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MORALE PATCHES: Some New-Old Patches

Holy war – holy shit!

Terrorist Hunting Permit – No bag limit – Tagging not required


These are some patches that have been floating around the Hajji shops on base here in Iraq for a while. They are clever designs with one problem – the quality isn’t that great because they are made one at a time on sewing machines by bored Indian dudes.

So in the interest of spreading around these funny designs – but with the high quality sewing folks stateside are used to, we wanted to see if you all are interested in picking up a few.

Remember – these are the low quality versions of what we are going to have sewed-up. The ones we are making will have a substantial amount of more detail, higher thread count and will generally be DVM Pimp quality

So if you like em’ let us know in the comments so we know how many to make.

~James G


  1. And while we are talking about patches – the DVM patches will be available for you guys to order this Tuesday.

    This is what 1200 DVM Patches look like Ladies


    ~James G

  2. Pimpin DVM patches James!

    • Which ones do you like John?

      ~James G

  3. Which ones do you like John?~James G  (Quote This Comment)

    They all look badass James, maybe the ones with the white lettering are less appealing to me. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  4. I really want a DVM one, and liked the Hunting Permit too!

  5. I like Holy War, Holy Shit, and the Hunting Permit (especially the hunting permit).

  6. Is there a link to a store? I will be interested in a DVM patch this tuesday and possibly the “Hunting Permit”.

    • How to order will be announced Tuesday guys – Stand By


      ~James G

  7. That Terrorist Hunting Permit is freaking cool. This is strange for me to say as I usually hate morale patches. Can’t wait for the DVM’s!

  8. I really like the “CLIMB TO GLORY – FALL OFF THE MOUNTAIN” Patch – just something about the little stick-man taking a nose dive is funny.

    Also in Contracting I see guys busting their ass to move up in a Company just to get knocked back down over and over again

    ~James G

  9. I would probably pick up “climb to glory…: as well as a few DVM patches.
    Any thoughts on DVM t-shirts yet?

    • Yep – We are playing with a few different designs now

      Look for them next month

      ~James G

  10. Damn James now they want shirts. Sounds like merchandise is calling brother your gonna have to start churnning out all kinds of shit now..LOL
    Sign me up for some DVM boxer shorts.

    • I am all about a DVM Speedo for hitting the beach in Bali

      ~James G

  11. Hunting permit for sure!

  12. I’d buy one of the Terrorist Hunting Permits.

  13. Keep ’em “gray”. Love the stick man!

  14. Can we get a douchebag hunting permit?

  15. Cant wait for the DVM patches. Would love the stick man mountain one if someone produces it.

  16. James,

    I love the DVM speedo idea. I would so rock that shit!

  17. I will take a dozen of the hunting permits… know a lot of hunters and it is almost Christmas! The will need Velcro on the back – for their tactical caps LOL

  18. Gotta vote for Hunting Permit. I’ve got the matching sticker on my truck.

    Can’t wait for the DMV swag!

  19. I can’t believe I don’t have a DVM patch!

  20. I like the hunting patch as #1, Holy Shit for #2.

  21. Sign me up for a few hunting permits. I will send one to my liberal brother in Hollywood for Christmas.

  22. Hunting Permit

  23. Sweet – I’ll send all of them in on Monday to have sewed up in a few different color schemes


    ~James G

  24. Not into patches or politics but I like the stickman and of course the DVM ones, bring’em on.

  25. Nice want dvm patch

  26. What? No Multicam DVM patches? How about making one like this…DVM! in multicam…

  27. Yep we do have Multicam DVM patches, I did what you guys want, allot of people voted for the Satan of all camos so we had em’ sewed up

    ~James G

  28. I like the climb to glory, gonna needa few for my friends in 10th MTN.

  29. +1 for DVM patch…

  30. put me down for two hunting and two mountain. :)

  31. Ha – You get patches for free Dude

    ~James G

  32. I will take the Hunting Permit….

  33. Hunting permit. M has a point, any plans for a D-bag hunting permit?
    DVM is a must for gift giving. From me to me.

  34. I like the hunting permit

  35. Since your doing patches you might as well do stickers and shirts…and I’ll take some of both on the hunter permit.

  36. I’m not one for insignia as a general rule but the terrorist huning permit tickles my fancy

  37. damnit all now the freaking terrorists are stealing the “T”s out of my texts…

  38. I laughed so hard I started choking on my own laughter at the “Holy War/ Holy Shit” one… I so want that patch!

  39. “holy war/holy shit” and stickman. Both are clever as hell.

  40. Gotta have the holy war-holy shit and hunting permit . Few of each. Luaghed so hard at the first one.

  41. DVM of course ! All my gear is Coyote Brown ! need that scheme the others I have seen not really interested except maybe the Hunting Permit in Coyote Brown!

  42. I would take a DVM, Holy War, and a Hunting Permit…….a couple of each

  43. James – you have simply GOT TO do a run of the ‘Holy War/Holy Shit’ patches!!
    An absolute CLASSIC!!!! Simply got to have one…

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