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DVM D.A.R.T. and La Cima World Missions – Iraqi Christian Refugee Relief Mission, Iraq Kurdistan



The terrorist group ISIL (formally ISIS) has mounted an offensive in Northern Iraq and has violently taken large areas and cities surrounding the autonomous Democratic state of Kurdistan, many of the cities are heavily populated by Iraqi Christian and other religious minority groups. ISIL has demanded that all Christians in the areas they now occupy to “convert or die”. ISIL is beheading children, gang raping women and crucifying Iraqi Christians – it is unknown how many Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities have been slaughtered so far in this Holocaust, but the number is thought to be great.

“Simply put, ISIL is an unholy combination of al-Qaeda, the Khmer Rouge, and the Nazis.”
~Defense One

“A Christian girl (a child) was beheaded by ISIS terrorists as a warning to others”
~Catholic Online

An estimated 500,000 people from Iraqi Christian and other religious minority groups have or are attempting to flee the ISIL genocide to the safe haven of Kurdistan. A reported 200,000 Christians are seeking sanctuary in Kurdistan, primarily in the Ainkawa neighborhood in the capital of Erbil. Most of these men, women and children have abandoned their homes with nothing but the clothing on their backs and have no means to care for their families. These families are now homeless and living in churches, monasteries, schools and on the street in Ainkawa. They have no access to free medical care and they desperately require food, water, clothing and medicine.

Iraqi Christians who fled the violence in the village of Qaraqush rest upon their arrival at the Saint-Joseph church in Arbil (SAFIN HAMED/AFP/Getty Images)

Iraqi Christians who fled the violence in the village of Qaraqush rest upon their arrival at the Saint-Joseph church in Arbil (SAFIN HAMED/AFP/Getty Images)

“They (Iraqi Christians) are camping on the floors of church halls, in a building site, in the street. An old woman was sleeping in a flower bed. Another begged for help”
~The Telegraph

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—-NOTE:  The HOUSTON TEXAS JULY 18 to 20th Class is Full – This is the School for the following weekend—- 

MOBILE SCOUT SCHOOL Class #002 – HOUSTON TEXAS JULY 25 to 27th – Friday Evening Until Sunday Evening 


Long Range Desert Group in WWII

The Mobile Scout School is a modern update on the legendary LRDG (long range desert group). Lead Instructor James Price has combined the skills he learned as a Civilian Contractor Senior Mobile Team Leader in Iraq with the original LRDG skillset.

Mobile teams in Iraq operated much like their WWII LRDG cousins, but they used today’s modern equipment and tactics. In a nutshell the Mobile Scout School is a wilderness and urban survival, expedition camping, team tactics, Hostile Environment Mobile Team and 3rd world operations hybrid class.


Lead Instructor James Price (Pictured Right) in Iraq while working as a Mobile Senior Team Leader

Who should attend the Mobile Scout School?
You don’t have to be a Security Contractor in some far off 3rd world dump to attend, the same things you learn at the Mobile Scout School translate to any person who wants to be prepared in today’s unsure environment.

Domestically having the skills that will enable you to travel over long distances and get through almost any circumstances on the road is not only an appealing one, it is a necessity these days. Hurricane evacuations, overland trekking, remote law enforcement, and just normal everyday driving – the Mobile Scout School is for the individual with a prepared mindset, you will leave this course with the knowledge and confidence to face whatever lies down the road ahead.

And if you are planning to work or travel in a 3rd world country having these skills will prepare you for the challenges of operating in a non-permissive environment. That could be just driving in the back country in Cambodia or rolling down the roads in Afghanistan. Domestically or internationally you will be able to employ what you learn in the Mobile Scout School in any environment to survive.

evac (2)

Traffic jam during Rita evacuation

In the Mobile Scout School you will learn:
-Mobile Scout History
-Mobile Scout Vehicle Selection
-Equipping a Mobile Scout Vehicle
-Medical Equipment Selection
-Mobile Scout Equipment
-Mobile Scout Weapons
-Team Member Designations
-Operating in Permissive and Non-Permissive Environments
-Mobile Scout H2H and Knife Fighting
-Living on the road on a Mobile Team
-Mobile Operations Survival
-Securing Camp
-Tactical Vehicle Convoys
-Downed Teammate Recovery
-Mobile Team Immediate Action Drills
-Communications and Navigation
-Q&A with Lead Instructor James Price
-The class will end with a Force on Force exercise testing all of the skills you have learned

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KNIVES: Hardcore Hardware Australia

IMG_1826 (3)

LFT01 Tactical Tomahawk


Last week two boxes suddenly showed up on the doorsteps of DVM HQ USA and DVM HQ Bangkok simultaneously, as if they were delivered by an Australian SAS Regiment on a highly coordinated mission.

Always suspect of unexpected boxes here in Southeast Asia, I paid a massage gal from a parlor down the street 200 Baht to vigorously shake my box up and down just in case it was a bomb from one of my ex-wives.

Fortunately for Ms. Yum-Yum, no boom (well, not yet), so I tore open that box (get your mind out of the gutter pervert) to find some bad ass pieces of killing steel from our friends at Hardcore Hardware Australia.

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DVM D.A.R.T. “Boxes of Hate” Raffle


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UPDATE: At the request of long time DVM fans we have extendded the raffle until the 25th

With the help of our DVM Team Room Members and some great companies in the tactical world we are having this bad ass raffle to build up a war chest for the DVM D.A.R.T. Mission Teams. D.A.R.T. is the Humanitarian Aid arm of Death Valley Magazine, we recently finished a successful mission in the Philippines to provide aid to the families who were devastated by Typhoon Haiyan. DVM D.A.R.T. is also proud to be one of the only Humanitarian Aid groups that does not spend donations on any administration expenses or salaries. All of our mission volunteers pay their own way on missions, officers do not receive salaries or compensation for expenses – so 100% of your donations go directly to those in need.

More Info on DVM D.A.R.T. Here:

So check out our three raffles below, we have over 3200.00 in bad ass kit split into three different packs depending on what you pack. The raffle will run until March 16th 25th– and thanks to everyone who supported our Typhoon Haiyan relief mission in the Philippines and to our great sponsors.


-A-TACS AK ATTACK RACK V2 with III3 ARMOR insert (400$ Value)
-A-TACS Rifleman’s Range Bag (150$ value)
-A-TACS Rifleman’s Range Bag Insert (70$ Value)
-4 AK30 30 round Mags (120$ value)
-US Palm Shot Glass (10$ value)

750.00$+ Value – 20 bucks per raffle ticket (Max of 50 will be sold)

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-HSGI Pogie Pouch (35.0$ Value)
-X2 TYR Tactical™ NSN# Pouch – Combat Adjustable Rifle Mag Pouch (66.00$ Value)
-Fight and Flight Tatical T.A.S.K. (TACTICAL ASS SCRUBBING KIT) (7.95$ Value)
-Solio – Classic2 Battery Pack + Solar Charger (100 $ Value)
-X2 PMAG 30 GEN M2’s(26.00$ Value)
-US PALM NOD’s Garage Pouch (50$ value)
-US PALM Gryphon EDC Backpack (230$ value)
-like new Surefire a2 Aviator LED (200$ Value)

750.00$+ Value – 20 bucks per raffle ticket (Max of 50 will be sold)

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-DVM US Contractor Survival Knife one off custom made by SAR Global Tool – (500.00$ Value)
-Benchmade 42 Titanium Balisong (400 to 500$ Value)
-US Palm Limited Edition Challenge Coin (30$ Value)
-Antique Balisong 1950-60′s, whale bone in the hilt, and red crystals in the clasp, brass fittings (600-700$+ Value)
-US PALM Gryphon EDC Backpack (230$ value)
-TYR Tactical™ General Purpose Pouch – Small 5″x 5” (19.00$ value)

1,779.00$+ Value – 20 bucks per raffle ticket (Max of 50 will be sold)

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Thanks to the following generous gear companies for donating gear for this auction:

Fight and Flight Tactical >>>
TYR Tactical >>>

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Death Valley Training Center (DVTC)

I am proud to announce that Death Valley Magazine’s new Training Center (DVTC) is now open and enrolling it’s first course!

Tom “Tomahawk” Moore’s (Co-Star of the hit TV wilderness survival show “Dude You’re Screwed) Tomahawk Scout School online is now enrolling students. The school is a modern take on the famed Apache Scouts. You can learn about shelters, firestarting, tracking and more at your own pace and earn your Tomahawk Scout Tab from anywhere in the world.

dvtc new





 March 4 – 10, 2014


If you have any questions feel free to comment below or contact us here: 

Includes: -This is an All-Inclusive Expedition It includes All Meals, Hotels, Transportation, Swag, Jungle Gear, Security, team medic, local translators and All Expedition Activities are included

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Death Valley Expeditionary Corps – Typhoon Haiyan Relief Donation Drive

Death Valley Expeditionary Corps

Photo Credits: CSM Monitor

Photo Credits: CSM Monitor

Death Valley Expeditionary Corps has created a humanitarian aid team made up of James Price a veteran civilian contractor who supported US operations in the Middle East for over a decade and noted adventure journalist, Thomas D. Moore a former US Army Scout and Airborne Pathfinder with 16 years of military service and co-star of an upcoming Discovery Channel wilderness survival TV show, a Filipino Dr. from one of the top Medical Centers in Manila and 2 additional Filipino Team Members who are the founders of one of the first Wilderness Survival Schools in the Philippines and who are both former Philippine National Police Officers. This group is called Death Valley Expeditionary Corps. It is the Nonprofit Exploration and Humanitarian Aid arm of the online magazine Death Valley Magazine. Our team has the life-saving, survival skills, and contacts in the Filipino community needed to bring relief, help, and training directly to people and families living on the street without clean water, medicine food or shelter.

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URBAN SURVIVAL – BOOKS: The SAS Urban Survival Guide and Tom Brown’s City and Suburban Survival Review

Tom Brown’s City and Suburban Survival and The SAS Urban Survival Guide – One Isn’t Worth The Paper Its Printed On

Urban Survival is by far my favorite survival subject and out of all my skills, it is the only one where I consider myself consonantly proficient (well, that and binge drinking). Most of what I know is a combination of self learning, the classroom and practical experience living in Urban Hostile Environments around the world.

I know in the grand scope of Urban Survival skills I still have a ton to learning to do – there isn’t a single subject in survival or any other life skill that can’t be modified, studied or improved upon until it eventually becomes instinct.

So in the interest of filling up the watermelon I call a head with more Urban Survival knowledge I picked up the 2 most popular and widely available Urban Survival books on the market; Tom Brown’s City and Suburban Survival and The SAS Urban Survival Guide.

These books were written by two of the top “gurus” in the wilderness survival field; Tom Brown Jr. and John “Lofty” Wiseman. One was pretty good despite going off subject a bit and the other sucked mad balls.

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