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TACTICAL GEAR: Flight and Fight Tactical Blackjack Battery Brick

Packing for another romp in the 3rd world

When you pull over at a Hajji Shop in Iraq and you walk through the isles past the cans of fly-covered baklava, dusty cans of corned beef and Gauloise Smokes what is the one thing you can not buy?

CR123 Batteries

And not just in Iraq, I once drove around for 3 hours in Phnom Penh, Cambodia looking for CR123’s before I finally found some in a camera shop for the astounding price of 16 bucks a pop!

After going through all the Bullshit of having to order CR123’s in bulk and paying 150 bucks to ship them, trading bottles of Jack D with force protection guards and wasting time trying to track down a shop in Stabyouinthefaceistan just to get raped at the cash register I had enough. So I decided to replace all the disposable battery powered kit I used with AA and AAA powered kit.

But that created another problem, off-brand batteries in the 3rd world are mostly shit Chinese batteries that have 1/5th the charge that US batteries have, so to make up for using commie batteries I had to pack a shit-load of batteries before every mission.

And enter the next problem, I would end up with a huge pile of loose batteries spread all over the bottom of my mission bag (I would take them out of the package so I would not have to fuck around with cutting a battery package open while trying to watch the road).

Solution: Enter the guys over at Flight and Fight Tactical

I figured I needed a way to carry a grip of AA and AAA batteries lined up beside each other (so I could keep count visually) in some sort of pouch that would not dump all the batteries out if it was banged around in my mission bag or tossed on the floor of my guntruck.

I looked around but I could not find anything currently made to fit that bill so I threw a shot out on my Facebook to see if anyone knew of a pouch like that. Less than an hour after I threw the post out on my wall Flight and Fight Tactical said they could work it out for me.

And a few hours after that, BAM, they posted a picture of the perfect solution to what I needed, yep – in a couple of hours they sketched up an idea, sewed it up and had it GTG. That sort of professionalism and hard work could have only come from an American company, straight-up fucking outstanding.

The Flight and Fight Tactical AAA Blackjack Battery Brick (avert your eyes to the Satan of all camouflage)

The Flight and Fight Tactical Blackjack Battery Brick is exactly what it sounds like, it holds 21 AA or AAA Batteries in a clever design that folds up three times on itself into a compact ‘brick-like’ package. And each fold and flap secures the last preventing the next row of batteries from falling out even if you leave a fold open.

This is just an ingenious design to a problem that pretty much everyone who uses batteries has. I even got one for my mom and pops so they can stop having a drawer filled of paperclips and loose batteries that sounds like pool hall every time they open it.

And to top things off Flight and Fight Tactical sells these bad-boys in your choice of ACU, Multicam, Coyote, Foliage Green, OD Green and Black for only 23.95. This is a hand sewn USA made nylon product for a few bucks more than a DVD.

I have been using my Blackjack Battery Brick for six months now and it still looks brand new, the stitching is solid and the 1000D Cordura is holding up great. If you use AA, AAA, CR123 and Coin Cell Batteries (and who doesn’t?) then grab a few Blackjack Battery Bricks from Flight and Fight Tactical and throw one in you go bag, the cheap price is a steal for a USA handmade piece of nylon gear.

Flight and Fight Blackjack Battery Brick
Available in ACU, Multicam, Coyote, Foliage Green, OD Green and Black
Made in the USA

AA (21 AA) >>>

AAA (21 AAA) >>>

COMBO (7 AA’s, 8 AAA’s, 4 CR123’s and 2 coin cell batteries) >>>


~James G
Founder – Editor in Chief DVM

James G is a Veteran Civilian Contractor who has worked in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for way too long. He spends his off time in Southeast Asia and Virginia getting drunk, shooting guns, writing poorly written articles and eating rotten baklava


  1. Great pouch, just what I was looking for, thanks for the post. long time since anything outside of SpaceBook has been posted here…..I aint that social hehehe…

  2. Interesting find! I’ve been using PowerPax, but if you aren’t into hard plastic holders the Battery Brick might just be the trick.

  3. Great fix for that very problem.
    Only head’s up to add, however was both Qatar customs and Dubai customs ‘officers’ objected to the amount of batteries I was carrying into and out Iraq on a couple of into and out of trips. Dubai looked in my backpack, saw two Surefire flashlights and graciously allowed me to keep three CR123s and took the other nine. And an Iraqi (no, really?) relieved me of two eight bang AA battery packs because HE decided it was ” too much” batteries. That camo battery pack may be VERY nice to some security guy upgrading his kit ’cause: “You have money and can always replace the next time you go home to your country”. LOL. just my .000625 Iraqi Dinars. Rich Johns

  4. Ordered one last night, just what I’ve been looking for actually for call out bag.

  5. Okay, so a couple of Q’s.

    I’m just guessing you’re still using AA-powered gear… If you’re gonna haul batteries around, why not go back to CR123s?

    Or, stick with AA’s, but get some decent grade rechargeables, and stick with only two or three sets – and on your downtime, jack it into a solar charger? God knows there’s enough fucking sunlight in the stans during the daytime. Some good charging gear out there, now, that you can lug around – lighter than the batteries, and it’ll handle a lot more than just nuts for your squirrels.

    I never played in the sandbox, my party was catered by IFOR and KFOR, and I woulda given my left nut for better power provisions – and I had ready access to PX and CANEX.

    I’m a desk jockey now, but fuck me if I’m gonna lug around battery packs or extra chargers.. Easier to go USB powered anything, or USB connected solar panels or universal chargers. Seems like the same oughta be available for your adventures.

    Jus’ Sayin’…

    • “I’m just guessing you’re still using AA-powered gear… If you’re gonna haul batteries around, why not go back to CR123s?”

      -The problem is finding CR123s in the 3rd world – I mention that above

      “Or, stick with AA’s,”

      -I need AA and AAAs

      “but get some decent grade rechargeables”

      -Good idea in theory, but with the way things get lost, borrowed or stolen on missions I would be out of rechargeable in days. And I would have to order them from the states and ether lug them back with me overseas or ship them and get charged 300 bucks at some 3rd world customs office – and that’s if they don’t get seized”

      “jack it into a solar charger?”

      -More shit to carry and make sure it does not break, wont work

      “and on your downtime”

      -Hahahahahaa…, downtime?

      Thanks for you comments bro

      James G

  6. Nah, if you’re CARRYING Batteries… then go back to CR123’s. Guess maybe you’re not doing any sort of provisioning to keep you in stock..

    Shit to break? Yeah, maybe. Can’t hurt to look, though, can it? or have two of the best I’ve seen yet.

    Pair it with a small USB charger, you’ll have at least a pair (or a quad set) of AA or AAA’s constantly charged. Shit, rig it on a ruck or on a dashboard and you’re golden. FWIW, the SolarJoos, the plugged with a .22LR round (yeah, a LEEEETLE bit less than a combloc 7.62 or even a 5.56, but still).. Not bad.

    I’m curious to see how it fairs for you, over time. Personally, I fucking hate dealing with batteries if I can at all avoid it, so I’ve got a bit of personal bias.

    Downtime.. Been there, man, don’t tell me you get zero downtime. :) Hell, like I said, dump it on the dash on convoy and let it charge up that way.

    • Sigh…

      “Nah, if you’re CARRYING Batteries… then go back to CR123′s. Guess maybe you’re not doing any sort of provisioning to keep you in stock..”

      -Where does one get a couple hundred CR123 Batteries in places like Iraq or Somalia? Walmart?

      You can not fly in with them, too heavy and that amount of batterys will set off red flags and they will get seized or you will have to pay hundreds in customs fees and you will draw attention to yourself.

      You can not mail them

      This is a problem for people who work OCONUS

      “Shit to break? Yeah, maybe. Can’t hurt to look, though, can it? or have two of the best I’ve seen yet.”

      -Yes, shit to break, I have broken every electronic device I have ever used on missions 10 times (excluding Nokia Phones). Add to that I have lost or had stolen every electronic device 20 times (after long missions you forget to get shit out of your guntruck, one of your LN guys lifts it, ECT).

      So what you are suggesting is one should have 50 devices (batteries) reliant on a single device (the battery charger). And that single device is 100% going to break eventually (I have had Pelican cases break inside of gun trucks, it is a hard use environment). That’s doesn’t make any sense

      No need to look because it would not be a solution to this problem – from my decade+ experience of running missions in hostile 3rd world environments I have learned that the Simplest solution is Always the best

      Problem: You need to power an electronic device with batteries that can be sourced locally

      Solution: Use the most common type of battery that can be sourced locally

      And please do not say “just carry 3 chargers as back up” – that would mean the solution that was chosen is fundamentally flawed if you have to rely on it to fail to work

      “Pair it with a small USB charger”

      -Inside a guntruck you already have a dozen things charging (GPS Tracker X2, 8 phones, personal beacons, ECT.) so the last thing you need is another thing that needs to be constantly plugged in.

      “Downtime.. Been there, man, don’t tell me you get zero downtime.”

      -After working 20 days on, getting 14 hours off, then going on for another 40 days straight who the heck would want to deal with tedious shit like changing out rechargeable batteries every 3 hours? Even when you have days off between missions every second of that off time is valuable.

      Personally I would not make my guys do busy work like that, I would let them just chill and have a few and play xbox. Especially when the problem can be solved by buying AAA batteries at the local hajji store once a month.

      A couple things to remember:

      -The need for this is based on the needs of a Security Contractor operating independently from the military

      -The simple solution with the fewest moving parts is always the best

      Bro, I think you are basing your opinion on either having the support of the military and military bases and confusing this problem with one someone might have in the States where walmart is only five minutes away

      Thanks for your reply
      ~James G

  7. Even when my unit was supplied getting cr123 batteries were rare as unicorns. Fuck getting decent toilet paper was a problem.We were a high priority aviation unit, still had to move mountains with spoons. Going to AA batteries was a slick move.

  8. One of the frustrating things about Cambodia. Difficulty getting things that are so readily available next door in Thailand. I can find a cr123 at 4:30 am in Thailand faster than I can find one in Texas. Frustrating thing about Thailand, the wired internet and wireless infrastructure in Cambodia outstrips that of the supposedly superior Thailand… and in some cases the US. .. And Cambodia has that Kingdom brewery now.. which I was stoked to find a few months ago. But I’m off topic now

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  12. I have some gear from Fight and Flight. They make some great kit that can\’t be found elsewhere.

    Don\’t have any better ideas on the batteries. I did get a AA Surefire because the AA batteries are stocked by my employer and 123s ain\’t. Might as well keep it simple.

  13. James – great idea. Since I\’m right here in the USA, I can get batteries, so I especially like the one that carries all three sizes plus the coin cells. As you know, I live way out in nowhere and the frustration in my little old trailer is finding batteries that I know I have but I\’ve put them who knows where. With the combo pack, I\’d have all the sizes I need at hand and in one place, easy to toss in the truck and easier to find. I\’ll pay that very reasonable price just to not have to open up packs and bags and drawers looking for what I\’ve lost. Well done.

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