CIVILIAN CONTRACTORS: Six Security Contractors in Indian Jail on BS Charges

Six of my brother Security Contractors are in Indian Jail under weapons charges when their private anti-piracy ship allegedly strayed into Indian waters. These Six men were working a legal gig for a US based company called AdvanFort, they are all former British soldiers who honorably served their country and then took this gig to support themselves and their families, just as many of us here have done.

I have seen and been involved in many similar situations like this where a Security Contractor is arrested overseas as a direct result of their work duties. Most of the time they get thrown under the bus by their country or employer and end up spending years in jail and tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars before they are finally freed.

Unfortunately there is little we can do, but one thing you can do is Sign this petition calling on British Foreign Secretary William Hague to help free these six men – Let them see the numbers showing we will not let Security Contractors and former British soldiers get thrown under the bus and left to rot in some 3rd world shit hole prison.

And This Petition:  

Also let the PMC who employs these men know the public will not stand for them turning their backs on these men. You can contact AdvanFort here:


Thank you

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6 thoughts on “CIVILIAN CONTRACTORS: Six Security Contractors in Indian Jail on BS Charges”

  1. Signed & Shared JG.

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    1. Signed and shared as well. These men are innocent.

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  2. This all stems from India having some of it people killed by some anti piracy ship who thought they were pirates (can\’t remember if Russian, Italian?) & they now have a hair up their asses towards contractors which they have decided are all mercenaries. There is also question as to whether the ship was even in Indian waters.
    This brings in the big questions of rules of engagement, & immunity from prosecution. A lot of work behind the scenes to get these guys freed. Lets keep up the pressure.

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    1. Probably the anti piracy units you are talking about are the two italians.
      The problem is that those two men where not contractors but regular italian marines, and what is worst is that the ship they were on board was in international waters and the first morgue report, before it disappears. was talking about “big caliber” bullets killing the fishermans.
      The italian operators had only 556nato rifles.

      India is making a lot of mess around their waters and that is not due to anybody\’s mistake except theirs (peoples in india talk about indian coast guard that already killed a couple fishermans two week earlier from the incident with italian soldiers.

      They probably dont have much against contractors more than they have against any other antipiracy unit.

      I better dont talk about italian government concerning this scenario

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  3. Done! Solidarity with my brothers.

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  4. Shared on FB and signed.

    Any updates on this?

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