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10 Minute Tactical Toolbox: 100 Push-Ups in 6 Weeks Program

96, 97, 98, 99 and… 100

First off I want everyone to know that I had absolutely nothing to do with creating this kick-ass program, the creator is a brit (I think) that doesn’t mention his/her name on the website – but nonetheless they deserve all the credit for this.

As you already know, physical strength and general fitness is an extremely important tool in your Tactical Toolbox (you cant fight if you are sleepy). But if you are like me and work 18 hours a day then finding the time to change clothes, drive to the gym, knock out a workout and still have time to sleep, eat and shit can be impossible at times.

So when I came across the 100 Push Ups program while surfing the non- dinosaur porn blogosphere I was blown away by its simplicity and minimal time requirements. Basically the program will bring you from barely being able to do a few push-ups to pressing out 100 straight in 6 measly weeks.

You are probably thinking the same thing I was when I first came across this; “hell, I can do 100 push-ups” – well after doing the initial test I didn’t even come close, and I am in pretty good shape. Now after completing the program I can knock-out 100 push-ups without even thinking about it (I am now doing the same program over again, but in full kit).

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10 MINUTE TACTICAL TOOLBOX: Running up/down Stairs Full Blast Without Looking at Your Feet

Don’t Trip dude!


Sure, running up a staircase doesn’t sound cool like blasting down a door with a shotgun or jumping through windows. But it is an essential skill that any prepared guy should have in their Tactical Toolbox.

Most people probably think they can run up a staircase just fine, but its not so easy when going balls-to-the-wall fast, holding something in your hand, scanning your environment, wearing a bunch of gear, wile under stress, making decisions, paying attention to someone and not looking at your feet.

Way, way back in the day I was chasing a dude up a flight of stairs in the projects. I kept looking down at my feet because I was concerned about tripping (and it is just a natural habit most people do). As I was running full blast after this fool I turned the stairwell corner wile staring at my feet and was welcomed by a Davis 32. auto in my face.

Now besides being angry that I was about to be killed by a chromed-out pimp gun that costs 30 bucks, I was extremely pissed at myself for making such a huge mistake. Luckily for me the kid didn’t have in him to shoot me in the face, so after changing my underwear I worked up a training program I jokingly call “Tactical Stairmaster”.

Before I get into this training program I need to get the “you should already know this shit but I have to say it anyway” stuff out of the way. Check with you Dr to make sure you won’t have a stroke wile doing this, train with someone that can catch you if you trip, and wear some sort of protective padding.

This program is extremely dangerous, the following article is for educational and entertainment uses. By clicking the link below you agree to THIS

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10 MINUTE TACTICAL TOOLBOX: Skills You Can Add To your “Tactical Toolbox” in Only 10 Minutes a Day


“Skills You Can Add To Your ‘Tactical Toolbox’ in Only 10 Minutes a Day” is our new monthly column where we will present a tactical oriented skill that you can learn in about a month, practicing for 10 minutes a day just about anywhere.

Like most operators, tactical enthusiasts and everyday guys the day is never long enough. If any of you guys are like me you are lucky to hit the range one or two times a month. And taking an entire weekend or week to take a class is a once a year luxury.

So over the years I have learned to pick up random tactical related skills by compacting them into bite-sized bits that are flexible enough for me to practice whenever I have 10 to spare.

Most of these skills aren’t “sexy” like scaling a building wearing black with an MP5 – but in my experience they are essential skills that all prepared individuals should learn.

Myself and the other writers here at DVM will all be writing theses articles drawing from our respective professions and experience.

So every month starting tomorrow (Tuesday, April 06) we will present a tactical skill along with a step by step lesson plan that you can learn over a 30 day period in your spare time. Our goal is to help you add 12 solid skills to your “Tactical Toolbox” every year.

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