—-NOTE:  The HOUSTON TEXAS JULY 18 to 20th Class is Full – This is the School for the following weekend—- 

MOBILE SCOUT SCHOOL Class #002 – HOUSTON TEXAS JULY 25 to 27th – Friday Evening Until Sunday Evening 


Long Range Desert Group in WWII

The Mobile Scout School is a modern update on the legendary LRDG (long range desert group). Lead Instructor James Price has combined the skills he learned as a Civilian Contractor Senior Mobile Team Leader in Iraq with the original LRDG skillset.

Mobile teams in Iraq operated much like their WWII LRDG cousins, but they used today’s modern equipment and tactics. In a nutshell the Mobile Scout School is a wilderness and urban survival, expedition camping, team tactics, Hostile Environment Mobile Team and 3rd world operations hybrid class.


Lead Instructor James Price (Pictured Right) in Iraq while working as a Mobile Senior Team Leader

Who should attend the Mobile Scout School?
You don’t have to be a Security Contractor in some far off 3rd world dump to attend, the same things you learn at the Mobile Scout School translate to any person who wants to be prepared in today’s unsure environment.

Domestically having the skills that will enable you to travel over long distances and get through almost any circumstances on the road is not only an appealing one, it is a necessity these days. Hurricane evacuations, overland trekking, remote law enforcement, and just normal everyday driving – the Mobile Scout School is for the individual with a prepared mindset, you will leave this course with the knowledge and confidence to face whatever lies down the road ahead.

And if you are planning to work or travel in a 3rd world country having these skills will prepare you for the challenges of operating in a non-permissive environment. That could be just driving in the back country in Cambodia or rolling down the roads in Afghanistan. Domestically or internationally you will be able to employ what you learn in the Mobile Scout School in any environment to survive.

evac (2)

Traffic jam during Rita evacuation

In the Mobile Scout School you will learn:
-Mobile Scout History
-Mobile Scout Vehicle Selection
-Equipping a Mobile Scout Vehicle
-Medical Equipment Selection
-Mobile Scout Equipment
-Mobile Scout Weapons
-Team Member Designations
-Operating in Permissive and Non-Permissive Environments
-Mobile Scout H2H and Knife Fighting
-Living on the road on a Mobile Team
-Mobile Operations Survival
-Securing Camp
-Tactical Vehicle Convoys
-Downed Teammate Recovery
-Mobile Team Immediate Action Drills
-Communications and Navigation
-Q&A with Lead Instructor James Price
-The class will end with a Force on Force exercise testing all of the skills you have learned


A Domestic Mobile Scout Vehicle

The Mobile Scout School will run from Friday early evening until Sunday evening (Saturday and Sunday we will train for 12 hours a day, Friday 4 hours), you will receive approximately 28 hours of instruction. During this school you and your team will sleep outdoors with your guntrucks just like deployed mobile scouts.


Mobile Scout Team Setting Camp in Iraq

Sunday night the cadre will be having a BBQ and drinks around the fire, you are encouraged to stay and relax for the evening and sleep overnight in the training area. You will be exhausted after this class so if you can it would be better to stay the extra night with your teammates then make a long drive or flight back home. There is no extra charge for the BBQ and another night sleeping by the guntrucks, it is our gift to the new Mobile Scouts.

Included in the Mobile Scout School:
-Mobile Scout Gun-Trucks X3
-Course Material
-Housing (you sleep with your trucks)
-3 Meals per day
-Mobile Scout Tab
-Mobile Certificate of Graduation
-Membership in the Mobile Scout Association

Lead Instructor
~James Price


James, a native of Virginia is former civilian contractor who spent over a decade supporting American forces in Qatar, Iraq and Kurdistan on several contracts ranging from Intelligence to Security Contracting, his last position was as a Senior Mobile Team Leader. James had additionally worked in various fields ranging from Corporate Intelligence, Game Hunt Guiding in Indonesia, Journalism and Executive Protection.

The price for the Mobile Scout School is 450 bucks. Considering you are receiving a substantial amount of training for 2 and ½ days and you will not have to pay for accommodations, food or for unnecessarily blowing off tons of ammo we feel this is a reasonable price. Heck, we think it is a steal – expect the fee to go up for future schools.

And if you pay in full this month (April) we will give you a 50.00 dollar discount. So the Mobile Scout School will only be 400 bucks if you can sign up this month – beat that deal for this much training. After then it goes back up to 450. Deposit are non-refundable, 4.77 for shipping for your Certs 

Class is limited to 12 Students Only – 12 - 7 - slots are currently Open

MOBILE SCOUT SCHOOL – HOUSTON TEXAS JULY 25 to 27th – DEPOSIT (Remaining 350$ Tuition must be paid in full before June 15th).
100 Bucks – DEPOSIT

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400 Bucks

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MOBILE SCOUT SCHOOL – Airsoft Rifle and Pistol Rental Fee
50 Bucks

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You will need to bring:
-Tactical Equipment
Rig (or war belt) with magazine pouches, rifle sling, pistol holster, armor (optional)
-Airsoft Rifle and Pistol
We can provide both for a 50 dollar rental fee
-Fixed Blade Knife
-Sleeping Bag and cot (cot optional but recommended)
-Tan or Coyote Pants, Red T-shirt
-Hygiene Kit
-Flip Flops
-Headlamp and Handheld flashlight
-Canteen (or any way to carry water), plastic or metal plate, eating utensils
-Baby Wipes
-Insect Repellent
-One pair Shorts and swimming trunks
-Large Towel

Note: This will not be a live fire class, we use airsoft for our force on force. When you learn something like Mobile Team stuff you are learning a skill, not how to shoot – for this skill-set you should already know how to shoot, then we will teach you a trade has been upheld from WWII to the Iraq War around it. If you are looking to blow off a ton of rounds while screaming “COVER ME LADS!” there are several schools out there to choose from that do that.


Exactly will the school be held?: in the Houston area, for OPSEC reasons the exact location will only be given out to registered students

Do I need a Truck to attend?: No, 3 Mobile Scout Gun-Trucks will be provided for the students


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3 thoughts on “MOBILE SCOUT SCHOOL – HOUSTON TEXAS JULY 25 to 27th”

  1. My wife and I train together. Is this course venue appropriate for a couple?

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  2. Damn James, next time you have another one of these scout schools let me know.You had my email address. I haven’t looked at your site for a year or more and just came across this.
    I can’t believe you were in my neck of the woods and didn’t think about me.
    I have two “scout trucks” lol.

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