This Comment)

    Definitely I’ve got a huge sense of humour, then when a guy on the airsoft forum I use to attend has sent me the link I had a big laugh…

    Nice topic indeed…

    P.S. BTW I’m from Italy…

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  24. Ha! Well welcome from Italy, glad to hear you are not fat anymore dude

    ~James G

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  25. Ha! Well welcome from Italy, glad to hear you are not fat anymore dude~James G  (Quote This Comment)

    Well… I’m not 100% fit yet, but a lot better than in your pic…
    Something like this (3rd from the left):

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  26. +1 James.

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  27. I deal with so many foreigners on a daily basis, I’ve stopped noticing accents… It’s bad enough that I think I’m starting to say my “F’s” as “P’s” 😉

    I really hate it when assholes demean people in the service industry. I try my best to intercede when needed, it’s as if these assholes were never taught what real life is like and had everything fed to them from a silver spoon. People really need to learn how to be more human than animal some days.

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  28. what I want to know is where do you get those bad ass pictures of fat people in ninja gear, LOL

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    • My friends know one of my pet-peeves is fat people who think they are warriors so they send me pictures like this cuz they know I will get a laugh out of it

      ~James G

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  29. This applies in civilian life as well. The world would be a much better place if people didn’t assume they were better than someone else. This same thing has happened in more than a few fast food places. Outcome was the same too – minus me tossing someone’s things out the door.

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  30. Love this site. Just found it. Served two tours in Germany over 20 years ago. Never did any work like you folks do, but am willing to learn from the Old School guys like you. As far as the TCNs, just like what the Duke said in ” The Shootist”, ” I won’t be lied to, I won’t be abused, and I won’t be manhandled. I don’t do these things to other people, and I don’t expect them to treat me like that ” . I’ve dealt with pigs like that and it’s unfortunate that blanket parties earn you an Article 15, or worse.

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  31. Funny how one word can make you look like an idget. Especially when you are putting someone down. Not to mention the EVERY ONE.

    But to be nice I agree with some of what you did…even if you cannot spell loser.

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