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The Near Future of For DVM

New Years fireworks DVM Style

Well, it has been an interesting few years for us here at DVM, I originally started DVM as just a place to share some gear reviews, opinions on the tactical industry and funny stories about the Civilian Contracting world to my buddies. It was quite a surprise when DVM actually found an audience amongst my foul language and pirate sense of humor.

But DVM has now taken on a life of its own and we are just going with the flow wherever it takes us. I am glad there was a space in the much crowded tactical blogging world for people who wanted to see real world information from actual operators working all over the world instead of the usual armchair bloggers posting “this gear is combat ready” stories from their moms backyard in the States.

So before I get into all of the cool stuff coming up for us this year I just wanted to say “Thanks Pimps!” – You guys are the shit so keep the pimpage going for another year and we will keep bringing you the best Tactical Media from Virginia to Indonesia to Iraq.

Here is a Preview of All the Things Happening With DVM:


Just like the previous years we are going to keep bringing you real world gear reviews, commentaries, informational, how-to and “on the ground” stories written by highly experienced professionals.

Expect to see more DVM podcasts and tons of video reviews along with a new series of videos and articles following Team DVM running around the world shooting, looting, getting chased by 3rd world cops and angry husbands [and even more cursing and prison man-rape jokes].

DVM Gear Store

The DVM Gear Store was originally just a way to get the DVM Patches out to everyone – we were just going to offer the patches and when they sold out we were going to close the shutters. But after the success of adding in a few other items from our friends at Zulu Nylon Gear and SAR Global Tool it looks like the store is here to stay.

Over the next couple of months we are going to be adding in a bunch of other gear and more pimp ass DVM Branded Kit. And we will continue to only sell kit that we personally use out in the real world [or is so cool we couldn’t resist].

And don’t go thinking I am going to buy a gold plated AK with the bread we make from the store. I do just fine financially from working as a Civilian Contractor in Iraq so I promise you that every penny from the store will go right back into DVM or into a strippers g-string [DVM Supports single moms like a mo-fo].

Death Valley Training Center

I have been teaching a bunch of different courses with my brother and some friends from the Civilian Contracting and EP world to companies, private clients and on contract for over 15 years. For various reasons we have never opened up our classes to the general public.

But with the success of DVM we have decided to start teaching some really cool open enrollment courses using DVM as our outlet. But unlike other Tactical Training schools, Death Valley Training Center will focus on Career Oriented Training and Practical Skills to keep you alive in the world’s most hostile environments [and maybe the occasional “fun” class].

Our courses will only be instructed by highly experienced active operators working full-time in the world’s most dangerous places. No weekend gurus or theory based instruction or instructors here, just raw and dirty skills for the real world that will put you on the path to getting a gig in some 3rd world shit-hole and/or keep you alive there.

DVM Expeditions

One of the main reasons why I pursued a career in Civilian Contracting is so I could go on adventures all over the world chasing Fortune and Glory with a bottle of Scotch in one hand and a Machete in the other just like my fictional hero Indiana Jones.

I ended up more like a foul mouthed, semi-angry, drunken pirate version of Indiana Jones, but I have managed to hit over 50 countries and gone on some pretty wild adventurers and expeditions with some cool folks.

For the past couple of years I have been bringing groups of guys [mostly folks I met on contracts] on Adventurers and Expeditions all around the world, I am actually sort of known amongst my friends and some people in the Civilian Contracting community as being the “go-to guy” as a travel buddy or for obscure “been there, done that” world travel knowledge.

I have taken groups of guys everywhere from the triple Canopied Jungles of Indonesia to the Urban Jungles of Russia and every 3rd world hell-hole with an expat bar in-between.

Expect to see some bad ass expeditions all over the world for thrill and knowledge seeking Professional Adventurers [or aspiring Adventurers] coming up. I already have a couple of cool expeditions lined up for this year that I am going to personally lead so stand by.

DVM Press

Creating a publishing source for independent non-fiction writers in the Tactical Realm is something I have wanted to do for a long time. DVM Press will publish [print and/or electronic] books that interest folks like us.

Right now we have one book about security contracting [written by yours truly] that will be out later this month and we have just signed a former U.S. Army SF veteran that has a couple of interesting ideas for books.

If you are an aspiring [or published] non-fiction writer drop us a line, we are actively looking to represent subject matter experts.

DVM Charitable Projects

We have been talking with a couple of NGO’s about ways to help them out with their good and non selfish work. Considering the unique skill-sets, operational experience and connections all around the world Team DVM has this is the perfect place to create a think-tank to help those less fortunate around the world.

Right now we are working on a project to give free training to NGO and Humanitarian Aid Groups on security, intelligence and general hostile environment survival. In addition to training we are testing out some gear to help NGO’s track and keep their personnel safe on high risk aid missions.

In the near future we will be tapping the DVM community to help us out with this project so stand by for some announcements.

So Thanks Again Pimps

If it was not for you guys DVM would not be, so thanks and stand by for more articles, videos and other cool shit.

~James G – Team DVM
Founder – Editor in Chief

Death Valley Magazine

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  1. In between Gigs,James great article ! If you need assistance on a few things drop me a Line ! Pimpin fo Life !

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  2. Sounds like 2011 is gonna be an awesome DVM-year, dude. Especially looking forward to hearing more about the DVM expeditions. Sounds just like my glass of tequila. Good luck and stay pimp! 😀

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  3. I’m digging all of this, Mr. G! I enjoy reading your articles and listening to your podcasts. Bring on 2011, bitches!

    Hell… If you were to do a one week training course in the states or something I’d fly out just to be a part of it. Real skills taught by real men – I’m all for it!

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  4. Go for broke Sir DVM Rocks!!

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  5. Between DVM and ITS the other sites are redundant. Wish more sites did what you guys do.

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  6. Hellz yes; what jellydonut said.
    Good shit – keep up the good work, gentlemen.

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  7. Sounds like you gotta plan G. Keep pimpin’

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  8. Thanks for you all supporting DVM this past year guys – I just hope no one steals our plans for 2011 as their own

    To DVM Pimps and Players – Have a great New Years! It’s going to be a wild ride for all of us

    ~James G

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  9. You are Ninja Pimp Numero Uno

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  10. Congrats on 2010 and best of luck in the new year.

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  11. I’m really eager to learn more about your book. Love your writing style so I imagine this book will be a great read. Looking forward to seeing that.

      (Quote This Comment)

    • I am shooting my final draft to the DVM Press staff Copy Editor this week, should be ready before the end of the month if he doesn’t commit suside from reading my thousands of typos and horrible rambling formatting

      ~James G

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  12. This sounds great James. I can’t wait to see all that is coming. However I do have one simple request. Bring back some of the Old school man. I miss those. All else has been great and it looks like it is going to a be a good, yet busy 2011 for me. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

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    • The OSM is alive and well – I was actually approached to write a full OSM book by a name publisher and was working furiously on it – so that is why their hasn’t been any new OSM articles lately.

      But the original publisher that approached me got cold feet when he saw how politically incorrect it was [and the fact that I would not agree to any of the edits to “pussy” it up] so I may end up shopping it around to another publisher or publishing it here.

      But I have a few OSM articles on the way for 2011 – I am going to do at least one a month form now on

      ~James G

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      • I don’t know if Paladin Press would go for it but there must be some other publishers who want to be on the edge! Maybe the guys you were talking with thought that OSM meant Over Sensitive Metrosexuals.
        Maybe if you got a foreword by Oprah or Dr. Phil…
        anyway, congrats on the first year; you rock. Keep it up, you make us proud!

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  13. If you all have any questions about any of this please feel free to hit up the DVM Forum – I have set up forums for each of the new projects we are doing

    One of my goals for 2011 is to ramp up the forum and get more of you Pimps to post there – cuz DVM isn’t shit without you guys! So stop by the forum and say yo

    ~James G

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  14. James
    Your foul language and pirate humor are a welcome change over the chest thumping and narcissism one might experience on some of the other blogs, or ex-pat bars for that matter.
    This should be required reading for the HR, Procurement, and Operations People sitting in their climate controlled offices in DC and elsewhere who have not a clue what living and working in the field on those contracts requires.
    Keep up the good work

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  15. The OSM is alive and well – I was actually approached to write a full OSM book by a name publisher and was working furiously on it – so that is why their hasn’t been any new OSM articles lately.
    But the original publisher that approached me got cold feet when he saw how politically incorrect it was [and the fact that I would not agree to any of the edits to “pussy” it up] so I may end up shopping it around to another publisher or publishing it here.
    But I have a few OSM articles on the way for 2011 – I am going to do at least one a month form now on
    ~James G  

    What?! Did they not realize what exactly OSM is/was. It is more Steve McQueen rather than the Brady Bunch. That is just sad, and I mean really sad. Politically incorrect or not, it is a perspective that is long since missed and has enough of a niche group of people to purchase it. Hell that book sounds like something I would give as presents.

    I understand though I had the same problem with some of my psych papers at University and trying to get those published. No one would back the idea of a psychologist taking a soldier with PTSD to the range to do therapy.

    I would suggest shopping it around there are plenty of books that I have read in the past that were extraordinarily politically incorrect. You might try Citadel they published the books by that Tucker Max guy and supposedly he is as politically incorrect as they come. Or hey publish it with an Ebook website.

    Keep us in the know about the book though. Sounds like it would be great.

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  16. Good stuff James. Keep the party going!

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  17. Sounds great James!! Looking forward to all of it! I’m definitely gonna check into those Expeditions. I’m an EMT-B, Firefighter, Technical Rescuer, and Telecommunicator, and plan on trying to get started with some security side-gigs this year. I keep up with the articles, and love the real-world knowledge you share. I appreciate the hard work you and all the other contributors have put into this site and put into the world. Thanks again, and keep ya head down!

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  18. Congrats on the upgraded DVM! I’m excited for all the things that
    you have in store. Are the Ninja Bastard Pirates going to get their own
    forum too?

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  19. Hoping you have an even better 2011!

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  20. Looks like you have created an awesome future for DVM, James and the DVM crew. I wish you all the best in this coming year.

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  21. Happy new years! Keep it real, bra. Like you said there are reasons why this site has gained a good fan base, it’s because it is not the same as the other whack ass ‘survivalist’ websites or thinly veiled con artists trying to sell you tactical boot blousers in between the $10k carbine courses..!

    btw, I am ‘that guy’ in his moms backyard. Boo-yaa.

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  22. James congrats on the 2010. I’m looking forward to the same no-BS evaluations and in your face editorials that make this sight kick ass!

    Maybe I’ll get lucky enough to go on one of these suck hole expeditions. Nothing more fun than racing horses, wrestling natives in your BVDs and celebrating your conquests over sour horse milk (at least they said it was milk) and vodka in Mongolia.

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  23. Werd…

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  24. James,
    Would like to hear about your NGO plans or contribute perspective as a NGO.

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  25. Keep it up Pimp !!!

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  26. The DVM expeditions sounds like fun, I mean who wouldn’t wanna be stuck in some crappy third world jungle with a bunch of sweaty, brutish men who curse better than they can ride a bike?

    No but seriously, going to obscure places that aren’t even featured on maps with nothing but a rucksack, a bottle of whisky and a machete sounds fucking awesome. Definately something I’d be up for.

    Happy 2011 DVM, I’m sure the kicking ass and taking names will only get better from here on out.

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  27. Re: DVM Gear Store

    Oh maaan, you pimps don’t ship to Canada? Rectify that shiet, you are losing business.

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