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TACTICAL GEAR – FIELD TESTED: Zulu Nylon Gear M4 Double Magazine Pouch

An Innovative M-4 Mag Pouch in a Sea of Mundane

Zulu Nylon Gear M4 Double Magazine Pouch – Flap open/flap closed

These days you don’t see much Innovation in the tactical nylon market outside of a few companies like HSGI, SO-Tech and OSOE. Most Tactical Nylon products are basically rehashes of the same old designs with the only difference being a manufacturers tag.

But one Tactical Nylon gear company over the past year has been pushing the envelope of new and innovative tactical nylon products. And that company is Zulu Nylon gear headed up by Joel Z. They first burst onto the market with what is [in our opinion] the best admin pouches out there.

Zulu then jumped into the Tactical man-Bag arena with the solidly built Emissary Messenger Bag. Both are unique tactical nylon products that have raised the bar in both categories.

Recently we here at DVM were fortunate enough to participate in the field testing of Zulu’s latest offering, the Zulu Nylon Gear M4 Double Magazine Pouch.

When Joel first mentioned them to me honestly my first thought was “Really, an M-4 Mag Pouch? The Tactical Gear market needs another M-4 Mag Pouch like it Needs More Chinese Sweat-Shops”. But considering how fresh Zulu’s other gear is I kept an open mind that Zulu’s M-4 mag Pouches would be as good at their other shit is.

When the pouches arrived the first thing I noticed was the unique top flap that held the mags in-place. I am a big fan of a flapped double-mag pouches [but I like a bungee for singles] but one of the biggest problems is the flap. After you open it either re-secures itself down in an awkward angle [in the case of Velcro secured flaps] or it flops around when you run [for side-squeeze secured flaps], I call this “Crazy Flap Syndrome” [CFS].

Zulu Nylon Gear M4 Double Magazine Pouch – Satan Camo style

Zulu has solved this problem by arranging the flap opening on the top [instead of the bottom] and then adding Velcro to hold down the then opened flap…. So basically when you open the pouch [by pulling downward] the flap is automatically held open therefore eliminating the above mentioned “Crazy Flap Syndrome”.

The pouches have an adjustable draw-string bungee so no worry about your mags falling out after the pouch is open. The pouch will fit 2 standard USGI Aluminum, Magpul PMAG, and most other 5.56 magazine. You can’t use ranger plates because it makes the top hard to secure [does anyone even still use those remnant’s of the 90’s anyway?].

The Zulu Nylon Gear M4 Double Magazine Pouch also has all the usual stuff you would expect to find on a double M-4 Mag pouch like MILSPEC components, grommets for draining, PALS webbing on the back for hooking on a couple of Long MALICE Clips (not included) and like all Zulu products it is Sewn in Chicago in the good old U.S. of A.

I tested these for a couple of months mounted them to my rig and used them every day here in Iraq. Learning the new muscle -memory for the pull-down opening was a breeze and kicked in naturally after a couple of hours running them on the range. The construction is way solid and shows no wear after months of daily use and exposure to the elements [they even got soaking wet when I was running around in the rain for a whole day].

Additionally I loaned them out to several other operators to get their opinion, some of the best feedback came from a former SF guy on one of the Tier-1 teams who said quote “those pouches are the mother-fucking shit bro, I wish I had them back in the day”. Another guy wore them on his “war belt” here in Iraq for a week and liked them so much I had to corner him at the chow-hall to get them back.

The only real suggestion we had for Joel over at Zulu was to make the pull tab on the flap a little longer: which you will see on the production model.. Besides that they were The Heat. I really can’t see myself using any other type of double M-4 mag Pouches ever again after running these.

I currently use one as a holster for my pistol on my rig, the pouch wasn’t really designed for packing a pistol but nonetheless it holds a pistol securely. I have used an M-4 mag pouch as a holster for years and it is my preferred way to carry a pistol on a rig as I fucking hate drop-rigs. I also ran the pouch open with a single AK mag a bunch of times, and as long as you tighten the bungee a bit it holds the AK mag like a glove.

Zulu Nylon Gear M4 Double Magazine Pouch used as a holster and with an AK mag inserted

Overall this is a unique and truly innovative M-4 pouch that solves several design problems in traditional flapped double M-4 Mag Pouches. It is solidly sewn in the U.S. for a reasonable price and will no-doubt become a standard design in flapped mag pouches.

Zulu Nylon Gear
M4 Double Magazine Pouch

34 to 35 bucks


~James G
Founder – Editor in Chief

James G is a Veteran Civilian Contractor who has worked in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for way too long; he has traveled to over 50 countries chasing fortune and glory. He spends his off time in Indonesia and Virginia getting drunk, shooting guns, writing poorly written articles and Chasing Fools Down in the DFAC. James G. on FACEBOOK


  1. Damn dude…I gotta get you a fricken decent HD camera…

    • Ha – You are more than welcome to buy me an HD cam bro, lol.

      That is actually a brand new cam – but I bought it based on weight & size and not function, big mistake

      I also have to shrink the video because the internet is so slow and unreliable here in Iraq [it took me 46 try’s over 2 days just to upload that one] so I lose video quality by doing that but no choice as long as I am overseas

      ~James G

  2. Hey man I had a question regarding mag pouches. Are you a big fan of the hard plastic cases with the tension adjustment as far as using them everyday on a plate carrier.

    I agree that the double mag pouch with the flap allows for tons of mag security but I got a inline 3 single stacked from Tactical Tailor and just cut off the bungie cause It help great. Problem is that they’ve changes um’ up a bit.

    Lastly, I do like it when mag pouches do more then just what they are made for, like your pistol and AK setup. I used to just carry a box of saw or 3/4 box of 240 ammo in a 6 mag M4/utility pouch.

    • I don’t like the Kydex or Hard mag pouches, it adds allot of weight and real estate for doing the same thing a nylon pouch can do for ½ the weight – and for mil or contractors who carry 8 to 12 mags they just don’t have the capacity/real estate ratio for overseas work.

      Hard rifle mag pouches have more of a place in Stateside urban work when you only need a few mags.

      But that’s just my personal preference/opinion – if you like hard rifle mag pouches then go at it bro

      ~James G

  3. Another fine gear review! Always informative James. No fluff, just “here’s why it works/doesn’t work. Nuff said.” I frequently have visions of signing on with a PSC after reading your articles, just not sure how to get started. Would love to though. Currently just an IT techie, but I’m also a State Guard soldier on the weekends.

  4. Nothing says class like a Zulu M4 Double Magazine Pouch!!… Will look into these…

  5. Question;

    How much does your chest rig weigh with a full (read average day) load on it?

    Neat product, I don’t play with or have any need for tactical gear as a civilian. But maybe that changes once all my paperwork for the Forces goes through and I start appreciating reviews like this a little more; because of the quality (or lack there of as I’ve heard from some CF guys) of issued gear.

  6. These seems like a perfect pouch for Surefire’s new 60rd Quad-stack magazine.

    Awesome review James, does Zulu have an ETA when these are going to be available to us regular pimps?

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  8. The bungee/adjustable tension is nice but don’t over-tighten. Edging/tight bungee can half-strip a round off the feed lips and cause a malfunction.

    There’s too much exposed Velcro. Velcro + dirt = no adhesion.

    • I have laid flat on these in the sand and dirt for days here in Iraq without any Velcro/securing issues and I run gear hard. Even of it was the flaps would still stay open because the lips fold over on themselves and hold it down just by friction.

      Getting so much dirt in Velcro that you cant secure it is only a worry for Rangers crawling through the jungle – I am not a Ranger or in a Jungle crawling on my belly so it is a non-issue for myself and 99.9999999% of users.

      ~James G

  9. Awesome review James!!! With no crooked or flopping pouch lid to get in the way during reloads these new pouches should be blazing fast. constistancy=smooth=speed Thanks for the info on a great piece of new gear.

  10. James,
    Keep it up, that Zulu 2x mag pouch rocks! Thanks for being a beta tester in a real world environment. War equipment is so crucial to ensuring it works. The video was great too, I got plenty of detail and if it aint broke, dont fix.
    Have you tested the pistol with a flashlight attachment, does it fit?

    Be safe, eliminate the bad guys, live life! whooyaaa!

  11. Pretty cool design. The Eagle FB pouches are similar, but as far as I know, they only make single M4 pouches, which has been a deal breaker for me. I may have to pick up a couple of these and try them out. My employer requires closed-top pouches, so these look like a good alternative to the traditional flap pouches that are, as you noted, a pain in the ass.

  12. Hey there James G.
    I\’m Alex, first time commenter long time reader. These look like excellent M4 mags with plenty of innovation. The only problem I see is the Velcro. I think the Velcro would make too much noise as I do a super sweet tactical reload.
    (just breaking balls) but your website is first class, you guys stay safe and keep up the great work!

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