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BOOKS – Ditch Medicine: Advanced Field Procedures For Emergencies, by Hugh Coffee

This Book Blew Rmabo’s Mind!

Whether it’s a war zone or a civil disaster area, traumatic injuries often occur in remote, unsanitary locations. Coffee’s book explains advanced field procedures for small wound repair, care of the infected wound, IV therapy, pain control, amputations, treatment of burns, airway procedures and more.

Hugh Coffee is a professional paramedic with extensive experience administering emergency medicine in Third World and battlefield environments. Coffee’s experience in Third World and austere environment medical procedures include improvising medical equipment from available materials and performing disaster-medicine procedures under primitive conditions.

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OUTDOOR GEAR: I Call BS on All Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings

This is about what it’s like to sleep in a transit tent in Iraq

About 4 or so years ago I was working on a gig in Iraq where I had to fly and drive to FOB’s* all around the country and stay in tents, empty buildings, transit housing and even the great outdoors. But the majority of times I ended up in a transit tent on the ass end of the base.

After spending a about a month freezing my ass off in the tents (believe it or not the AC in transit tents in Iraq is freezing) with no blanket (on some FOB’s they have 9 to 5 billeting or they don’t give linen to transient folks) I got smart and started lugging 2 furry-ass hajji blankets around with me base to base.

The problem was the 2 hajji blankets I had took up way too much space (everything I used I had to shove in a ruck) and were a bit heavy, so I decided it was time for my ass to get a real sleeping bag. It had been about 15 years since I last bought a sleeping bag so I really didn’t have a point of reference when looking for one. I basically needed one that was light and took up very little space.

I spotted an ad for a sleeping bag that was rated to 40 F and rolled-up into a pretty small package, I knew it didn’t get anywhere that cold in a tent (probably no colder than 60 F) so I ordered one up. When it arrived I was all too happy that I wouldn’t have to lug my furry bright red hajji blankets around with me anymore.

And luckily for me the day it arrived I ended up going on mission that same night to a FOB where I knew I would be staying in a cold ass tent.

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WILDERNESS SURVIVAL: My Wilderness Firestarting Kit

My Complete Fire Starting Kit For Jungle Expeditions – I got it for free with 2 packs of smokes at 7-11

How have I started my fire in the wilderness since I was 12? A Magnesium Fire Tool? … Nope, … Swedish FireSteel? … Nope, Rubbing Two Sticks Together? … Nope, A Bow-Drill? … Nope

I carry a disposable lighter.

Yep, thats my entire fire starting kit.

Sure I know how to make fire from constructing a Bow-Drill, Fire Plough, using a coke can, and even using a rubber filled with water (who the hell carry’s a rubber with them in the mountains anyway?).

But the only way that works 100% of the time with minimal effort (I am a lazy survivalist) is just lighting stuff on fire with my lighter. Sure it doesn’t look as cool as scraping a gigantic wave of sparks from a Swedish FireSteel onto a tinder bundle, but it works.

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