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COMMENTARY: Skill and Academic Based Tactical Training VS “Lets Have fun Training” WTF

I Like Sandwiches and Tactical Training

Why are people more interested in taking classes where they get to dress up in full kit as apposed to non-shooting classes (or with less shooting) where they will learn an actual skill? Now I understand that I come from a background where I pull triggers for a paycheck and work in the 3rd World as a job, so in my mind I am thinking “why take a class if I don’t learn how to do something, I only have a month off this year?”

One example is EP/PSD Courses – I have had several top EP/PSD Instructors tell me I am crazy to offer an EP/PSD course that only teaches Classroom based Academic training and does not have tons of shooting in it (despite the fact that the base EP/PSD skills are non-shooting skills), one buddy that is a Rock Star in the PSD/EP business said “Just add a day or two of shooting on your course and you will sell out – pander to people”

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TACTICAL COMMENTARY: Infidel Shirts Are Fucking Stupid

Operators totally wear Infidel Shirts

Ever since we started dropping bombs, kicking ass, and taking names in Afghanistan and Iraq, I started seeing all these infidel shirts, hats and other stupid infidel branded shit popping up for sale online. Generally I file gay tactical stuff like this under the “Multicam” category in my brain and go on with my day.

But lately there has been an explosion in Infidel branded crap being peddled on every corner of the internet. I figure it is only a matter of time before people start making Dog Sweaters with “infidel” written on the back so they can look like “operators” while walking their dog in the park.

The first thing that makes these shirts stupid is the fact that the term “infidel” is an insult. Someone wearing an Infidel shirt is the equivalent of someone wearing a shirt that says “Les américains sont des Idiots” in French [Americans are Idiots] or a shirt that just says “Fuck Christianity.”

Yes people, the term “Infidel” is an insult, so it just doesn’t make any sense at all to wear a shirt that basically says “I am a piece of shit unbeliever of any religion or belief.”

Now the justification some folks use for wearing Infidel Shirts is “We are taking the word Infidel back as a way to insult the insulters” [something like “nanny, nanny boo-boo stick your head in doo-doo” or some other intelligent reason].

Sure I agree – fuck the folks that call us Infidels, but at the same time why would you want to toss everyone in the Middle East in the same asshole basket.

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COMMENTARY: I Swear if I Hear Another Person say “I Didn’t Quit BUDS/SF Selection – I Had to Drop out Because of an Injury” I am Going to Kick a Kitten in the Head

You know you rang that bell with tears streaming from you eyes – Stop telling people you “had an Injury”, no one believes you

I was at the PX grabbing some shit I don’t need when I ran into some buddies who work for another contractor. This particular contractor is somewhat known for “warm body recruiting”. We all sat down over a lukewarm coffee when a couple of their less than high-speed coworkers sat down.

Of what is a tradition in contracting, everyone did the usual dick-measuring contest where guys start asking each other about their backgrounds. I sat back and waited for the standard responses that usually vary from “I was in the Army” to “I rescued white women from dragons back when I was in a SCUBA K9 unit” to my response of “just contracting bro” [that always receives the most bewildering looks].

That is when one of the guys came out with one of my favorite cockamamie lines: The “I went through BUDS/SF Selection but I had to drop out because of an “injury” line. I swear I have heard that one at least 100 times over my lengthy Contracting and EP career.

By my count [and according to these guys] no one has ever quit SF Selection or Rang the Bell at BUDS because they couldn’t hack it in the entire history of Special Operations – like ever.

This BS story is usually followed by the “but they were still impressed by my performance and said I could try out again, and even let me hang out with them after, but I decided to get out instead”.

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TACTICAL COMMENTARY: You Are Not a Navy SEAL Sneaking up on Someone, so When You Say “Velcro is Too Loud” You Sound Like an Idiot

This is the type of guy who worries about stealthy mag pouches for sneaking up on Charlie – don’t be that guy

So I was showing this guy here in Iraq one of the Zulu M-4 Mag Pouches I have and the first thing he said was “the Velcro is too loud, people will hear you use it” or something to that effect.

I was like “dude, you are a medic on a Helicopter, seriously?” – but he would not consider buying that pouch because in his mind it would somehow tip-off his location to the Ninjas or whatever he would be sneaking up on [presumably after already blasting off 30 rounds and jumping off a helicopter].

Normally this would not have stuck in my mind but like 3 days before another guy said he didn’t like one of my knives because it had a stainless blade that “would be too visible in the dark”. He is a blond guy who runs down the roads in Iraq in a 30 truck convoy in huge pick-up trucks with his PMC’s name written down the side. I was like “sure dude, they will never see you coming if you got a blacked-out blade”

This is a common affliction affecting many people in the tactical community going back as long as I can remember. It is sort of the same thing as guys who carry 148 rounds of ammo and 3 pistols everyday “just in case they have to get it on in on some sort of epic gun-battle at Starbucks where they burn through 5 mags.

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TACTICAL COMMENTARY: “You Shoot The Wrong Way” – What?

Give it a few years and this will be the “right” way to shoot a pistol again

I was at the range yesterday doing some boring ass weapons quals for the security contractor I work for here in Iraq when this new guy says to me “you’re not supposed to hold your M-4 that way” and then later “you’re supposed to let your mags fall free” – all said with an arrogant ‘I know everything because I watched a Magpul video’ look on his face [you all know that look].

The “Wrong Way” was: holding my M-4 with my weak hand on/in-front the magazine well [like the way many people grip an AK] and pulling my dry mags free [instead of letting them fall free].

Now besides the fact I can’t stand Range know-it-all Douchebags this kid was so wet behind the ears his shoulders were wet. Instead of the usual James G. berating that has been known to make grown men cry; I just beat his ass like a redheaded stepchild in China on the qual instead. So in the end he had to eat a big can of “shut the fuck up little man” [I still called his mom names].

I understand that the way I shoot an M-4 is not the “accepted” technique currently being taught today – but it works for me. So does be that make me a poor shot or tactically inefficient? No. Would my marksmanship or tactical ability be more accurate/faster if I shoot the way you are “supposed” to? Not for me, I tried other ways of operating my rifle and I just don’t move or shoot as efficiently.

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