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CSM New Drop Pouch

I recently found myself in the need for a high quality dump pouch for an upcoming work related assignment. Before I had one of those dump pouches that fold up into a dip can sized ball but after digging through my “war trunk” here in Iraq I realized I must have forgotten to pack it.

No great loss, I didn’t like that dump pouch anyway. The material was way too thin so when I ran, the weight of the empty mags would cause the pouch to annoyingly flop around. Also you had to have the skills of an origami master to fold it back up and latch it with one hand.

Anyway, I ran across CSM Tactical Gear on Facebook [I think one of my friends posted their link or something] – I had never heard of them before but they had a cool logo [a sure sign of good gear – lol] so I decided to check them out. After hitting their website I noticed that CSM has a pretty pimp looking Dump Pouch called the “New Drop Pouch” that looked like just what I needed.

The CSM New Drop Pouch is made of 1000D Cordura with 3 rows of PALS webbing on the front. It is additionally lined with 410D Pack Cloth that has a rim you can tighten with a bungee cinch drawstring closure. It also has a few drainage holes on the bottom, both on the exterior and liner. The pouch easily rolls up one-handed and is held closed by a Velcro arm.

But there are 3 features that make the CSM New Drop Pouch stand out from the Dump Pouch crowd:


The first clever feature is a flexible stiffener [maybe a thin plastic?] sewed under the interior liner around the rim that keeps the mouth open. I really like this feature because the mouth on my last Dump Pouch would fold over when I was stuffing the first few empty mags in – it was annoying as fuck.


The Pouch has three 1” elastic loops on the inside that can hold items up to the diameter of a shotgun shell. The reason why I like this feature so much is because when I do night shooting [training/instructing] I duct tape a Glow Stick on the inside of the pouch.

It was a pain in the ass because I would have to tear the glow stick on and off when rolling and un-rolling the dump pouch. Now I can just slip a glow stick in and out of the elastic loops without the need for duct tape.


This Dump pouch has the best Belt/PALS attachment of any other Dump Pouch I have ever seen or used. It uses a combination of Velcro [I hate saying “hook and loop”] and snaps that keeps the pouch held on to your gear even if it is filled to the brim with fully loaded mags.


I just ran this pouch for 3 days and nights in a row on the range during some extremely intense training here in Iraq without any issues at all. I liked it so much I now wear it daily on my HSGI rig, when it is rolled up it does not interfere with getting in and out of a vehicle.

The CSM New Drop Pouch is a solid and cleverly designed USA manufactured pouch that has several features not seen on other dump pouches. It is not as compact or light as other dump pouches but the heavy duty 1000D and belt attachment more than make up for the size and weight.

If you are in the market for a Dump pouch I highly recommend the CSM New Drop Pouch. Team DVM Approved and Recommended

CSM tactical gear

CSM Tactical Gear, Inc is owned and operated by a service connected disabled veteran who spent 22 years in the Navy, most of those years as a Special Operations Reconnaissance Corpsman.

Shipping was real fast and they responded to my emails same day so customer service was top notch.

CSM Tactical Gear
New Drop Pouch
49 to 58 bucks


~James G
Founder – Editor in Chief

James G is a Veteran Civilian Contractor who has worked in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for way too long; he has traveled to over 50 countries chasing fortune and glory. He spends his off time in Indonesia and Virginia getting drunk, shooting guns, writing poorly written articles and taking a dump in his dump pouch. James G. on FACEBOOK


  1. Has anyone else Bought Kit form CSM?

    I just found them – Quite impressed so far

    ~James G

    • I have bought their stuff and carried it for years. 2 tours in Iraq, lots of travel elsewhere, including Mongolia, Afghanistan, elsewhere. Theirs is the only nylon gear I’ll carry.

  2. I’ve bought a number of items from them over the years including their mini drop pouch and fanny pack. I’ve always had good experiences when dealing with CSM and the gear has been top notch.

  3. It comes in Multicam,I’m sold!

  4. I’ve had a rigger’s belt from them and they are GTG. IIRC, CSM had a contract with the USMC for dump pouches as well.

  5. Looks a good bit of kit !

  6. I had found CSM years ago when looking into getting my ruck modified (never did get that ruck modded, just bought a Kifaru Zulu instead). I was always interested in their SARC Med Bag. Just wished they had better pictures of some of their equipment. Has anyone ever used their med gear?

    • I carried their SARC medical bag in Iraq in 2006 when training and doing terrorist takedowns with the Iraqi Counterterrorist Force (ICTF). The SARC bag was perfect for getting in and out of HMMWVs with all the shit on, and M-4 getting in the way, etc. Not as bulky as the usual trauma bag but carries all the essentials for that first hour. Unfortunately, it was so useful I left it behind for the troops. I miss it….

  7. Funny, I just picked up their mini dump pouch for range work. I’ve known about them for a couple of years, and always heard good things – especially about their dumpers.

  8. If it has stiffeners to hold it open doesn’t that run the risk of mags falling out (if you go prone, etc)?

    • No prob – the stiffener doesn’t keep it completely open [like it isn’t a bucket or anything], juts enough so you can throw shit in without getting snagged.

      I ran the CSM New Drop Pouch all day long yesterday for some RPK training with it filled to the brim with mags and shooting prone – didn’t loose one mag

      All the other guys I was training with asked me about it – so some real professionals working here in Iraq recognized the quality and versatility

      Thanks for commenting

      ~James G

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  10. Hey all,

    Had to comment here. Just got a Mountain Ruck from Mike at CSM. It is the best designed, most well thought out ruck I have ever used. He is the real deal and does great work! Go get some!


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