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HEALTH and FITNESS: Time is NOT the Enemy – Intensive 10 Minute Workouts

One 10 minute workout a day like this and you can kick Mr. T’s ass too

In the groundbreaking movie, “The Matrix” (too bad about those sorry sequels), Morpheus said, “Time is always against us”. In most aspects of our lives, that always seems to be the case.

Exercise always gets pushed to the back of the line when it comes to prioritizing things in our lives. Let me pose one question: Is there anything more important than your health? It is time that exercise, one of the two biggest components of your health along with nutrition, move up the list of daily priorities.

If you can find ten minutes, you can do a number of different workouts that will work you both aerobically (endurance) and anaerobically (muscular). The most important component of these types of workouts is intensity.

Intensity has a lot of fancy definitions. Mine is the furthest thing from fancy. Intensity is how hard or how little you bust your ass. Workouts can be low or high intensity. If you are going for a time limited workout as we are discussing here, you want to go high intensity.

That would be pushing a heart rate of 80-90% of your maximum heart rate (Quick formula: subtract your age from 220 and multiply that number by .8 and .9; that gives you the proper range of beats/minute you want to maintain).

Needless to say, these workouts are not for beginners or for anyone who has an existing injury or health condition that would preclude you from performing at this high degree of intensity. These workouts are for those who have little time, little equipment, but a better than average fitness level and a desire to hit higher fitness levels in short order.

I am going to give you three workouts to try. Perform them on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. Each are designed to last only 10 minutes, but with maximal effort, will make you feel like you’ve been walking through a desert all day long.

Workout #1:

– 5 Burpees (For technique see:
– 10 Floor Touch Squats
– 10 Plyometric Push Ups
– 25 Meter Sprint
– 30 Second Plank or Front Bridge (abdominal isometric)

Workout #2:

– High Intensity Interval Training
– 10 Rotations of 30 seconds jog and 30 seconds sprint)

Workout #3:

– 10 Minutes of 10 Burpees (100 Burpees)
Complete 10 Burpees and rest for the remainder of the minute only to start another set of 10 at the start of the new minute. The faster you do your burpees, the more rest you have. This will sneak up on you.

Give these a try. You will realize that time is not the enemy, but our friend when you train with ‘balls to the wall’ intensity.


~Paul Zelinka
Chief Martial Arts Industry Correspondent

Paul Zelinka, is the owner of Titan Fitness & Martial Arts, a MMA, boxing, and fitness business located in State College, PA. Paul has been involved in the martial arts business since 1993.

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  1. Man great and simple workout bro, especially for people like myself who have very limited time due to work and location issues.

    I am going to start this tomorrow

    ~James G

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  2. Nice stuff. I spent the $80 for Ross’s books and couldn’t have been happier.

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  3. Paul – nice article and great workout! Very good for the travelin’ man!

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  4. Excellent article, good, quick, down and dirty. Perfect if you don’t have extra time on your hands.

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  5. I love burpees (I keep telling myself that, even when puking). Great articles and routines. I’m currently doing the 100 pushups, 200 squats, 25 pullups, 200 situps routine. It’s a free program you can google. Doing all four back to back with limited rest periods for high intensity has also been the best time investment fitness program I’ve run into. Hard hitting metal for workout helps too.

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  6. This is excellent workout plans for people who are traveling as well. Sweet.

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  7. Great stuff. I’ve been with Ross Training for 4 years now, and it has totally changed how I approach strength and especially conditioning training. Great stuff, and can be done just about anywhere, and no special equipment required.

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  8. adding finger tips and reversed folded wrist to gound excersises helps greatly to prevent injury

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  9. Love the Burpees. I have had guys at my gym criticize me for using them in my workout. For being elementary school like. (these are also the guys that stare at themselves in the mirror for half of their work out, and whose show muscles couldn’t pull themselves out of a pool) Then they tried them and one passed out because he forgot to breath and the other crashed into the mirror he was staring at himself in. They are just a good all body workout, toss in a pullup at the top and you have a serious workout.

    I would also ad to the 10 minute workout. If you have access to a kettlebell or even a dumbell. Do between the leg swings for ten minutes and see how much of the body it actually works. It kills.

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  10. the burpees indeed is a great workout. currently doing these MWF. however, i can only do 40 burpees before my legs could carry me no more. hopefully i could make the 100 burpees this june. wish me luck dudes.

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