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TACTICAL GEAR: Helmets, Protect That Noggin

Pimp My Helmet Bitches

I see a lot of guys both off and online discussing the latest and greatest rigs, mag pouches, FAK’s, admin pouches and armor carriers that they just bought or have on their ‘tactical wish-list’. And all the stuff they have put together for their BOB’s, go-bags and Vehicle Emergency Kits.

But one thing I rarely see mentioned is helmets

Answer this – what do construction workers, military folks, skateboarders, rock climbers, motorcyclists, firefighters, Security Contractors and that ‘slow’ cousin of yours all have in common?

They all wear helmets

Why? – if you hit your head and get knocked the fuck out then guess what?

You can’t fight if you are taking a nap on the pavement.


In my opinion everyone should have some sort of helmet as part of their tactical kit, go bag, for training or just shoved in a closet. I keep one in my Iraq Mission Bag, 3rd World BOB, in the trunk of my car in the states and a few stacked in the ole DVM Arms Room.

Now I am not saying you should go out and buy an 800 dollar super SF tactical helmet with rails and Velcro all over it. You can find tons of good quality ballistic helmets online for less than a hundred bucks.

Also, you don’t even necessarily need a ballistic helmet; a skateboard helmet will provide great non-ballistic protection and prevent you from the above knocking yourself the fuck out.

I have personally seen a guy jump out of his guntruck, start running, trip, and did a sleeping beauty in the middle of an Iraqi highway. Wearing my helmet (back in the day when IED’s and VBIED’s were a major threat) has saved my ass on several occasions.

And speaking from personal experience getting knocked out or hit in the head so hard you don’t even know where the fuck you are is generally an unpleasant situation that renders you combat ineffective.

But helmets are hardly just for those working in 3rd world non permissive environments, for those of you stateside who are prepared citizens adding a helmet into your tactical ‘bag of goodies’ is something I would highly suggest.

They can be used for everything from tactical training, home defense, active shooter situations, civil unrest, during natural disasters to even helping to pull someone out of an overturned car.

As for choosing the different types of helmets out there it is really up to you, for ballistic helmets I would suggest something high cut like the Kejo Special Forces Helmet I use, but if you are on a budget just grab a used military Kevlar off of ebay or For non-ballistic helmets just go down to your local sporting goods shop and try a few on.

So if you have a few bucks lying around or if you are putting together a list of new tactical shit to buy go ahead throw a helmet into the mix

Ballistic helmets on >>>

Non-Ballistic helmets on >>>


~James G
Founder – Editor in Chief

James G is a Veteran Civilian Contractor who has worked in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for way too long. He spends his off time in Indonesia and Virginia getting drunk, shooting guns, writing poorly written articles and trying not to get knocked da’ fuck out


  1. Wore a steel pot/helmet liner combo in boot camp, and as part of TA-50 in USAREUR in ’79-’81. Wore a Kevlar ( not kavalar/kavaler/etc. ) “Fritz” helmet in USAREUR in ’84-’87. Liked the steel pot better. You could cook with it, sit on it, dig with it, even wash up in it. Kevlar washbasin? Nope. Sucker would delaminate in a hot second. That, and the “Fritz”was heavy. Besides, if your steel pot came up missing, you could always ‘ find ‘ one cheap. A Report of Survey on a lost Fritz would set you back a check or two.

    • .
      Steel Pot – Old School Pimping

      I looked around for one on the internet for the DVM Team Room but I couldn’t find a complete one for a reasonable price

      ~James G

  2. I use an Alpha from TVNC, with the earpro cut and a Rail for a light or camera depending on the situation. I’m more worried about racking my noggin than anything coring it.

    That being said, I still have a steel pot for “those Times.” I got it from my old man after he passed.

    • Aren’t those aircrew helmets?

      ~James G

      • Sorry James I meant to say Bravo, it’s a new Protec, aka “Tactical Skateboard helmet.”Like I said. I’m more worried about taking a whack to my noggin than getting zapped in it.

  3. still got my MK6 kelar tobie from the british army had many a misadventure with it so forgot to hand it in riots,petrol bombs fire works wooden bats damn thing kept on going and so am i just about

  4. I got finished pimping my helmet the other day.

    I have no need for a ballistic helmet at this time so the Ops-Core Base Jump works for me.

  5. Hey, I’m a long time out of the military, and the new helmets these days look funky. What’s the reason for the “high cut” helmets? I would think folks would want as much protection as they could get? I’m sure there’s some good reason, I just don’t know what it is, so if anyone could enlighten me, that’d be great.


  6. The higher cut on the side is so that they play nice with comm headsets like sordins and peltors. The older ones did not work well at all when trying to wear both.

  7. Great article again James. As a person trying to break into the biz, your site has offered a tremendous amount of insight that you cant find anywhere else, keep up the excellent work.

  8. back in the Day(1978-80) while serving as a pathfinder in Germany. we used both the German style airborne helmet and the current (1970s) issue american army airborne helmet and liner. I especially liked the German Issue helmet, it was lighter, and simpler to use then the U.S. One.

    As a contractor working in Africa, Afghanistan and the middle east, I was issued several pieces of shit helmets of the current Kevlar type. I got tired of relying on these companies to provide me with quality gear so I purchased a MITCH style helmet from GENTEX. Expensive but worth it.

    please excuse any typos, im drunk as f–k on whisky.

  9. Thats one bad ass helmet in the top picture!

  10. A helmet is one of the most important protective gears for millitaries. A quality one should be ideal for military and tactical events so as to ensure safety.

  11. First glance and I was taken aback with your blog. Must say, brilliant work! Truly commendable.

  12. i gotta agree with you. your helmet is a pretty friggin important peice of gear. mine saved my life in iraq in 2005. 3″ x 1.5″ peice of shapnel lodged itself directly in the top of mine. still have both the kevlar(ach) and the shapnel as a testament to it’s importance. i look at it and thank God daily for it.if i had not been wearing it my two youngest boys likely wouldn’t exist

  13. I was a cocky shit brain when it became an option to wear a hat, usually liked mine with a bill. Wasn’t until I had a game changing TBI in 06′ that set me straight. Seven years or so later it’s hard to stay hired for the fun stuff when I have to pop twice a day anti-convulsants to keep the fits at bay. But unlike Andrew, had I been wearing a helmet, I never would have met my current wife or had my first kid. Sometimes the recovery time is a good thing…except the pay.

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