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TACTICAL GEAR: Zulu RDK Carrier – Field Tested

The Zulu RDK Carrier on James G uses on his Contractor BOB in Iraq

If you are like me you probably suffer from “CTMSS” or “Carry Too Much Shit Syndrome” when it comes to loading up your kit. One of the more extreme examples of CTMSS in my case is the amount of medical supplies I carry in my IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit).

Over the years it has become ridiculously packed with medical shit I have swapped, acquired or been issued. Its been getting to the point where I probably couldn’t even fit a thermometer into it, and even worse it looked like I had a backpack hooked to the side of my chest rig.

So when the boys over at Zulu Nylon Gear sent over one of their RDK Carriers I figured this was a good a time as any to lighten my load and move some of the stuff in my IFAK into a separate pouch.

The RDK Carrier was made to fit the contents of RSKTKR Medical’s [a tactical school run by an ex-security contractor] “RSKTKR Down Kit” [a kit similar to the Army’s IFAK but with better supplies].

The RDK Carrier is a straight-forward IFAK pouch that does exactly what it is supposed to do – give you quick one handed [via a red pull handle] access to your IFAK Contents.

I especially like the simplicity of the two interior pockets, Zulu didn’t try and add any unnecessary “tactical ninja” features to them – they are just two upward opening pockets [so your shit won’t fall out when you open it] that you put your medical crap into – KISS.

Zulu RDK Carrier open

After stuffing it with some of my “CTMSS” IFAK contents [from the IFAK I wear on my chest rig] I ended hooking it onto one of my Contractor BOB’s with a pair of MALICE Clips (not included) that I take along with me when I travel by land in Iraq.

The reasonable size [about 7″x4.5″x2″ ] of the Zulu RDK Carrier makes it a good choice for non-tactical uses also, I am definitely going to use it as a “regular” first aid pouch [the band-aid and aspirin type of FAK] on my next boar hunting trip in Indonesia.

Zulu RDK Carrier pull handle

Like all of Zulu Nylon Gear’s kit it is sewn right here in the U.S of A [Chicago]

Zulu RDK Carrier
Around 40 Bucks
Click Here To Grab One


~James G
Founder – Editor in Chief

James G is a Veteran Civilian Contractor who has worked in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for way too long; he has traveled to over 50 countries chasing fortune and glory. He spends his off time in Indonesia and Virginia getting drunk, shooting guns, writing poorly written articles and scrounging for expensive medial supplies from departing Army units. James G. on FACEBOOK

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  1. How does it work with bumps and getting knocked around inside the turret and such? Velcro never comes loose?

    I have the condor (this is before I knew they were cheap knockoffs) rip away pouch and it has a retention straps that clip together. Also good to keep your EMT shears accessible, but retained .

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    • It is secured shut by a zipper, not Velcro (I think that’s what you were talking about) – the Velcro on the outside is stitched on tight like a mo-fo (it is stitched by a person, not on a factory line so more detail is put into the thread work)

      ~James G

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  2. Now just cut those zipper pull tabs off and add some paracord.

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  3. Hey folks,

    My name is Justin and I am CEO/Part Owner of RSKTKR Medical. I am not going to get into details of our kit (not until asked by the owner of this site) however, I will say that Zulu Nylon Gear and Joel in particular are stand up folks. We were directed to Joel by another nylon industry professional that couldn’t meet our needs due to a government contract. We have been nothing but pleased. The RDK Carrier came out exactly the way we wanted it to. With our input and Joel’s expertise we both feel this kit is everything that an RDK/IFAK carrier should be and nothing less.

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    • Yo Justin – go ahead and sling your kit bro, I know RSKTKR is good peoples.

      And +1 for on Zulu being a squared away company run by a great dude

      ~James G

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  4. Thanks James,

    Our RDK was intended to be soley used as a prop that would be available for purchase to students attending out medical courses. However, the RDK was pretty popular and with that we had to expand to selling the kits outside of classes. Our philosophy, based on a combination of military, government, contractor and street medic experience and input was to develop a kit that will aid in the treatment of the immediate life threats (as defined by TCCC) as well as maintain a low profile. The kit is a KISS approach that, just works.

    Below is the description from our website. We can tailor kits to meet your needs. We are in the process of updating ordering online and also I am relocating to the DC area for a .gov job. We will entertain all questions and orders via email until everything is good to go. I apologize in advance for this.


    Justin Romanello
    RSKTKR Medical.
    CEO/ Instructor
    Please ask us anything and everything.

    RSKTKR Down Kit – RDK

    The RDK is RSKTKR Medical’s answer to the increasing demand for an Individual First Aid Kit. Careful consideration was used in selecting the products that are in the kit. The RDK has quick one handed opening design. The RDK attaches using standard MOLLE attachment methods.

    The RSKTKR Medical Pouch by Zulu Nylon Gear
    Halo Chest Seal
    QuickClot ACS
    OALES modular bandage
    SWAT-T Tourniquet (standard)
    SOFT-T Tourniquet (optional)
    Nasopharyngeal Airway 28fr
    CPR Face Shield
    RSKTKR Down Casualty Card
    Nitrile Gloves (1 Pair)
    Contents List

    Standard Configuration with SWAT-T
    Optional Configuration with SOFT-T

    Colors: MultiCam, Coyote Brown, Foliage Green, Black and Olive Drab

    Refills: Available upon request.

    Standard is $115.00 shipped

    Optional is $125.00 shipped

    Email us with any question [email protected]

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  5. I didn’t know Condor was crap. It doesn’t surprise me, though. Just look at the prices. Cheaper Than Dirt & Major Surplus & Supply both have garbage. Their products look like knockoffs, and Major Surplus refuses to ship to a PO box. We live in a small town, and everyone goes to the post office to get their mail. I can’t afford to buy some of the items that I’d like, but maybe down the road…, who knows? I will check this site to see what’s worth my time and money. Old School guys know what’s what.

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  6. We ship USPS. You’re fine.

    FYI – When ordering full kits, the carriers come with paracord instead of zippers.

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