BOOKS: “And the Rain Came Down” by S. A. Bailey

Only 2 types of people do not own this book – hippies and the illiterate

They say that back in the day a viable defense for a charge of manslaughter was “He needed killing.”  This, no doubt, was a very popular state of affairs in East Texas, the setting of Seth Anderson Bailey’s writing debut.

Bailey, a wounded Iraq War veteran was formerly a 82nd Airborne Division LRSD “Lurp”(Long Range Surveillance Detachment) . Likewise, his protagonist, Jedediah Shaw, is a former paratrooper and an Iraq War veteran with his own rucksack full of demons.

Shaw returns to the small East Texas town he calls home and an oft times tumultuous relationship with Abigail, the girl he previously left behind to go off and fight “his” war. But, like a lot of returning vets have realized, it was easier carrying an M-4 and door kicking in Baghdad than it is returning  to “normal” life and handling the everyday demands of civilian life as a husband and a college student.

Despite heartfelt promises he made himself in the desert , or maybe  because of them, he finds himself leading a life of quiet desperation, working as muscle for a local bondsman.

Running down bail jumpers doesn’t quite pay the bills though and he soon finds himself mired by debt and looking for a way out. And of course someone makes him an offer.  Good money for a simple task, or so he tells himself.  The evil-doing rich scion of a local dynasty contacts Jeb. He wants his old high school classmate to find his sister and return her home.

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CIVILIAN CONTRACTORS: The Bag Dump – 30 Extra Minutes of Packing Will Save You From 30 Months in a Middle Eastern Prison

What item in this suitcase will end with you getting man-raped in a 3rd world prison?

NOTE: This info is not just for Civilian Contractors – anyone who travels internationally should read this

So gents – What is the difference between a spent piece of 9mm brass or an EOTECH and an M-60?

According to many customs agencies in the 3rd world [and even some 1st world countries] there is absolutely zero difference between a single 9mm brass and a Bazooka.

Yep, if you get caught with something as simple as a Fore Grip for an M-4 in your bag when traveling through parts of the 3rd world you will go to prison for smuggling a firearm into the country.

And more than likely due to a combination of your nationality [infidel], occupation [murdering mercenary], the misguided belief that all Westerners are rich [you can pay a fat bribe] and local laws that were written by some guy with a 3rd grade education – you will spend months or years and every penny you and your family has fighting the local Sharia courts.

And that’s if you are lucky.

If you get cut a “break” by the local authorities then you will only spend 2 months [and no doubt all of your money] in some 3rd world shit-hole jail.

If you are not so “lucky” then you will be in jail surrounded by people who hate you because of your nationality with no end in sight like one Security Contractor I know who is currently in a Middle Eastern prison for unknowingly having something in his bag that was considered a firearm.

And if you think your company will help you – well Buster, think again. They may feign like they are helping you for the first 30 days because they are legally responsible for you [because most U.S. based Contractors cannot fire you until you are MIA for a month]. But after those thirty days is up they will stop answering your calls and throw you to the wolves.

And I am not talking about going through some 3rd world customs with a shit-load of tactical gear and firearms accessories like what happened to Nicholas Moody. Most of us now know now that you cannot travel with all that shit anymore.

What I am talking about is something that you did not purposely pack, some little thing that either fell into your bag or is so small that you didn’t even know it was there.
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INFORMATION SECURITY: Sidejacking Wi-Fi Hotspots – How a Hacker Can Access All of Your Online Accounts With a Free Program Part II: How to Recognize and Protect Yourself

Black Sheep will protect you from hackers at Wi-Fi hotspots

If you have not read Part I Please Read it Before you read below – Read Part 1 HERE >>>

In part one of this series I introduced you to the dangers of side jacking/man in the middle attacks using browser plugins such as Firesheep.

Part II will give you a few ways to see when someone is using Firesheep and how to protect yourself.

An easy way to determine if someone is using Firesheep is by using something called BlackSheep. BlackSheep is a simple plugin that will alert you whenever someone on the network you are on is using FireSheep. BlackSheep can be found here:

From the site:

BlackSheep, also a Firefox plugin is designed to combat Firesheep. BlackSheep does this by dropping ‘fake’ session ID information on the wire and then monitors traffic to see if it has been hijacked.

While Firesheep is largely passive, once it identifies session information for a targeted domain, it then makes a subsequent request to that same domain, using the hijacked session information in order to obtain the name of the hijacked user along with an image of the person, if available. It is this request that BlackSheep identifies in order to detect the presence of Firesheep on the network. When identified, the user will receive a warning message.

I should note that if you want to try this for yourself and see results, you’ll have to have two separate computers running Firefox as both of the apps use a lot of the same code.

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KNIVES: Emerson EOTAC A-TACS Operator Grade Folding Knife Review

Where the hell did i put my knife?

This is a beautiful knife with fantastic ergonomics, the blade design is wicked and came out of the box razor sharp. I thought, since there are a lot of questions about the blade and the new coating and all that I’d do a little sampo (Japanese for “stroll”) test here in Japan and see how the design holds up out in the world.

I also took a few shots to show the camo against common objects and / or environments. The area I went for a stroll in is a nice mix of urban, foliage (parks, natural wooded areas), and riverine (rivers and streams everywhere). I basically just went for a walk along a route I like to take on nice days and used the shit out of the knife to see how it would hold up.

I was very excited about this knife. The Rhino / Commander recurve / CQC-10 handle combo is about as awesome as you can get without reinventing the wheel. Add the A-TACS camo pattern to it and you’ve got one mean looking blade.

But how does it handle? How does the finish hold up to real world usage? Is the tip strong? Is the G10 grippy with the ATACS coating on it, or is it slippery? These are questions I wanted to know the answers to, so here is what I think:

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OLD SCHOOL MAN: The “Man to Man Talk”

Walt telling it how it is – man to man

Last week I was talking with an old buddy of mine, I’ve known him from way back in the day when we were in high school. And in our 20’s we both lived in the D.C. area at the same time, back then he was a squared-away dude – cash in his pocket, bunch of gals calling him and a nice future in finance ahead of him.

Well over the past 7 years he has managed to make just about every stupid ass mistake one could make: Bad financial decisions, poor choices in women, fucking-up his career to the point of no return and borrowing money from everyone and their mother. Basically if there was something in his life that was good he fucked it up in spades.

Now I understand that some people just fall on hard times at no fault of their own – but my buddy’s misfortune is 100% self inflected. Every bad thing that has happened to him is a result of him not using common sense or listening to his friends. All of this could have been avoided if he just took his pride and put it in his pocket along with simply not doing stupid shit.

And like I said, this guy is a great dude, a total stand-up brother who used to be a really sharp arrow with a great future lined up for him. At one time I considered him to be one of the few people that I could rely on always as a loyal OSM friend. One of those buddies you could call up at 3AM and ask for help no questions asked.

Anyway – When he called me up a week ago asking for another loan I decided for his own good that I should have a “Man to Man Talk” with him.

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H2H FIGHTING: Lessons Learned From an Ass Kicking

Its all fun and games until you get your ass beat

So there I was balled up on the ground bleeding like a stuck pig and getting repeatedly kicked in the head. The last thing I remember thinking before getting knocked out was “how the fuck did this little guy kick my ass? – I didn’t even get a single punch in, how embarrassing”

A little while later, I woke up in my buddy’s car on the way to the hospital feeling like I was hit by a rhino. I had a tooth knocked out, 2 cracked ribs, broken nose and a gash above my eye that has left a scar to this day.

Even better was the fact I didn’t have health insurance at the time, so I spent the next 8 months hustling EP jobs to pay off 7 grand in medical bills. I also looked so bad the following two weeks that kids would point at me like I was some sort of sideshow freak.

So how the hell did I – a highly experienced H2H fighter and trained PSD Agent who had been in tons of fights get pounded on by a dude that was half my size?

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CSM New Drop Pouch

I recently found myself in the need for a high quality dump pouch for an upcoming work related assignment. Before I had one of those dump pouches that fold up into a dip can sized ball but after digging through my “war trunk” here in Iraq I realized I must have forgotten to pack it.

No great loss, I didn’t like that dump pouch anyway. The material was way too thin so when I ran, the weight of the empty mags would cause the pouch to annoyingly flop around. Also you had to have the skills of an origami master to fold it back up and latch it with one hand.

Anyway, I ran across CSM Tactical Gear on Facebook [I think one of my friends posted their link or something] – I had never heard of them before but they had a cool logo [a sure sign of good gear – lol] so I decided to check them out. After hitting their website I noticed that CSM has a pretty pimp looking Dump Pouch called the “New Drop Pouch” that looked like just what I needed.

The CSM New Drop Pouch is made of 1000D Cordura with 3 rows of PALS webbing on the front. It is additionally lined with 410D Pack Cloth that has a rim you can tighten with a bungee cinch drawstring closure. It also has a few drainage holes on the bottom, both on the exterior and liner. The pouch easily rolls up one-handed and is held closed by a Velcro arm.

But there are 3 features that make the CSM New Drop Pouch stand out from the Dump Pouch crowd:

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The Near Future of For DVM

New Years fireworks DVM Style

Well, it has been an interesting few years for us here at DVM, I originally started DVM as just a place to share some gear reviews, opinions on the tactical industry and funny stories about the Civilian Contracting world to my buddies. It was quite a surprise when DVM actually found an audience amongst my foul language and pirate sense of humor.

But DVM has now taken on a life of its own and we are just going with the flow wherever it takes us. I am glad there was a space in the much crowded tactical blogging world for people who wanted to see real world information from actual operators working all over the world instead of the usual armchair bloggers posting “this gear is combat ready” stories from their moms backyard in the States.

So before I get into all of the cool stuff coming up for us this year I just wanted to say “Thanks Pimps!” – You guys are the shit so keep the pimpage going for another year and we will keep bringing you the best Tactical Media from Virginia to Indonesia to Iraq.

Here is a Preview of All the Things Happening With DVM:

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