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Black Powder Red Earth – PMC Comic Book, yes – comic book, not graphic novel


Back in the day like many of you who grew up before video games and 400 channels on TV, I was an avid comic book reader. Believe it or not you could almost guarantee seeing a prepubescent James at any comic convention held during the summer on the east coast. But lately not so much, as my time is more limited and tastes has changed from big-titted anime broads and the Punisher blowing everything up, to smarter and more engaging comic stories. I also have sex now and that broke into 99.9999% of my comic reading time.

Due to the above it has been a while since I have found a series that was good enough for me to put down the vagina for a bit and pick up a comic instead. The last good one I read was Transmetropolitan, and that set such a high standard in the “entertaining and smart” category I can rarely get past the first three pages of other comics these days.

So when I first heard there was a comic about PMC’s plying their trade in a future Iraq I prepared myself to be disappointed and possibly angry. Even having the pre-conserved notion that it would make me sad, I went ahead and ordered the Black Powder Red Earth series from Amazon because I found an Amazon gift card that was about to expire.

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Death Valley Expeditionary Corps – Typhoon Haiyan Relief Donation Drive

Death Valley Expeditionary Corps

Photo Credits: CSM Monitor

Photo Credits: CSM Monitor

Death Valley Expeditionary Corps has created a humanitarian aid team made up of James Price a veteran civilian contractor who supported US operations in the Middle East for over a decade and noted adventure journalist, Thomas D. Moore a former US Army Scout and Airborne Pathfinder with 16 years of military service and co-star of an upcoming Discovery Channel wilderness survival TV show, a Filipino Dr. from one of the top Medical Centers in Manila and 2 additional Filipino Team Members who are the founders of one of the first Wilderness Survival Schools in the Philippines and who are both former Philippine National Police Officers. This group is called Death Valley Expeditionary Corps. It is the Nonprofit Exploration and Humanitarian Aid arm of the online magazine Death Valley Magazine. Our team has the life-saving, survival skills, and contacts in the Filipino community needed to bring relief, help, and training directly to people and families living on the street without clean water, medicine food or shelter.

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WEEKEND TATICAL JOBS: How Not to Get a Bail Enforcement Agent Job

Probably not the right attire to wear when interviewing for that Bail Enforcement Gig – Wrong type of Bounty hunter, wrong universe

So if you actually want a job in bail enforcement…

You need to show up in regular street clothes . By regular I mean casual, not chaps and a feather in your hair. Do not wear your body armor and tactical vest with the cross draw holster into my office ! You will be asked to leave immediately!

You should have a resume and references, a copy of your driver’s license and any other license ( i.e. concealed carry , pepper spray , asp , handcuffing , etc) . Most states require a bail enforcement license. If you have this great, if not that’s ok also.

Most bondsman are willing to train the right person. If you are former military or law enforcement list it on the resume. You should not brag about how you are a jump rated Para ninja. You may get the chance to prove yourself later…

Bail enforcement is a lot of really boring time consuming work. You should have the ability to use a computer and write legibly. A lot of the work is done from the desk and the phone. There is a lot of social engineering involved so having the ability to be nice on the phone and in person is a plus.A good grasp of social media , MySpace, Facebook , Twitter etc. helps but is not mandatory. Be willing to do grunt work in the office , answer phones, make coffee, do address checks and so on .

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The Near Future of For DVM

New Years fireworks DVM Style

Well, it has been an interesting few years for us here at DVM, I originally started DVM as just a place to share some gear reviews, opinions on the tactical industry and funny stories about the Civilian Contracting world to my buddies. It was quite a surprise when DVM actually found an audience amongst my foul language and pirate sense of humor.

But DVM has now taken on a life of its own and we are just going with the flow wherever it takes us. I am glad there was a space in the much crowded tactical blogging world for people who wanted to see real world information from actual operators working all over the world instead of the usual armchair bloggers posting “this gear is combat ready” stories from their moms backyard in the States.

So before I get into all of the cool stuff coming up for us this year I just wanted to say “Thanks Pimps!” – You guys are the shit so keep the pimpage going for another year and we will keep bringing you the best Tactical Media from Virginia to Indonesia to Iraq.

Here is a Preview of All the Things Happening With DVM:

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DVM – Army Banned

Getting blocked on NIPRNET is almost as gay as Multicam

Well it looks like DVM is blocked on NIPRENT (the DOD non-classified network that most soldiers use to surf the net in places like Iraq and Afghanistan).

Not really sure why, could possibly be the language – but other websites with fuck and shit in every article are not blocked.

Honestly this pisses me off, it’s not like we post smut pictures or talk bad about the military (quite the contrary, we are way pro-Military). I am guessing that we pop-up under some sort of pulse-less blog and “naughty” language filter.

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INTRODUCING: La Cima World Missions

I would like to introduce the DVM readers to La Cima World Missions a Humanitarian Aid NGO that helps children in the 3rd world. La Cima World Missions is run by a friend of mine Dr. David Sperow, an American Dentist that has dedicated his life to providing medical care to impoverished children and people in the 3rd world.

Dr. David isn’t the sort who leads from the rear, he packs his backpack and hits the field tromping through jungles (urban and wilderness) in the 3rd world. This is truly a man that “talks that talk and walks that walk”. He is a no Bullshit guy that I am honored to have as a friend.

For those of you here that do not know me personally I NEVER vouch for people, EVER. Nothing personal against the folks I am friends with but I am Old School, if I vouch for someone I do it for life. And I personally vouch for Dr. David and give my word that he is a stand up guy.

So why am I telling you all of this?

Because I would like to ask the people who read DVM to skip a couple cups of coffee or one Big Mac and donate 7 bucks to Dr. Dave and La Cima World Missions today.

That’s it – 7 bucks

7 bucks is fucking nothing, and the pocket change you donate to Dr. Dave will go directly to helping children. How much of an outstanding person will you be today if you do something unselfish like helping poor children in the 3rd world today? And all you have do is give a lousy 7 bucks.

I have always believed the folks within the Tactical Community are great people that will bend over backwards to give a fellow warrior a hand.

So I am personally asking you to help out some kids, all for the price of 2 cups of coffee at Starbucks.

Be an Outstanding Warrior today and throw La Cima World Missions 7 bucks.

Click here to go to the La Cima World Missions Website and donate 7 bucks (the donate button is on the right hand side)

~James Grey

WEEKEND TACTICAL JOBS: Executive Protection Agent

Man I don’t want to go back to my full-time job at google on Monday


I know what you are probably thinking right now, “don’t you have to be former Secret Service, Police or Special Forces to work as a bodyguard?” That may have been true 20 years ago but now just about anyone with the right training and licensing can find some part-time pick-up work in EP (EP = Executive Protection).

In fact – the majority of all EP work (in the US) is part-time, not many guys work full-time in EP and the few that do are on high profile jobs working for people like Bill Gates or Snoop Dog or they get on with one of the big EP firms.

But for the motivated guys who are willing to spend a few bucks, take a few courses and get licensed can generally find pick-up EP work or even a regular part-time EP job.

I worked part-time EP gigs for over 3 years (wile I was working an office gig during the dot-com boom), it even eventually lead to a full time EP job where I traveled all across the US for a year (after the dot-com bust and my stock portfolio was raped).

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ADVENTURE JOBS: Working in the Middle East

If you Are Persistent This Could be the View From Your Apartment Balcony

Working in the Middle East is an ideal job option for the adventurous type folk who want to make some quick cash or just want to add an interesting chapter to their life. Or maybe you are just tired of shuffling TPS reports from the in box to the out box and looking for your red stapler.

But no matter your reason every Professional Adventurer has to live overseas at one point in their life. Plus you can’t really call yourself a tough guy if you have never even left New Jersey.

So picture this; you sweat it out in the Middle East for a year, bank some tax free cash, spend your numerous vacations traveling around the world (or just buying lots of gear) and pay off your credit cards at the same time.

Sounds great right?

Well it doesn’t always work out that way for everyone, if you are stupid with your money and blow it all on girls and booze wile vacationing in Bangkok or buy tons crap on then you may end up extending your career in the Middle East indefinitely. After working in the Middle East for close to 10 years now I have seen all sorts come and go, some do good and others cant hack it for a week.

But even if the worst happens life will still be pretty sweet, living in the Middle East isn’t all that bad, in fact some ME countries are pretty damn fun. Unlike working in the States you will make tax-free money, have a free place to stay, ample vacation time (sometimes up to 2 to 4 months off a year) and a pocket full of cash.

So how do you get a job in the Middle East?

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 March 4 – 10, 2014


If you have any questions feel free to comment below or contact us here: or call us at 714-884-5444

Includes: -This is an All-Inclusive Expedition It includes All Meals, Hotels, Transportation, Swag, Jungle Gear, Security, team medic, local translators and All Expedition Activities are included

Not Included: -Flight to Cambodia We will assist you in finding the cheapest flight,Booze at bars; You guys would drink us into debtors prison if we included booze

Expedition Guides:

Thomas D. Moore


Tom is a former US Army Scout and Airborne Pathfinder with 16 years of military service. Tom has worked with the US and Canadian Military as a civilian contractor in the Balkans, Middle East, Afghanistan and Darfur.

Post-military he worked for 7 years as a youth mentor in several at-risk youth based outdoor schools where he mentored troubled teens in wilderness skills and nature conservation. Tom then worked as a volunteer English teacher in Thailand and Cambodia.

He is currently the co-star of the hit TV show “Dude, Your Screwed!” – A wilderness survival and adventure reality TV show on the Discovery Channel.

James Price

1480652_10201929761460134_507822563_n (2)

James, a native of Virginia is former civilian contractor who spent over a decade supporting American forces in Qatar, Iraq and Kurdistan on several contracts ranging from Intelligence to Security Contracting, his last position was as a Senior Mobile Team Leader. James had additionally worked in various fields ranging from Corporate Intelligence, Game Hunt Guiding in Indonesia, Journalism and Executive Protection.

He has traveled dozens of times to over 50 countries and has lived in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Additionally James responded to the 1997 Jakarta Flood and 2013 Philippine Typhoon Haiyan, bringing food, shelters and performing emergency rescues and evacuations as the team leader of an international Humanitarian Aid group (DVEC). James currently splits his time between South Carolina, Virginia and Thailand.

Carlos Casarez Expedition Videographer

Local Translators We will have 2 local English speaking Translators


– Death Valley Expeditions Cambodia Embroidered Messenger Bag
– DVM Jungle Machete
– Framed Expedition Team Group Photo
– Video and photos of the Expedition
– Death Valley Expeditions Cambodia Expedition Flag – Death Valley Expeditions Cambodia Expedition Embroidered Polo Shirt
– Death Valley Expeditions Cambodia Expedition Embroidered Ball Hat
– Death Valley Training Center 3rd World Survival Training in Cambodia Certificate of Training
– Death Valley Training Center Jungle Survival in Cambodia Certificate of Training
– Death Valley Expeditions Cambodia Certificate

Expedition Itinerary:

DAY 1: “Welcome to the Heart of Darkness”

SB -Fly your ass in Guys will be flying from all over the world; we will pick you up and bring you to the hotel -Get your bag of goodies (water, snack food, TP, baby wipes, Imodium, DVM machete) -Group Dinner and Meet n’ Greet -(Optional) some of us are going out for drinks at a few Expat Bars.

DAY 2: “A Day of Living Dangerously”

1killing_fields_skulls -Meet up at 1000 for group orientation Briefing and Grab your Road Pack (Snacks, Water). We will cover the weeks activities, and a quick primer on 3rd world urban Survival/Safety – Head out into Phnom Penh for Lunch All you can eat Spiders and Ants! Just kidding, we will eat at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Phnom Penh – the world famous hangout of Mercenaries, Journalists and Adventurers -Head out to The Killing Fields of Choeung Ek -Tour of the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek A former Chinese cemetery, this is where the Khmer Rouge killed many thousands of their victims during their four-year reign of terror. Today the site is marked by a Buddhist stupa packed full with over 8,000 human skulls – the sides are made of glass so the you can see them up close. There are also pits in the area where mass graves were unearthed, with ominous scraps of clothing still to be found here and there. -Head back to Phnom Penh -Group Dinner at the Night Market -Open Evening If you are feeling jet lagged you can turn in or just chill with the other guys at the hotel. (optional) some of us are going out for drinks at the world famous Expat Bar Sharky’s.

DAY 3-4: “Survival of the Fittest” (2 Days)

ruins-in-the-jungle1 Second Survival of the Fittest Day -Meet up at 1000 Briefing and Grab your Road Pack (Snacks, Water) -Drive out to Kirirum province Jungle -Lunch -Arrive at the state jungle reserve Orientation and gear issue -Hoof it to camp This is where your issued DVM Machete will come in handy -Set Camp -Dinner -Introduction to Jungle Survival by Tom Moore -Crack a few cold ones around the campfire jungle DAY 2 -Wake up -Hands on Jungle Survival Training -Lunch -Advanced Jungle Survival -Early Dinner -Break Camp -Head back to Phnom Penh -Open evening You can sleep early, chill with the other guys at the hotel or head out on the town with Tom and James G to some famous Expat Bars and Beer Gardens

DAY 5: “I Need a Damn Break”


This is an open day, sleep in and chill at the hotel pool and recharge with the rest of the guys or hang out in the city with James and Tom. The evening will be filled with drunken “I was there” story’s by Tom and James at some random expat bar.

DAY 6: “Let’s Blow Some Shit Up!”

Negative0-38-38(1) -Meet up at 1000 Briefing and Grab your Road Pack (Snacks, Water) -Drive out to the range – Range Tour and Safety briefing over Lunch -Shoot and Blow Shit up! -Fire the Belt Feds and toss some Grenades -Head out into the jungle -Fire the B-40 Rocket Launcher -Fire the M 79 40MM Grenade Launcher -Drive back to the Hotel -Group Farwell Dinner We will eat at a famous Expat pizza joint -(Optional) Hit up some Expat Bars -Pass Out or go on a booze cruse on the Tonle Sap river.

DAY 7: “Pop Smoke”

IMAGE0046.JPG -1000 Group Breakfast -Head to the Airport -Hop on Your Plane -Arrive back home -Spend the rest of your life reminiscing about this bad ass Expedition

Option 1 – 2000 bucks FULL/WITH DISCOUNT Sign up for this bad ass trip now and get 500.00 bucks off, after February 1st it will be 2500 bucks

Add to Cart

Option 2 – 200 Bucks DEPOSIT Deposit to hold your spot, must be paid in full by February 1, 2014. Deposit is nonrefundable

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10 Bucks I can’t make it but I would like to buy a round of beers for my fellow DVM Pimps in Cambodia. We will raise a glass in honor of you in some doggy Expat bar in the Heart of Darkness. Includes a Certificate of Appreciation from DVM signed by all the guys on the Expedition. This was added at the request of one of the DVM Team Room pimps that can not make it but wanted to do something for the guys.

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Note: An additional 4.77 is added to all of the above for S&H (for the Expedition Group Photo or the Certificate of Apprehension Note: All prices are in US Dollars

If you have any questions feel free to comment below or contact us here: or call us at 714-884-5444

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