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Death Valley Expeditionary Corps – Typhoon Haiyan Relief Donation Drive

Death Valley Expeditionary Corps

Photo Credits: CSM Monitor

Photo Credits: CSM Monitor

Death Valley Expeditionary Corps has created a humanitarian aid team made up of James Price a veteran civilian contractor who supported US operations in the Middle East for over a decade and noted adventure journalist, Thomas D. Moore a former US Army Scout and Airborne Pathfinder with 16 years of military service and co-star of an upcoming Discovery Channel wilderness survival TV show, a Filipino Dr. from one of the top Medical Centers in Manila and 2 additional Filipino Team Members who are the founders of one of the first Wilderness Survival Schools in the Philippines and who are both former Philippine National Police Officers. This group is called Death Valley Expeditionary Corps. It is the Nonprofit Exploration and Humanitarian Aid arm of the online magazine Death Valley Magazine. Our team has the life-saving, survival skills, and contacts in the Filipino community needed to bring relief, help, and training directly to people and families living on the street without clean water, medicine food or shelter.

Photo Credits: FOX

Photo Credits: FOX

Factors Obscuring Current Aid Relief and Goals from this mission:

• Often donations to larger aid groups get diluted to pay salaries and administrative costs.
– Every penny of your donations will go directly to help the children and people who have been hurt. There is a list below detailing items purchased through donations, and how they will help. No extraneous or unnecessary! We will video tape, as we can and take pictures depicting the relief efforts that will be posted on this website.

• Many people are not receiving clean water, food, medicine, and shipments due to bandit, rebels, and items “disappearing” or being diverted to the towns of powerful/influential mayors, police chiefs, politicians and high ranking military officers.
– All Humanitarian Aid supplies we bring in will be personally escorted by the mission team members and trusted local police officers to insure their delivery and distribution.

• Most of the smaller, lesser known villages are not receiving or still waiting for help, mostly due to the physical challenge of getting into these areas.
– Our team will hike into these areas and set up water purification, food and medical centers. Additionally the team will teach the local population how to properly purify water on their own without expensive western equipment.

Photo Credits: Guardian

Photo Credits: Guardian

Every donation counts! So far with the donations received we have purchased:

Water Filtration Equipment capable of purifying 28,560 Gallons of Water into clean and safe drinking water. This is the most requested emergency aid equipment! Under emergency situations, one gallon of water per person, per day is the recommended ration. We will be able to provide safe drinking water to thousands of families within 15 minutes of setting up our water filtration equipment.

1000 500 mg doses of Ciprofloxacin (Cipro) tablets. During a Typhoon of this power, bathroom facilities are literally lifted in the air and fecal matter is spread on every surface from the ground to trees. Our people on the ground are reporting serous outbreaks of infectious diarrhea (Gastroenteritis) in men, women and children that has already resulted in an uncountable number of deaths. Cipro has been the recommended choice of medication by our consulting physicians.

540 US Department of Homeland Security and the US Coast Guard approved Emergency Food Bar Rations – these meals have a combined 216,000 life saving calories. Most food in the cities and villages have been contaminated or washed away by Typhoon Haiyan. And what food was still edible was exhausted almost immediately after Typhoon Haiyan hit. In addition to the Emergency Food Bar Rations we will locally source as much food (rice, salt, oil, ECT) as we can carry and add that to our relief supplies.

Typhoon Haiyan – Tacloban

Photo Credits: Guardian

Mission details:

Our team will fly our team into Cebu, Philippines on Wednesday the 20th of November, meet up with our local team there, head north and take a ferry or speedboat over to Carnaza and Guintarcan Island. Then go by any means to reach (most likely foot) to the areas where our supplies will be most needed. (Please note as this is a rapidly changing situation we may choose to divert our mission to different areas depending on where aid is and is not being delivered.). Upon arriving will distribute the food and Rations and set up medical aid and water filtration stations. We will also teach disaster survival skills, water purification, etc

We are asking for donations of any size to help with relief efforts. Our team will leave this Wednesday- November 20th to help the children and people devastated by this Typhoon. Any donations received after then will be forwarded to the team to purchase additional supply’s.

Your generous support will help save lives and bring relief to people during this horrendous disaster; your kindness is greatly appreciated by our team and the people of the Philippines.

Mission Updates HERE >>>

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  1. Thank you Mr. James Price and to the Death Valley Expeditionary Corps for your genuine concern. More power to DVM!

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  2. I am glad we can help

    Mission updates here:

    James Price

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  3. I applaud your concern and the help that you are giving during this time of tragedy. I am however, very disappointed to hear that you have chosen to give the antibiotic Cipro to these people. Homes can be rebuilt. Water, sewage, electricity, and other vital services can be restored. The damage that can result from taking flouriquinolone antibiotics however, can be a bigger disaster than a typhoon.

    A good number of people who take these antibiotics experience life-altering adverse effects that are often permanent. Tendon rupture, pain and tingling in the extremities, panic attacks, and psychotic events are not uncommon no matter what the FDA or the drug makers say. Floriquinolones currently have 2 FDA black box warnings and a 3rd is on its way. No drug is %100 safe, but in the case of Flouriquinolones there are safer and often better choices. I do hope that you re-examine your antibiotic choices so that some of these people are not exposed to a second and greater tragedy, the irreversible loss of their physical and/or mental health.

    Thank you,

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