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BOOKS: “And the Rain Came Down” by S. A. Bailey

Only 2 types of people do not own this book – hippies and the illiterate

They say that back in the day a viable defense for a charge of manslaughter was “He needed killing.”  This, no doubt, was a very popular state of affairs in East Texas, the setting of Seth Anderson Bailey’s writing debut.

Bailey, a wounded Iraq War veteran was formerly a 82nd Airborne Division LRSD “Lurp”(Long Range Surveillance Detachment) . Likewise, his protagonist, Jedediah Shaw, is a former paratrooper and an Iraq War veteran with his own rucksack full of demons.

Shaw returns to the small East Texas town he calls home and an oft times tumultuous relationship with Abigail, the girl he previously left behind to go off and fight “his” war. But, like a lot of returning vets have realized, it was easier carrying an M-4 and door kicking in Baghdad than it is returning  to “normal” life and handling the everyday demands of civilian life as a husband and a college student.

Despite heartfelt promises he made himself in the desert , or maybe  because of them, he finds himself leading a life of quiet desperation, working as muscle for a local bondsman.

Running down bail jumpers doesn’t quite pay the bills though and he soon finds himself mired by debt and looking for a way out. And of course someone makes him an offer.  Good money for a simple task, or so he tells himself.  The evil-doing rich scion of a local dynasty contacts Jeb. He wants his old high school classmate to find his sister and return her home.

She is mixed up with a bad crowd and that spins Jeb even deeper into trouble.  Meth deals, automatic weapons, brawls, revenge, and gun play decorate a good solid plot.  And to make it interesting, he has friends. The kind you can depend upon for an extra drop gun, $500 cash, and the keys to a car at three in the morning … Or the kind who will loan you the gun, the car, and a shovel.

And then say, ‘what the hell,’ and leave a warm bed with a good woman to go help you bury the bodies. Who of us who have spent time in the military and especially in some godforsaken war zone don’t have those kinds of friends? And that’s where Bailey finds common ground with his readership, evoking the rugged individualism, sense of personal responsibility for one’s actions,  and the “take care of business” ideal that was once so common in America.


The Author of “And the Rain Came Down” S. A. Bailey back in his shooting n’ looting days

In recommending this first novel to several friends I make the same remark I’ve made in recommending James Crumley, James Lee Burke, and Cormac McCarthy:  “He does violence well.”

And the similarities and influences don’t end there. Like both Burke and Crumley, Bailey litters his story with the flotsam of humanity – dissolute characters most normally found in the settings of Burke’s  Bayou Teche, Louisiana and Crumley’s Merriweather, Montana .

Like Crumley’s  protagonists ,  Bailey’s anti-hero is, to be blunt, a drunk and a drug binger.  He’s also a man with more than a passing familiarity with firearms and mortal combat.  And he’s a war vet. All themes found in the works of Burke and Crumley.

But Bailey’s work is no mere imitation. Yes, homage perhaps, but this shining new talent from East Texas definitely has an original voice.  It’s like Jim Beam, a little rough around the edges and it packs a wallop going down. Don’t dilute it with water.

TEAM DVM Recommended- Buy This Book or we Will track You Down and kick You in the Nuts

And the Rain Came Down
By S. A. Bailey

And The Rain Came Down at >>>


~Rob Krott
Foreign Correspondent

Rob is a former US Army Officer who has traveled to over 70 countries and worked with several foreign Military’s. Rob is also the author of Save the Last Bullet for Yourself: A Soldier of Fortune in the Balkans and Somalia, a war memoir of the Balkans and Somalia.


  1. I also wrote a review for Seth’s book but Rob’s review blew my shit out of the water so his went up and mine was trashed.

    But this is a fucking great book – any former Military, LE, Contractors or just guys who have had life throw them a curve-ball will relate to this book at a deep level.

    And on a personal note Seth is a great dude who served in our armed forces with pride and honor. If you are planning to buy a book why not buy one from a stand up former soldier

    This is a must buy – I will straight-up stab you if you don’t buy this book

    ~James G

  2. Sweet. This sounds like a great book. I don’t read a lot of fiction books, I mostly keep to history, science and philosophy. My fiction go to guys are mostly Clive Cussler and Vince Flynn, but I am always looking to expand from those guys. This is a been a great week, I got Shawn’s book on my kindle and just ordered this one. Because honestly after a review like that, how could you not want to read this book.

    I trust Rob’s opinion. Especially after reading his own book. Which I must say Rob was just damn good. Which if you haven’t read it either, you equally deserve a shot to the nuts.

    Thanks for the recommendations gents. Keep them coming.

  3. I’m sold. I just wrote the publisher and inquired about selling them in my shop.

    RK I need more of your books!

    JG I still need a shipping address for your Smock

    Kind Regards
    Brian Kroon

  4. Added to my list. Although, I don’t think the wife will recommend this to her book club!

  5. “And The Rain Came Down” is a great book, and as has been said, Seth is a good guy, I am glad to know him.
    All y’all should buy this book, and when the next one comes out, buy it too!

  6. OK, call it peer pressure or just call it fear of getting kicked in the nuts and stabbed. I’ll buy one too!

  7. I wish I could read . . .

    • I know, sucks to be infantry.

  8. do you guys have an amazon affiliate link to order through?

  9. A definitive Go !

  10. awesome. now, I need to find $13 more to order to get the free shipping.

    what do you recommend? I’ve already read Rob’s book.

  11. I think you missed the part where I said I already read Rob’s book :)

  12. James, I read your review of Robs book also and you didn’t threaten to “straight up stab me” if I didn’t buy it. I’m taking that as a sign that Rob’s book isn’t as good as this one. I suppose I could buy both but I’d need more inspiration I guess, possibly a threat of being shot in the face or maybe an F4 tittie twister.

    • There is a hit team of ninja-clad dwarf albino commandos recruited from Lower Slobovia on its way to your house right now. Their plan is to strap you into a chair, pry your eyes open like Alex in A Clockwork Orange and make you watch a new documentary entitled “The Life and Times of Nancy Pelosi” — Oh,yeah, forgot to mention, there is explicit nudity involved.

      All because you haven’t bought my book.

    • Rob’s Book is mother-fucking pimp yo – Buy that shit or I will stab you in the nuts

      You can get it here:

      ~James G

      • I need to forward this to my publisher as a new marketing tool.

        That should be the cover blurb, “Buy this shit or James G. will stab you in the Nuts…”

  13. Well after that review and Jame’s, statement of stabbing…I will go purchase this befor work tomorrow. Awesome review.

  14. OK, so you say! I guess shipping on both couldn’t be that bad.
    LoL Thanks for the motivational threat Rob.

  15. Here I was looking at spending 30 bucks on a book called “How to Raise a Feral Cat Army” by Eunice “The Cat Lady” Baker…

    Now I can purchase something kick ass. And a book report coming up for mah skoolinz soon too!

  16. Is it available on Kindle?

    • Not available on Kindle. Seth is working on that. However, MY book, masterpiece of a testosterone laden tome that it is, IS available on Kindle. Just sayin’ … (and it was a suprise when that happened, no need to notify the author, right?)

  17. I finally got around to reading this. It’s very good but damn it’s sad.

  18. Bailey’s second effort “Days of Rage” is in my hands (as a draft) and it’s a good read already … Jeb Shaw comes home from another tour in Iraq (this one as a contractor), he’s divorced from the whining wife (of course) and ends up a witness to three murders in a bar … and the fun begins!

  19. Damn Rob, if I don’t stop reading other people’s book, I’ll never finish my own, “The life and times of a chronic masturbator”.

    • … don’t tell me, your biggest problem is that the manuscript pages are all stuck together… (bah-dum! da!)

  20. I think I have developed penis elbow. It’s like tennis elbow, but different.

  21. Bailey’s second effort “Days of Rage” is in my hands (as a draft) and it’s a good read already … Jeb Shaw comes home from another tour in Iraq (this one as a contractor), he’s divorced from the whining wife (of course) and ends up a witness to three murders in a bar … and the fun begins!  

    Any idea when it is scheduled to be printed? Another thumbs up for ATRCD too.

  22. it’ll be a few months yet… i’ll update on here with a review as soon as it comes out…

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